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TwyJ commented on a post in r/todayilearned
unauthorisedcinnamon 88 points

I know your intentions are good but sometimes it just keeps getting worse and worse. Some of us truly have nothing left in the tank. I'm going to try again soon. I feel like it's the only thing I can control. So I want to use my only bit of control to opt out.

TwyJ 2 points

Hey buddy, i know im just a stranger, hidden behind a screen, but i feel you, mate, i feel pretty much the same, so if you ever want to talk about any damn thing, please drop me a pm!

(Same to anyone who needs help, i will do my best for everyone)

I hope your day gets better and is the start to a new future, dont give up just yet, ill do all i can to help! Much love!

TwyJ commented on a post in r/blackmagicfuckery
Gonzo_Rick 81 points

Gotta let yourself feel the fear. As silly as it may sound, the best advice that I've heard is in the form of Frank Herbert's Litany Against Fear (at least the second half):

"I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.

Only I will remain."

TwyJ 1 point

In french that book must be amazing

Fear is the orgasm that brings total obliteration.

And definitely agree!

TwyJ commented on a post in r/CasualUK
ammobandanna 1 point

honestly... what do you think they are going to do to you? you outmass them by several orders of magnitude ffs.

TwyJ 6 points

That may be damn well so but, if i see a damn spider i nearly throw up, my arachnophobia is really severe, so i wont be doing that.

ammobandanna 1 point

im always curious why people are scared of them, if we were AUZ then i could understand but... they're harmless :/

TwyJ 2 points

When i was about 4 i woke up to a huge ass spider on my face, never slept in the bottom bunk again, and i despise all spiders, even though if they are far away from me i can be fine.

TwyJ commented on a post in r/DesignPorn
noinoinoinoinoi 1 point

The way they hold the pencil bothers me so much I couldn’t finish this

TwyJ 0 points

Can you even call it a pencil? Is it not a stylus?

Also, if you cant watch a 40 second video because someone isn't doing something the exact way you want, i personally think you need to crawl out of your arse.

However that being said, have a great day and i hope i didnt offend you

Loafenstein 7 points

It's actually called an Apple Pencil

TwyJ -14 points

That may be so however;

Pencil, Noun

an instrument for writing or drawing, consisting of a thin stick of graphite or a similar substance enclosed in a long thin piece of wood or fixed in a cylindrical case.

So it is The Apple Pencil Stylus, i fucking hate Apple.

Thank you for telling me what it is though bud, have a great day.

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TwyJ commented on a post in r/ChoosingBeggars
THEPAPICHU10 1 point

Yeah I dont think theres many countries that were colonialized by England that still like england unless theyre trying to suck their dick for money and trade agreements

TwyJ 2 points

Mate, the english dont like england.

I can say that as i am and i dont.

TwyJ commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Yamochao 2 points

Wow, they shot explosives at a child and then had the nerve to call the bacon fat onyou? Fucking cowards. I'd love to shoot some fireworks through their windows if you know what I mean.

TwyJ 1 point

bacon fat

That and cooking fat is what we call my cat sometimes. Just thought it was funny to see.

Have a great day :)

TwyJ commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Def_Not_Rabid 13,045 points

Drove while exhausted. I hit the point where, “I’ll just close my eyes for a few seconds while going 80 mph on the freeway” seemed completely reasonable. I caught myself drifting a few times but stupidly thought I was fine. Then I hit the highway divider. Fortunately I just barely scraped it with my driver’s side mirror. Aside from some cosmetic damage to my mirror, I and my car escaped completely unscathed.

I’m so lucky I didn’t crash and kill myself or anyone else. Driving while exhausted is just as dangerous as driving drunk. I’ll never do it again.

Edit: I really did not expect this to resonate with so many people. Drowsy driving is so easy to do accidentally because it sneaks up on you and you keep telling yourself, “I’m just a little tired. I can make it. It’ll be fine.” It’s not fine and you shouldn’t try to make it. Pull over and get some rest. Stay safe everyone.

TwyJ 1 point

Amen to this one mate.

I was riding my motorbike, tired because i hadnt slept in a few days, coming home from work, i was on a long straight near to my home, i fell asleep doing about 60, woke up to a car stopped infront of me. Totalled the bike, nearly killed myself because i was an idiot and brought a cheap helmet.

Photos (because yes, when i hit the deck my concern was that no one was going to believe me.)

Probably NSFW

the helmet is that white dot in the background that is where we both landed.

neck brace going on.

in the ambulance (the emt putting the neck brace on took this)

the helmet

my face after being fixed i still have the scar on my nose.

front wheel of the bike the only photo I actually have of the damage to it, they had a tow bar.

TwyJ commented on a post in r/gifs
Shneedly 2 points

Yep. Might as well just get it done now, right? Why wait?

TwyJ 2 points

Amen to that, i honestly wouldnt mind someone chucking me down that at the moment.

maint_reqd 2 points

Die old and useless after all your friends are gone vs. Die doing something exciting

Who will win?

TwyJ 2 points

Me because im not here anymore.

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TwyJ commented on a post in r/AskReddit
mndon 1 point

She didn’t return the following year as a third grade teacher. When I was in 4th grade.

TwyJ 4 points

I was taking the micky from the fact you said 3th grade mate, it is 3rd grade surely?

mndon 3 points

Doh! Guess all that 3rd grade drama played into that typo

TwyJ 1 point

Haha, too much on the mind my friend xD

Have a great day mate.

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TwyJ commented on a post in r/tumblr
H-u-w 2 points

Wow, that's really great of you! Thanks, that means a lot. I'm doing pretty well right now, but I appreciate the offer of an ear :)

TwyJ 2 points

It doesn't have to be negative my friend, literally anything you want to say, positive, negative whatever! I will always care if you need me to!

As i said before, we are all in this together! I really do mean it, i truly want the best for everyone i interact with, but my god do i appreciate intelligent conversation; not something that devolves into he said she said bollocks. (I'm not sure if you watched the video i linked, but please do!)

H-u-w 2 points

Well thank you! That's a very positive outlook. Me too, I always try not to get caught in back-and-forth arguments on here, and concede anything I think I'm wrong about, but sometimes it is hard not to be swept up by a desire to prove the other person you're right. I just watched it, it's a lovely video!

TwyJ 2 points

I try too but bloody hell is it hard! And it can be hard to not be dragged in, but as long as you can stay as polite as you can be given what has happened it is good! We all make mistakes, to urr is human my friend, i try my hardest no matter what to say have a good day, of course we all get too swept up to do such sometimes, but trying is more than most do, so even when you are at your weakest try, and you can really prove the world is a good place!

And im glad you enjoyed it, that is one of the things that made the major impact in my life to try hard for people.

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TwyJ commented on a post in r/Whatcouldgowrong
DazzlerPlus 1 point

Maybe we should be more in a headspace of thinking that the person who retaliated is wrong? It was a tiny push.

TwyJ 5 points

Right so, imagine this:

You have been called to a riot, that has clearly got enough aggressive people to warrant full riot gear and weaponry, you are walking back to your post/vehicle, you are in a helmet that limits your periphery down a lot, you are worried for your life because there have been people potentially throwing bricks and attacking your fellow officers, suddenly you get pushed, not knowing how many are there or what they have on them. How do you react other than in self preservation mode?

DazzlerPlus 1 point

With restraint. You volunteered for this job. In this context, your priority is avoiding causing unneeded harm, rather than avoiding harm to yourself. You don’t get to be extra careful by blasting everyone who looks at you the wrong way.

TwyJ 1 point

Oh god yeah, not saying it was the correct thing to do by a long shot, but in that situation I'd be scared shitless mate; however that still isn't an excuse. Although it could be argued it is reasonable force in the situation, we dont see the precursor to this event.

Have a great day my dude and thank you for real conversation!

TwyJ commented on a post in r/interestingasfuck
Legovil 2 points

The alt command is alt-0189 for ½.

TwyJ 1 point

Thank you although i will remember that for a phemtosecond.

sloasdaylight 2 points

Mobile keyboard has it built in if I hold down the 1 key.

TwyJ 2 points

½ holy hell so it do! My life has been changed in the most menial of ways.

Thank you kind sir/miss!

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TwyJ commented on a post in r/JusticeServed
Tuathiar 66 points

In the full vídeo, you can see the mother breakdown when the judge is talking about "murder" and "child abuse" before been handed the sentence, while the father continually has the pissed off face of not understanding why he is being charged.

You don't need to be biased to see who's realized they've made a horrible mistake and who's the real piece of shit.

As added info. Apparently the father would go on fb ramblings about not vaccinating their kids, as God is the one who has control over the disease... and also about how if nature is about survival of the fittest, why would they vaccinate everyone instead of letting the weak ones die.


TwyJ -2 points

I mean, you literally did just say she only started crying when she was getting charged with murder, not before when she murdered a baby, oh no, when she is getting punished.

Shoot em both.

And have a great day :)

BeMyT_Rex 2 points

Death is too good for people like this, they deserve to suffer.

TwyJ -2 points

Agreed, just shoot their knees then.

Thank you for a decent reply my man!

TwyJ commented on a post in r/Whatcouldgowrong
Lasket 14 points


Asshole design is not the same as crappy design people!

TwyJ 2 points

Well i mean, it is negligence, so i would say the fact they could kill someone would make it asshole more than crappy.

Heineko 7 points

Sure, but r/assholedesign is

for malicious and purposeful design elements.

So if the person laid it out intended to kill someone then it fits their sub, but otherwise it doesn't belong there.

TwyJ 5 points

Im wrong, fair enough, I'd still say it's fucking stupid though.

Have a great day dude(tte)!

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