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Wait can someone give me context to what this channel is and why it’s receiving so much hate?

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Idiots outside of racecars. It's a team sport and the driver is meant to trust his pit crew. The pit crew gave him the all clear to go by lifting the lollipop. Entirely the pit crew's fault, the person actually inside the car was doing his job as expected.

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If you look closely there was a gap in front of the red car, but it seems like the blue car behind it rammed the red car into the pit.

Edit: I was wrong whoopsies

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The blue car didn't touch him, he just got real close.

White and red collided because white was released unsafely from the pitbox. Happens surprisingly frequently in Motorsport.

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How unfortunate, thanks for the clarification!


With CYL2 coming in a few hours, who do you think will push the meta and become the new B!Lyn that everyone will see in arena for the next month or two?


I still don’t understand why so many people don’t like KC, I mean it’s fun and encourages a different play style what’s wrong wit it?

Aww if you stopped you coulda gotten a quad

That’s gonna be a no from me dawg

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Well it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve with it. The Stingray, like all he other specials, are merely tools for the player to use however they would like. If you find yourself trying to just splat with the Stingray then you’d find yourself struggling to do because it’s not necessarily a weapon that’s attuned to splat other players, at least in comparison to others. With minimal knowledge of how to use the special, as long as you know a good time to use it, you can find yourself getting a splat or two with it (that’s me with the ink jet lol).

When you do try to splat someone though, one good practice to do is to move it as fast as possible by jeering your camera in any direction you want it to move. The key to getting a splat here is to read the players movement which is why it’s crucial to whip it out when you know you have the advantage over the other team. By knowing when to use it, it can put you in a serious advantage over an unsuspecting or on-edge player.

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Damn TheDiamondMinecart has really changed

I felt heartbroken after my crush told me she would never like me, and in return I decided to stop my social media presence all together. I abandoned all of my accounts, but just left a picture of me with my closest friends including her as a “homage” to those old accounts that I suddenly abandoned.

I have a friend who refuses to even try Xenoblade because it's "for casuals," "filled with nothing but fanservice," and "you can't outdo Square when it comes to jrpgs."

My opinion of him has drastically lowered since.

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Don’t worry dude, I have friend that refuses to play XC1 purely because Shulk isn’t top tier in Smash 4

I wish I was joking

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He must play Bayonetta and nothing else then, right?

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He plays Sonic lol

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To open the SIM card slot I believe

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You can literally use anything small enough to fit in the pin

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What would that even be like? I don't think you'd be able to make much out of the games' kind of meager plot and lack of a personable protagonist

Edit: yikes, guys. It's only an opinion, I just don't think the games have much to translate into an anime.

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Lmao dude feels bad

Actually looks clean nice one

That’s gonna be a no from me dawg

If you want to make it more personalized... you can get new painted boost trails that came out recently iirc

I cant booyah and move at the same time, so I sometimes dont booyah back immediately and feel awful ;;

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I always do it with my right thumb so I still move foreword at the start of the match. Requires rather large hands depending on the controller you use though.

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Muck Warfare or I riot

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Most likely won’t happen because it’s a Splatoon 2 song

If you’re wondering about hiding icons in order to show a clear background you can just right click and uncheck “show desktop icons” under the view tab. If you’re looking to hide certain icons then I don’t know.

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the Wii U, several of the best games in their respective genres of all time, though most have been ported to the Switch

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Imo the largest reason why it undersold was because they released smash for 3DS first, one of the flagship console sellers for Nintendo. I wonder what would have happened if the Wii U version released before the 3DS.

Life honestly couldn’t be any better atm. Both my parents and a single child is like a dream family honestly. The best part is knowing that both of them are extremely caring in heart, and the older I become the more I realize it. It’s also nice having the mom my friends can also go to and rely on, happened countless times before and I thank my mom greatly for the moments she’s helped me help others I love too.

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