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Tough day for musical royalty!

Julius Caesar and Mark Antony used the Lupercalia as an opportunity to try out acknowledging Caesar as a King, according to Plutarch IIRC. It didn't go well.

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Wasn’t that the time he tried to present Caesar with a crown and he made a big show of refusing it to show he wasn’t trying to be a king?

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Yep; there's an ongoing debate IIRC about Caesar's reaction, namely that Caesar may have only refused it when he could see that most of the crowd was not enthusiastic about it. If so, Caesar was (as usual) able to turn a possible mistake into a positive, though his response probably made Antony look like an obsequious groveler. Antony doesn't seem to have been one for respecting the forms of the Republic anyway, so he probably didn't care.

There's a bit of Oscar Isaac in young Billy Joel, methinks. And now let the jokes begin.

Don't Forget, You're Here Forever.

Yeah, lots of songs...damn you, Tom Bombadil! I can see why he was cut out of the movies...though I deeply wish they found a way to include the Barrow Wights.

Tolkien is part of the canon now, and the movies have elevated that world and those races into part of mainstream culture.

When it comes to the songs and poems, one of the things I’ve really come to appreciate is the level of deference Tolkien has to world building even there. Its amazing when you realise that Hobbit songs, Dwarf Songs, Elven poetry and even the chanting of Orcs and Ents are constructed to echo the cultures that they come from; through language meter and rhyme schemes.

And then to top that you even get examples of Hobbit translations of Elven songs which are able to capture both.

Tolkien is criminally underrated for his verse.

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I was joking, for the most part, about the songs. It's clear that they were a really important part of the storytelling for Tolkien, and, as you say, it is clear that they are crafted with extreme care and skill. I know that there are some Tolkien scholars who have argued that his interest in linguistics, his development of these languages, his creation of the poetry and songs from these cultures, etc., are really at the heart of the whole enterprise.

I also don't have a problem with Tom and Goldberry; having strange, often ancient entities popping up in the story that aren't directly connected to the main plot helps give the sense that Middle Earth is a mysterious and magical place. Still missed the Barrow Wights, though.

Great pic; Byrne looks surprisingly conventional here.

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He's clearly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.

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Yeah, you can tell how relieved he looks in the second photo. A big change from the white knuckle tension across his face in the first.

TOOTS! '54-46 that's my number' is another fav.

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The all-time-classic Manos: The Hands of Fate.

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I take care of the place while master is away.

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"ThE MaStEr DoEsN'T wAnT YoU HeRe ..."

KnEeS oF EvIL...

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Knees! KNEES! KNEES!!!!

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Eva Peron is buried there.

The eulogy that Robin's character gives at his sons funeral is absolutely devastating---it made me tear up before I was a father, after my son was born, I can hardly read it without bawling. Robin's delivery is just perfect:

There's a man Ian never got to know, the man he was growing up to be. He's a good-looking clear-eyed fella... about 25. I can see him. He's the type of guy men want to be around, because he has integrity, you know ? He has character. You can't fake that. And he's a guy women want to be around, too. Because there's tenderness in him... respect... and loyalty, and courage. And women respond to that. Makes him a terrific husband, this guy. I see him as a father. That's where he really shines. See, when he looks in his kid's eyes and that kid knows that his dad really, really sees him... he sees who he is. Then that child knows that he is an amazing person. He's quite a guy... that I'll never get to meet. I wish I had.

I like cold beer, but not THAT cold.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy, which should be a book that I love because of its post-apocalyptic setting and the fact that it’s a character driven novel. But I just found it so incredibly slow that it was boring, and by the end I just couldn’t wait for it to be over.

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People admire McCarthy for his prose style more than anything else, IMO. It's sparse and minimalist, and it's all exterior---we never hear what's going on in any character's head. It's not everyones cup of tea, but it is often quite beautiful, which is in contrast to the usually horrible, dark things that are going on in the plot.

I saw this earlier and just assumed it was in the US---the public violence, the overweight people, etc.. It's kind of nice that it's in the UK.

Nice shot, though I don't remember the 70s being sepia toned.

A Little Less Conversation. Gotta love the bass line.

An outfit for a young boy guaranteed not to get him beat up at school.

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