Emergency alert about ballistic missile sent to Hawaii residents; EMA says ‘no threat’ by Retrrad in news

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Now I wonder if there were any people that were crazy enough to kill themself before being 'nuked'...

That would be sad.

TIFU while asserting my dominance *NSFW* by [deleted] in tifu

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You could've asserted your dominance by having him clean it up.

Cutting some fresh Cilantro....like a boss. by Jamtonisalon in gifs

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One of the things I want to learn is how to have great knife skills.

Though at this rate of cutting my fingers it will probably never happen.

Ken M on Escalators by retrorhythms in KenM

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And if it couldnt get worse the service guy also got locked out of his car!

Cross country Amtrak viewing car by rightcoastguy in pics

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I like the design of those chairs. Has a space scifi feel to it.

My [16/M] best friend [20/F] admitted that she is in love with me. I feel the same way about her, but I don't know how to handle this, and it's tearing me apart. by DextrorotaryFlat in relationships

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The age gap is only 4 years though between 16 and 20 its a bit weird and in a gray area.

You can wait untill you are 18. Mature a bit and see by then. She is already older and more mature and has different plans.

Age difference is one of those things that wont matter much anymore once you are older.

Just another day in Dubai... by [deleted] in gifs

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This makes me sad :(

Today I made and ate Ratatouille [homemade] by Buxman14 in food

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Isnt it supposed to be all messy instead of neatly arranged?