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UmbraLancer commented on a post in r/DragonballLegends
DForce5289 3 points

Ki blast seems to be popular choice. Its not 50/50. Its 25/100

UmbraLancer 2 points

Its not 1/4 at all, let's say my average deck is 7-5-1-1, that means I have 50% chances of a strike arts card, 35% of a Blast card, and then 7.5% for both Regen and Special cards. Now If I just used 4 Strike arts cards, that would mean my deck looks more like 3-5-1-1 at the moment, so it becomes 30% Strike, 50% Blast, 10% for both regen and Special.

Basically the chances of each card will depend on your deck and what led to the rising rush.

DForce5289 1 point

Thanks for the breakdown. Except one half correction. When you use the card it gets recycled back into deck. Toward back of course but im just speculaing. You mind finding out if it recycles in order. By doing so u could let me know if i can in theory, time a rising blast to include all four cards to have more options to win. Ty smart person. Take my upvote.

UmbraLancer 1 point

Thanks, and to be honest I have no clue if the card gets recycled immediately or if there is a cooldown, but it is something to look into. Also, you could in theory time it, but its all random, So there will never be a Guaranteed get 4 different cards trick, as it is still gambling in the end

UmbraLancer commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
tuurminator 36 points

Honestly I just want something I can put on my car. Something I can make a cool design with. Banners are lame, I dont need to show off my rank. Because everyone you play with/against is also at that rank. This also counts for the goal explosions, if you can't customize/personalize it, and everyone has it, it gets boring fast.

I dont care that the champ rewards aren't purple, it's just that these rewards aren't fun.

UmbraLancer 1 point

I actually like your point! Wheels were fun because I could play around and make custom sets with the wheels, but I don't want to take off my Batman banner, so those rewards are pointless, theres no customization I can do around a banner unless I push it to the extreme and try to have a banner fitting my car (which I don't care) or those other ones that made jokes with the "Raw" banner (Player name "Going In", player banner "Raw" lul)

UmbraLancer commented on a post in r/DragonballLegends
t073 10 points

Best time to cheat, bugs are still being ironed out so people try to take as much advantage prior to the devs finding out. Same thing after major updates.

It's good the devs responded so quick though, looks promising moving forward!

UmbraLancer 1 point

And their response is actually perfect, not too aggressive, but with a fair warning that from now on they won't pull punches, I love it!

UmbraLancer commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
TheRealJohnnyTsunami 283 points

Being diamond, I consider myself pretty good. Then I come here and I feel like I’m trash and will never be good. I just don’t get it.

UmbraLancer 1 point

I am champion 1 and these guys never cease to amaze me, but don't feel bad, at some point some mechanics kick in all of a sudden and then you become consistent, so nothing to be afraid of!

UmbraLancer commented on a post in r/FireEmblemHeroes
AedanRoberts 36 points

I think Laegern was also a great character and hope she also joins us eventually.

UmbraLancer 15 points

I actually love Laegjern she has amazing personality 😏 but also she had a great prensence in the sotry, I would love to recruit her at some point.

UmbraLancer commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
sobson91 3 points

Similar thing but I dropped from Plat 3 to Gold 2. If gold players were 2x faster they would get plat overnight lol. I wasnt even doing much and people were reporting me for smurfing

UmbraLancer 1 point

Hehe yeah play speed increases so much with each rank increase, my 2s rank was very low this season because I barely played 2s in the past 2 seasons, so when I queued up for 2s this season, I felt like I was playing with a bunch of slugs... Addapted to them so I could enjoy it while I was there, went back to 3s where Im a champ and then all of a sudden everyone was Flash McQueen while I was dummy Mater!

CheisSz 27 points

This a great help, thanks!
My biggest issue (daimond 1) is actually controlling the ball enough to make those solid aimed passes. I recognize the gameplay that comes with it, but it's hard to take momentum if you're off it that category.

UmbraLancer 8 points

One thing to note, a pass doesnt necessarily need to be perfectly aligned for your teamate. A good pass is simply something in their general direvtion that can/will force an opponent to commit to it, drawing them out. Look at rlcs games, how often do you see them boom the ball to the back board? We arent expecting you to go for the double tap, what we expect is for the opponent to jump up to try and clear it before your teamates can get the rebound because this causes 2 things : 1 they can miss and give an easy rebound, 2 make them double commit so now they only have 1 guy left to defend, increasing your odds. I Can't count the number of goals my teams scored because i shot the ball outside the post instead of inside, resulting in opponents commiting and teamates getting easy rebounds. If I would shoot, the opponent would get an easy save which could turn into an easy clear/counter attack.

UmbraLancer commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
kipje13 300 points

A bad play by your teammate to take both boosts, but you could have easily prevented this goal.

There was no need to go for the boost in the corner, you could have taken a couple small boost pads whilst staying defensive around midfield.

Also, try to use ballcam more. You could have seen that shot coming before anyone even hit the ball.

Remember that you can only change yourself, so focus on what you can do better and not on what your teammate should have done.

UmbraLancer 69 points

In the comments he did mention this was a bad play on his part too for these specific reasons, but you have to enjoy the editing and the actual reality of this clip showing off things that do happen in rocket league, where your teamate will be mad you didnt correct his mistake (centering the ball infront of your net on a defensive touch, own goaling, etc...). I knew this mistake from him was coming the second his teamate took center boost, but I still enjoyed the clip!

joshg8 2 points

I'm not sure the "centering the ball in front of your own net" is accurate. If OP was covering the midfield, he would've been able to take that touch as a back pass with a shot on an open net.

UmbraLancer 1 point

Ohh yeah I was giving examples of things people do that they sometimes expect you to fix, I wasn't saying what happened in this clip :p

UmbraLancer commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
iggyiggz1999 14 points

I'm curious, doesn't giving advice backfire for you sometimes? Because in a way it could tilt them more. Just curious

UmbraLancer 6 points

I usually only offer advice after a game, after asking them first, and I stay away from the obvious "less ball chasing" or stuff like that, I really tend to go into more helpful ones like : "try to chellenge someone who is dribbling early so he is forced to throw and the 2nd person has an easier time clearing it" kinda thing

UmbraLancer commented on a post in r/FireEmblemHeroes
attikol 49 points

Double? That kind of worries me tbh sounds like they might get scummier with business practices

UmbraLancer 19 points

They are simply going to throw out other games out there. FE:H is already making bank and I dont think they expect to double revenue from Feh alone, they are probably expecting it from the next games!

merrickhalp 2 points

Specifically, Mario Kart Tour. MK is among the best-selling Nintendo series of all time. Now imagine that level of sales but their market is every person with a smartphone.

UmbraLancer 3 points

Didn't even hear about MKT! Gotta look into that but yeah, a mobile MK could make a buttload of money!

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