Apple SUES iPhone screen repair shop and LOSES! by Adamine in videos

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Even if you're not interested in watching a guy repair broken motherboards, Louis has some interesting content to listen to.

Canada pulls diplomats' families from Cuba over mystery illness by crazyguzz1 in worldnews

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Wasnt it caused by multiple listening devices from different nations creating inteference with eachother resulting into the 'mystery illness'?

Perler Bead Armor by [deleted] in pics

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Shouldve used transparent beads.

The way my gf just plugged her laptop in. by stratford235 in mildlyinfuriating

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Think you made a typo in that title. Pretty sure its supposed to say ex girlfriend.

My stapler has a space on the underside for spare staples. by Jee187 in mildlyinteresting

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You'd think "Thats handy", the first time you see it.
The disappointment on your face when you forget to refill that too...

PVP isn't always the best option (x-post from /r/CompetitiveMinecraft) by ItzaMeLuigi_ in Minecraft

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Everytime I see someone fall into the void I cant help but think of the mario whaaaaaaaaaah sound.

Question about resolving coil whine. by UnarmedRobonaut in buildapc

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I don't use headphones. The sound is always there, regardless of having a monitor connected. Monitor speakers just amplify the sound.

Question about resolving coil whine. by UnarmedRobonaut in buildapc

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The whine is synced to the audio making me suspect the mobo (and for the price it definitely shouldnt have any problems like this).

People with Kraken X62''s and Other AIOs how are they holding up? by 0x0000_0000 in buildapc

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Yup. Im a total newb when it comes to building computers but decided to build something that would last for a while. Thought I did something wrong with my cpu at 60 degrees while doing nothing.

What I dont get is that the mount gets warm while the radiator doesnt feel warm at all.

Mascot gets way too close to the security guard by tomj98607 in sports

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As an european; fake, just like everything else in the usa.