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Imagine telling people 30 years ago that we would be BUYING, not forced, microphones into our home and they would record everything you say.

Kid is crying because the letter said it shit on the kitchen floor and its his problem now.

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It sounds more and more that Trump's end goal is to literally destroy the American economy. I wonder who benefits most from this...

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Comrade, how dare you even make such an assumputin.

Or you know, fix the source of all issues by implementing better bot detection.

If you cannot even automatically mute advertisers at the G.E. then these temporary solutions that hurt legitimate players won't last long.

Her: So what do you do for a living?
Me: I am a panda cuddler.

Imagine the confusion on this Japanese guy.

Article mentions no suspect, no leads and no motive.

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NCIS taught it was the wife.

Thats CAM for you, buggiest software I've ever seen. You can chain the LED strips I think.

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Zaanstraat worden ze allemaal in elkaar gezet door CAF, als ik het me goed herinner.

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De stoelen van de eerste klas zijn rood, als ik het me goed herinner.

They're playing bunny hop.

Okay, so I'm fairly new to programming yet I'm the only one at my workplace who seems to know about unit testing. Because I'm new having a difficult time to convince them it's something we should have as an integral part of our workflow. I had hoped they would teach me these things alas that won't be the case.

How do you explain these things to people who don't seem to listen?

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It takes time to convince them the value of "writing more useless code". Especially people that have been in the company for such a long time because "We've always done it this way".

What you can do is write your own unit tests for your code and once things fall over and you happen to catch it in your unit test, you can just directly point it out and mention that incorrect behaviour is happening at x.

Baby steps. Really tiny baby steps.

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I thought I had my chance at the latest tool we made but unfortunately they made this strange decision to store most of the business logic as SQL procedures in plain text files as serialized xml objects. These procedures just read and write instantly to disposable in-memory temp tables that eventually end up as excel files.

There's no place to insert any kind of unit test in this mess, short of rewriting the tool, which won't happen.

Considering how this guy loves to write SQL - I found one file 8000 lines long, out of many files - you'd think he'd maybe pick something like Dapper. Nope.

I kid you not, this decision was made to make it "extensible" and so that the people using the tools could tweak the logic to suit their special cases. More like made it completely unmaintainable and outdated 20 years ago.

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Start looking for a new job.

Looks really good! Its interesting to play with and would love to see you try the possible improvements and see what result they yield.

Do you have a github repository? I'm a programmer, not a mathematician and find code easier to intepret. Am quite new to machine learning and have only done some image classification projects so far and I'd like to dive more into generative models. They havent added anything new in a while which is a shame but then again it takes a lot of time to design them.

As a challenge, try making a model without making any hard folds. It gives a really great result. You should give it a try!

If Turks dont like it they are free to leave and go back to Turkey.

Is reddit censored in China? If not it won't be long untill it is.

His channel has exploded since I started watching him around 10k subs. He deserves a million subs.

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