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I can't speak about this perfectly but the other answers don't answer this in the way it is used in my experience. As the other guy said. A bar is a unit of measurement for music. This generally lines up with a single line in a rap. Saying that someone has more bars than someone else means that the person is able to create more unique lines of content in their raps. If the raps are of equal quality in terms of word play, rhyme etc then they have produced a 'better' rap as they have shown more content.

TrickedTrash 1 point

Thanks for the answer!

Kotama 2 points

A bar (or measure) is a group of musical beats. The most common grouping (called a time signature) is 4:4 (four notes per beat, four beats per bar/measure), but groupings can be used.

Rap, especially, uses bars to signal how fast and how long each section of rapping is. A 10,000 bar song (which is very large) would have 40,000 beats scrunched up into the length of the song, which would then tell you how fast and fluidly the rapper is performing.

If the rapper did a 5 minute song with 1,000 bars, it would generally mean he did 4,000 beats in 5 minutes, or 800 beats per minute. This would be a very fast rapper with a lot of content in that song.

You could compare this to a rapper with only 500 bars (2,000 beats) in his 5-minute song, which would be half the speed of the previous example.

If you're interested in really fast rapping, you generally want to look for a higher number of bars in a shorter amount of time.

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clupean 2 points

Last year, the RX series also disappeared in Europe.

TrickedTrash 1 point

Yeah in June/July '16 the Ethereum craze was massive, and any AMD GPU was basically nonexistent.

tbh i think i'll just wait it out for Volta. Hopefully Ether would have crashed by then or something like that.

rolfcm106 2 points

I didn't realize it hasn't happened there yet. I would like to buy some of your GPUs now. But yea, its crazy, freaking 550-600 MSRP 1080s are going for $1000+

TrickedTrash 2 points

For the first time, it seems Europe has cheaper video card prices than the US

Arlilecay 1 point

I haven't seen pricing for these, but if it's anything similar to 7th gen, you're better off with the i5. The 7350k was way overpriced.

I'm not sure what your workload is, either, but if you do any sort of editing or anything similar, more cores will serve you well.

TrickedTrash 1 point

The 8350k is 4 core, 4 thread coffee lake o/c to about 4.8 -4.9ghz. it's about $180.

TrickedTrash 1 point

nah, just yt, ms word and games really.

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Deafiroth 1 point

Can a tv be used as a monitor? My budget is lower than I thought, and I was thinking of using my tv as a monitor. Is there a way that can work?

TrickedTrash 2 points

im pretty sure that it works: after all a tv is a monitor with aerial connectivity. plug your gpu into your tv with hdmi and you should be good to go.

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rap_your_comments 102 points

Build em up, break em down.
Sat at our rig in a dressing gown
Got an energy drink and some fatty food
All I have is "gaming" as my mood

I've upgraded my graphics card
9 series to 10, performance not barred
Not the top spec, I know that sadly
It lets me play PubG smoothly (and badly)

Build em up, break em down.
Sat at our rig in a dressing gown
Got a twitchy mouse and a desktop hunch
We shootin' fools, take 'em out to lunch

So let me say, with no haste
I have faced, bad FPS and waste
Now I can showcase, shit inside my case
All I have to say is #pcmasterrace

TrickedTrash 12 points

I read that in a torbjorn voice

It's much better that way

Timinator01 1 point

you can add RGB led strip for a lot less if you don't obsess over all the parts being RGB ... just try to keep neutral colors

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Jdibs77 1 point

Put that 250 towards a better graphics card, better CPU, more ram, more storage, a better monitor, anything other than RGB

TrickedTrash 1 point

hardware comes first, then the RGB.

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