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joethemaker22 1 point

Wtf how many porn stars have died in the last 3 months?

TragicDonut 1 point

Counting Olivia Lua it is now at 6. The other 5 are Yurizan Beltran 31, August Ames, 23, Olivia Nova, 20, Roxy Nicole, 22 and Shyla Stylez, 35.

Olivia Nova was in Part One of the Confessions Of A Side Girl series at Vixen and died a couple weeks ago. For anyone wondering Gina Valentina is in Part 3 of the series.

kimberlybrix 1 point

WTF Olivia Nova did only a few scenes, she was new, how did she died ?

TragicDonut 1 point
Underplayed-Cliche 1 point

What is the classiest, most erotic Adult film you can recommend to me?

TragicDonut 2 points

Anything from Blacked/Tushy/Vixen or X-Art.

milesparker9 1 point

recommend me some porn stars like riley reid, jynx maze, sara jay and piper perri

also some milfs and bbw/chubby

TragicDonut 2 points

Porn stars like Piper Perri are Anastasia Knight and Kenzie Reeves. For Riley Reid there is Melissa Moore. There aren't direct counter parts for the other two.

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TragicDonut commented on a post in r/NYYankees
TragicDonut 2 points

This just shows Cashman isn't gonna just give up all our top prospects. He really does believe in this farm.

dxdp 42 points

Who are the other besides her and August?

TragicDonut 110 points

In order of their deaths Shyla Stylez, Roxy Nicole, and Yurizan Beltran.

I_need_that_bacon 64 points

Yurizan is dead? What the fuck

TragicDonut 40 points

Yep a drug overdose.

TragicDonut commented on a post in r/NYYankees
chickendance638 9 points

First of all, I love GregBird! (a la SteveHolt!) and want him to be the 1b for the next 15 years. That said, Bird's health is one of the least concerning things for the Yankees to plan for. It's fairly easy to fill 1b with other infielders or converted outfielders.

TragicDonut 18 points

I'd rather a healthy Bird. A Bird in hand is worth two first basemen in a bush.

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