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I like to support local businesses when I can. Are there any locally owned video game stores in Portland that sell the latest games and consoles? My googling is failing me, all I can find are stores that sell used video games.

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Video Game Wizards on 94th and Foster. Best video game store

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Game traders in Beaverton

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It's tough to tell from their website. Do they sell new (not used) games and consoles?

1st thing I would do is make sure it's not the MX by hooking up your laptop to the ATT modem. If your laptop doesn't pull the IP address via dhcp, set it statically. If it works, the MX is the problem, if it doesn't ATT is the problem.

If ATT is the problem contact the sales person who sold it to you and tell them it isn't working. They often have a dedicated tech that can help you troubleshoot new circuits. If your sales person is dead duck (they often are) you are going to have to call ATT support yourself.

If your laptop worked use this:

... Good luck if you have to call ATT support. You'll need it.

The rfc also states it may be used in the same fashion as 1918

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Shared Address Space is distinct from RFC 1918 private address space because it is intended for use on Service Provider networks. However, it may be used in a manner similar to RFC 1918 private address space on routing equipment that is able to do address translation across router interfaces when the addresses are identical on two different interfaces. Details are provided in the text of this document.

The #1 piece of advice I can give is to have a list of pre-approved changes that do not need go through the change control process. A certain aerospace company I worked for had us do change control for something as simple as a vlan change on a switchport. That is a big old waste of time for something so low risk.

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This is how you would do it on a cisco router:

interface gig0/0/0
 ip address
 ip address secondary

I don't know if I would recommend using two gateways a permanent solution. I have used two gateways as a temporary measure to make reconfiguring the devices easier but if you leave it as is someone will be very confused a year from now.

As far as communication goes, if you leave a device on and it tries to get to a device on the first half of it will be successful because the device will route through its default gateway to get there. The lower half of just won't be in the device's internal arp table so it needs to be routed like other subnets. This is of course not best practice.

edit: u/noukthx pointed out isn't a network, it should be but it sounds like the subnets are just examples

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The devices I don't have access to will be getting replaced in a few months time so this is only a temporary solution.

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A few months is a long time. How about this instead:

interface gig0/0/0  
 ip address
 ip address secondary
 ip address secondary

Migrate all the devices you can to a brand new subnet like that way there aren't any weird overlapping masks to worry about and you can slowly retire the other two subnets.

It's not just you.

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That's good to know. I just feel bad because to me it seems like most of what I do is break stuff but who knows

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A glass half full attitude would dictate that most of what you do is fix broken stuff.

People buy Unifi gear because it is relatively cheap compared to companies like Cisco. The downside to cheap gear is it is prone to mysteriously breaking so keeping a spare inventory is important. You should have an extra PowerBeam bridge and switch to swap in case something fails in the future.

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Horrible advice and one of the reasons children of today have zero respect for anyone. Not the only reason, but one of them. Children need parenting and discipline.

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Of course children need parenting and discipline. OP didn’t say anything about that. A lot of non-parent adults don’t know how to talk to kids. Example, it is good advice to treat your niece or nephew with respect at a family gathering rather than acting like a clown or ignoring them completely.

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On newer iPhones with force touch, you can force press on the keyboard and slide around freely to move the cursor while typing as well.

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I just found out that if you shake your iphone while typing it is the equivalent to the undo button

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Just what I said, Layer 3 managed switches copied over exactly with no changes. Cut/paste/done.

They estimated 12 hours. I figured without stacking/racking I could do it in 2 hours, four tops.

Edit: I don't really understand why my clarification got downvoted.

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If it’s that easy, do it yourself

...Change the control scheme to "FPS standard", X/A becomes stealth and L3/LT becomes run. You only have to hold it down.

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Thanks, I wish I knew this when the game came out but this might be useful info for the new Red Dead Redemption

Comcast. They can eat a bag of dicks.

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The only people they treat worse than their customers is their employees/contractors

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For my wireless survey reporting

RSSI, SNR, Data Rates, Chan Overlap at the time, Your moms phone number, relevant WLC config points, spectrum analysis of anything relevant to interference sources or anything else I can find, random notes...

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One of these things is not like the others.

That's not always so easy if you don't have a ticketing system.

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Get one.

Even if users don't submit the ticket you can create your own. Come review time it's nice essential to have all of your work documented.

I'm glad you had a good experience with TEKsystems. They've had a terrible reputation at every big company I've worked for (viewed as an awful vendor firm from both the FTE and contractor perspectives). Lousy pay and benefits, bottom of the barrel candidates sourced, etc. Big company though, I'm sure there are individuals/teams inside TEK that are doing good work.

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I think it also depends on what region you are in. There are good and bad TEKsystems offices.

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This is the best write up I have read on this subject. I worked contracts and it stinks. I had to basically pay for my own PTO, $.50 off of my hourly wage for 2 weeks of "vacation". No holiday pay meant that I had to save all of my PTO days for company holiday days. I had some healthcare benefits but they were horrible and expensive, and because I needed to have healthcare I had to pay for it.

I was a fortunate contractor though, other guys that I worked with had absolutely nothing other than a paycheck. The subcontract company would continually promise the possibility of direct hire, but instead would sting people along with 6 month contracts.

Why toil your life away doing something that has almost no benefit to you other than a little money in your pocket? What happens when you get into a car wreck or need a day off? I would certainly never work on a contact again unless I had no other choice.

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I did a number of contracts for TechSystems for a few years when I was new to network engineering. The "benefits" were just recruitment tools that were used to attract employees. I found better/cheaper health insurance through I planned vacations in between contracts because paid time off was practically a savings account without the interest. If I needed a three day weekend or something, most of my contracts were pretty good about letting me work four ten hour days or something similar.

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Why do we even have that lever?

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I love how people know exactly what you are referencing even though you are quoting a different part of Emperors New Grove

Scene with the quote:

Scene with the reference:

I need to watch this movie again.

It all depends on what your requirements are.

If you need a highly granular Netflow reporting tool, then neither StatSeeker nor AKiPS are going to make you happy.

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Do you have a preferred Netflow reporting tool?

but it’s very expensive.

And that doesn't include the cost of the showers to wash off the Solarwinds Salesperson Sleaze!

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The trick is to purchase SW through a vendor. I bought it through our primary VAR, Softchoice. The last time SW called me I told him to talk to my account manager at Softchoice and they have left me alone ever since.

They are generally taught by people who failed to get an actual job, though. And are not in sync with current market/trends. Why teach at CC if you can make 5X that with a professional job.

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Point taken, but if your goal is just to pass the CCNA or CCNP, the books or other study methods are not going to teach you "market/trends" any better than a class. I'm one of those people who prefer a structured classroom environment to learn, otherwise I end up losing focus.

Don't worry. Now that cisco bought them, you wont have that kind of experience ever again. See: Meraki.

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Or Sourcefire or Open DNS or IronPort...

Here is an example with a 48p pp to 48p switch and 1ft cables.

TriforceTeching commented on

Get rid of the Mifi device and get one of these:

It will pass-through the public IP address to the Cisco router and even gives you a console server so you can ssh to the cradlepoint and console the cisco router with a rollover cable.

How does it pass through the public address AND expose an ssh service at the same time? Is port 22 not passed through?

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Port 22 (SSH), Port 8443 (Web-Interface), and if you enable it on the outside interface Port 25 (SNMP) are not passed through. There are more ports that I can't think of off the top of my head but I haven't had to mess with the passthrough settings at all because ports used for web traffic, dns and vpn ports (dmvpn) aren't affected.

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