The safest park in the country by Umdlye in rct

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Don't worry, it's always sunny.

Ramautarsing trekt zich terug als kandidaat voor Forum voor Democratie by SwampBoyMississippi in thenetherlands

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Nee, maar zeggen dat de samenleving slimmer zou zijn zonder vrijheid van seksuele geaardheid omdat homoseksuelen in zijn fantasiewereld zich dan ineens wel massaal zouden (of moeten?) voortplanten is dat wel.

Twitch Community Guidelines Updates by Hedjman in Twitch

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From the blog:

The full changes are available in the revised Community Guidelines. You can read some examples and learn even more about how these changes may affect you in our corresponding help articles on anti-harassment and sexual content.

The harassment link includes their definition of hateful conduct.

OldSchool QA AMA - (09/02/2018 - 9AM - 6PM UTC) by JagexRoq in 2007scape

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Hi everyone!

Please keep in mind that this AMA is with the QA team, and while off-topic questions are allowed (it's "ask me anything" after all), asking questions that the QA team can't answer by themselves is not the best use of your time.

There were also a lot of intentionally duplicate questions (and non-questions) about the poll system. /u/JagexSween has commented on that here.

Hello everybody, it me Mod Sween.

So, as part of our goal of being the most open and communicative development team in the gaming industry, we decided we'd embark on a series of AMA. I'd welcome any questions relevant to the AMA that the QA team might answer.

It might seem like it, but we haven't been ignoring you regarding hiding poll results. A lot of people are claiming that it's a game integrity issue and then point to the Zulrah nerf as a precedent for not polling any changes. That might be the case, but the Zulrah nerf wasn't a decision made on an overnight whim without any investigation as to if it was beneficial/how we would implement the change. We had to take time to make sure we were making the correct decision. The same applies here. We spoke about this on last night's Q&A too.

This isn't an attempt to just placate you for a while, or to fob you off, but it's a big change we have to consider.

FvD mist handtekeningen voor deelname verkiezingen - AT5: de nieuwszender van Amsterdam en omgeving by flippingdolphyn in thenetherlands

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Je hebt gelijk :D De verklaringen zijn blijkbaar tijdelijk in te zien bij het centraal stembureau (voordat ze worden vernietigd). De kans dat iemand daar negatieve gevolgen van ervaart lijkt me vrij klein.

PVV haalt kandidaat-raadslid dat Rutte hufter noemde van lijst by Leadstripes in thenetherlands

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“Iemand een hufter noemen valt toch mee voor PVV-begrippen, goh—“ klikt op link “Aha, daarom dus”

Lekkere titel, NOS. Iemand willen opknopen gaat toch een stukje verder.

Korte PVV-demonstratie Rotterdam trekt kleine duizend betogers by GilgaPol in thenetherlands

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Oerhollands pragmatisme: pro-Israelische PVVers en Prinsenvlag-zwaaiende skinheads verenigd om vreemdelingenhaat

PVV'ers slaan alarm om kieslijst Haagse fractie: 'Zo gaan we naar de knoppen' by MonsieurSander in thenetherlands

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Achtergrondartikel over dit clubje.

En in het nieuws:

Tegen hen is proces-verbaal opgemaakt wegens verboden wapenbezit. In hun auto's vond de marechaussee messen, pepperspray en een ploertendoder. De wapens zijn in beslag genomen. Het is niet duidelijk wat de zes van plan waren.

can people stop with these shit jewellery memes by PaulToOpen in 2007scape

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When I pulled it from a random fantasy name generator about a decade ago I didn't expect anyone to ever want to pronounce it. I occasionally regret having an unpronounceable main internet username 😉 Just go with whatever sounds right to you.

can people stop with these shit jewellery memes by PaulToOpen in 2007scape

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AutoModerator can't do flair enforcement like you're describing, but we're working on a custom bot for that which will be ready soon!

The flair volunteer feature should still work, I'll have another look now.

can people stop with these shit jewellery memes by PaulToOpen in 2007scape

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The endless cycle. One popular joke submission spawns a bunch of popular reply submissions until the community grows tired of it and starts downvoting the newest ones.

As everyone can see, this is not something you've decided to leave in 2017, but will this set the tone for 2018?

We will be hosting a more serious centralized discussion soon, in the meantime this is food for thought.