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Triack2000 commented on a post in r/cyberpatriot
Triack2000 3 points

When inspecting mysterious files, open with notepad, then paint, then pdf, then browser, the see if any of the previous work if you unzip it

hung-nguyen- 1 point


Triack2000 2 points

Nice tip For ctfs as well

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Kappa_Is_Ugly -4 points

support in the support role itself is oppressive it just becomes a lot worse at mid.

Triack2000 1 point

But still cancer when mid laners play support ex:brand, malz

x_TDeck_x 27 points

And most do. Janna, taric, leona, thresh, braum, tahm, etc. All are piss poor in solo lanes

Edit: all these champions are apparently super strong in solo lanes despite literally never being seen. Apologies for my mistake

Triack2000 1 point

Tahm top or jg is viable. He does pretty well solo imho

Triack2000 commented on a post in r/gaming
senorfrauncee 9 points

The one time I’ve played Skyrim, I went as a bare fisted boxer. I killed dragons with my hands and have never since been interested in playing again. That was the pinnacle of RPG for me since so much goes into that kinda build.

Triack2000 1 point

How you do this?

Triack2000 commented on a post in r/cyberpatriot
Triack2000 1 point

My others school team missed advancing to semis. They actually have a higher score now than the team that is advancing.

5861766965724d52 1 point

actually, they made it so no-one actually missed out and made it so some extra teams got to go

Triack2000 -2 points

Not mine though :-(

Triack2000 commented on a post in r/cyberpatriot
Mister_Eode 0 points

Unfortunately advanced. Wanted to be done with CP. It’s the same kind of stuff over and over and they give nothing to learn from. It gets to be boring and useless.

Triack2000 0 points

As a captain my team feels the same. Even though it is our first year.

Baldar538 3 points

As a first year mentor, I've been doing ok with the categories, but more detail would definitely be helpful. A few of the categories showed up in later rounds and weren't in their "curriculum". I had a few lectures based on, "what would I do if I were making these images and had to put in something related to category X". I also emphasized to the teams that I was guessing, but I gave a few examples and showed them the thought pattern for finding other things like that. Scores were very solid, especially for a first year team, and I think they got some of them in the state round.

I don't think I can give more details than that without getting too close to rule 6 for comfort.

Triack2000 1 point

Plat gold or silver level for your students at the state level?

Triack2000 commented on a post in r/Futurology
marplaneit 10 points

Uhg As a well travelled med student who lives in third world countries and work on poor areas on endemic diseases. Most OF THE TIME health problems in Africa are not a medical problems, but social ones. if most african countries would put their shit together their endemic diseases would probably dissapear. I would like to see a bunch of billonaires grouping up together and funding with 2 billions USD a for non profit pharma that investigate alzheimer and other neurodegenerative diseases. Most of the time those 100usd mill, will be given to a bunch of programs with 5-6 mills each, that looks like a lot, but don't go really far in pharma.

Triack2000 1 point

Look up broken brain with Mark hymen. Functional medicine to the rescue instead of big pharma

Triack2000 commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
DicksAndAllThat 4 points

I once floated up to a Yasuo who was running and was just about to reach the safety of his tower. I basic attacked him and right as the animation began he threw out his windwall that he was saving. My little purple lightning bolt zapped him and he died.

His rage in all chat about his windwall not blocking my 'projectile' was great.

Triack2000 3 points

Love it with this new patch, thresh can adc. Yasuo forgets that a thresh auto, though ranged, is not a projectile. And so ensues the same windwall rage

BmanUltima 1 point

A 1050 will support three monitors.

If they're all HDMI, you'll need some Displayport to HDMI adapters.

EDIT: Will they all be displaying the same thing at the same time? Or are they going to be independent?

Triack2000 1 point

All three monitors will be displaying the same thing

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