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A third Empire and world domination I guess. That was always our fallback plan.

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Macron agrees with this statement

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Je ne sais pas comment vous faites pour être toujours aussi créatifs avec vos gifs méta, les gars, mais à chaque fois je me marre bien.

Nos régions ont du talent !

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Ils ont fait leurs études à Beauxpoteaux.

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J'ai à moitié envie de mettre que j'ai un compte important sur Reddit sur mon CV, mais j'ai aucune idée de comment l'intituler sans que ça fasse con. Genre je veux faire passer l'idée que je suis pas mauvais pour faire "du marketing social et viral" ou un truc dans le style..

Je n'ai pas grand chose à te conseiller mais je suis juste méga impressionné par ton profil. Je viens de parcourir ta page submitted et j'ai déjà consulté une chiée de tes liens ! Tu fais partie de ces personnes qui font ma front page sans que je ne le sache. Donc merci !

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Avec plaisir !

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If its a cultural thing its that Americans visit the grocery store less frequently and tend to buy in bulk more than Europeans/Asians/etc.

Pasta is very easy to make too much of. Cook a pound or two at a time (thats the increment we sell it in), its an easy meal to fill everybody up well.

Steak could be the fact that kids dont often finish their plates and a half a steak is made a leftover rather than thrown out or somebody else eating more than they need.

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Leftovers are definitely a thing in Europe, I don't know what OP is on about, in my family it was usually the sunday night, end of the week, no one wants to make dinner, so we bring everything we have left on the table that will expire quick and we finish it.

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Ants secrete a pheromone called Trail pheromones so it can lead members of its own species toward a food source. Like a cube of Borg drones that's been separated from the collective, these army ants were somehow separated from the main foraging party and they lost the pheromone trail and began to follow one another, forming a continuously rotating circle. The ants that are stuck in the "antnado" will usually die of exhaustion. Luckily for these ants, they only swirled for about half hour and then another half hour later, not an ant could be seen.

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