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zClarkinator 3 points

10/10 argument, bonus points for not addressing a single point the person made

UpDown 2 points

Nano is trading on many exchanges, including Binance with volumes near Ethereum levels. They are doing just fine there. Using Bitgrail as an example for nano not working is retarded, because there is significant evidence all over the place that it is working fine.

zClarkinator 1 point

Claiming there aren't problems in this market is stupid, is the point, and it's less safe in general. With real money, you're insured against malcious actions, but with crypto, at least for the time being, you're shit out of luck. The regulation mill is turning recently however so things might not be so bad going forward

UpDown 1 point

If someone steals my cash I am also shit out of luck. Sounds like you want to use crypto through an insured bank that will take responsibility for your funds. These already exist, so your argument is flawed. Most users right now prefer to hold their own money, but this may become less popular as these banking businesses becoming more reputed.

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UpDown commented on a post in r/Monero
cryptochangements34 5 points

It (in theory) greatly speeds up the initial sync which new users often get stuck on/frustrated about, I would say it is pretty significant. Is it worth half a million? That's up to the community, not me. This code is actually the result of a fully funded FFS proposal, but the dev refused to license it under the proper license, became pretty uncooperative, and then everything went to shit and we are left with unusable code and the dev didn't get paid (as he didn't produce what he promised). Because of that I really doubt a new FFS for this would be successful.

UpDown 1 point

I generally think improvements are more valuable than people realize. Half a million dollars to speed up initial sync by 3x might sound immaterial, but it's really not. Monero is a huge platform. If it was such an easy change, why isn't it already done? Changes like this probably increase the market cap of Monero is such a way that more than $500K of wealth is created, so these types of developers should be very handsomely rewarded. Huge rewards only last for so long, as the rewards attract many other developers. The rewards decline over time, just like any profession. At this very moment, cryptocurrency development is the rarest and mostly highly valued skill. Many people made millions in 2017 just by throwing a few dollars at cryptocurrencies, so if you were early enough to make millions with a few thousands, why shouldn't you make a few millions with ~$50K+ of sweat equity during the same period?

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zachuwf 22 points

A drug company recently came out with a drug that enables a genetically blind person (was born with a specific disease I forget what it’s called) to see again but it costs around 800000$ I believe

UpDown 1 point


There is no uglier way for you to have written this.

zachuwf 1 point

(8 x 105)$ 😭

UpDown 1 point

I like that better, easier to count the zeros.. but on second thought yours is still uglier

UpDown commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency

Then don't use it? Funny you say "money" though, because you clearly can withdraw USD at any point. You're an idiot if you truly think a successful company in the financial world that is based in the US would enter this space to scam.

UpDown 0 points

There's virtually no reason to use a platform like robinhood crypto is all I'm saying. If you want to be a day trader and close out for fiat, there are way better platforms.


There is if you want to centralize your investing and certain banks are okay with Robinhood and not with Gemini/Coinbase.

UpDown 1 point

That's actually true.

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Obamurri 6 points

Miners aren't charities, why would you expect them to make a loss just to suit you? You can always start your own miner

UpDown 6 points

They mine a block that includes bitcoin.

UpDown commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Karma_z 2 points

Amazon is 23 years old.

UpDown 0 points

Bitcoin is 9. 9 + 10 = 19. What's your point?

UpDown commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Serendip8185 93 points

Call me a skeptic but I find it impossible to believe that anyone would leave $120k worth of crypto on an exchange, especially one like Bitgrail. I couldn’t even bring myself to leave my 26 XRB on Mercatox.

UpDown 0 points

Risk/reward. With binance coming up and everyone scared to put money on BitGrail, you just know it's gonna dump hard when people can go on Binance. So if you say the price is probably going to crash after Binance, and the proability Bitgrail will fail before then is 50% (which is an absurdly high number by the way), then it might still be the right play.

UpDown commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
madpacket 7 points

EOS is shit to me until they have a product. People like to compare to how Ethereum was launched but times have changed (drastically) over the last 4 years. Shill coin until proven otherwise.

UpDown 1 point

It's ranked 6th on development score on coingecko.

USI-9080 4 points

Well Ark isn't an ERC-20 token so it is automatically 100x less vaporware than any of those copy paste tokens. Ark is definitely more speculative than something like Nano but to put it on the same level as something with literally no product whatsoever and only hype is delusional.

UpDown 1 point

I mean, you can just fork any project and claim it's not vaporware but in practice thats the same thing as an ERC-20.

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ilacksleep 8 points

Let me give you some negatives:

  • The lead dev tends to leave projects. (e.g. bitshares & steem)
  • DPOS is centralized. Only 21 or so block producers?

And how did you arrive at the conclusion that EOS is secure like Bitcoin?

UpDown 1 point

The 21st block producer in a round is randomly selected from all remaining producers. This is a decent way to do it, though for sure the top 20 get paid 3-4x as much per vote on average I would guess

fellesh 1 point

Basically this is a PnD coin, created while the whole platform coin trend is still hot.

UpDown 4 points

It's not vaporware nor a PnD. It actually has a higher developer score than NEO on coingecko.

UpDown commented on a post in r/Monero
Neuroncaller 9 points

You can’t without altering and recompiling the source code. Part of the reason those fees structures are set is to make all the transactions seem similar. If you’re the only one with fees of .1x it becomes obvious to anyone viewing the blockchain which transactions are yours.

UpDown 7 points

I think the wallet needs to always have options for very low fees, on the order of $0.05 or lower. Miners are already rewarded in other ways, in fact transaction fees might as well be burned to eliminate conflict of interest.

UpDown commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
gigajesus 1 point

Coss as in the exchange? I didn't know they were related

UpDown 1 point

Yes. They partnered a long time ago. Also the team building the COSS exchange is also involved in building the VM integration for ARK.

gigajesus 2 points

Is it really a partnership if all they did was add ARK to their exchange?

UpDown 0 points

In this case I think it's a legit partnership not just a listing. But this is based only on the fact that the team doing the VM chain for ARK is also involved with COSS development and that the partnership was announced back in June. I don't know much else.

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UpDown commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
kall0r 66 points

It's incredible how many Ark holders hate on Lisk. This presentation has been very well executed and clearly shows Lisk is actively hard-working on development and putting the money they gathered to good use.

You don't have to like Lisks slower progress or the dPos status, but does anybody seriously think Lisk's 20+ full time developers are sitting on their hands waiting for Ark to make a move? Come on....

UpDown 18 points

Whoever does push button and dynamic fees first (and it works) is the leader. These projects are largely identical so it’s no surprise there is a competitors vibe. It’s like two local football teams playing each other. From an ROI perspective lisk has won. Neither projects feel very decentralized to me as the core dev team on each drives all decisions and changes.

Vincere37 -6 points

I can get screenshots later but my friend is a part of a pump and dump group. Lisk is one of their on going targets.

Disclaimer: LSK and ARK holder, but see better long term potential in ARK.

UpDown 7 points

Tell your friend to pump ark would you

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UpDown commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
bledsoe2alphabet 15 points

This sub is very anti-bitcoin partly because there have been very concerted anti-bitcoin FUD campaigns over the past two months.

Also because people are greedy and want to buy something for cents and have it be worth $100k in a few years.

It'll be interesting as the months and years roll on to see if people regret taking huge risks on flavor of the month altcoins versus tried and tested bitcoin.

I'd imagine with coins like ETH moving to PoS and continuing to release more coins (making it harder for them to ever reach the moon), people will eventually shift their understanding of the market.

Coins with potential and wide use are great and all, but bitcoin is making even people that bought 2 or 3 years ago into millionaires. And as more coins are mined, the remaining coins are going to be worth more and more.

UpDown 9 points

XMR will never be PoS

bledsoe2alphabet 4 points

My bad - I misread this thread from the other day:


Still unknown how moves like this will affect the coin.

Overall point being, bitcoin is just figuring out how to improve, every other coin is figuring out how to exist.

UpDown 4 points

Its part of schedule updates every six months to prevent ASIC mining.

UpDown commented on a post in r/Monero
UpDown 3 points

A lot of people here saying he's not needed. I can see that as a defensive answer to these questions but let's not undervalue our key contributors either. Fluffy is a huge boon to the project, and if he suddenly left, it would be difficult to find a replacement. Otherwise, that replacement would already be present and active in the community, independently doing tasks similar to fluffly, or at least substituting regularly.

UpDown commented on a post in r/Monero
gweeha45 1 point

well nano is free for users...

UpDown 3 points

This isn't true. First you have to run PoW to save your transaction to your chain. This anti-spam method has an electricity cost. The real cost saving from nano comes from the fact that they use DPoS for consensus, so the cost is you lose a bit of security and decentralization. So the argument moves back to the benefits of PoW vs. DPoS. DPoS needs more time to determine if its a secure methodology.

UpDown commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Betaglutamate2 19 points

Ethereum classic does not receive upgrades from official developers. I agree though but in the end everyone will use ethereum

UpDown 2 points

What is an official developer?

UpDown commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
cryptkeeper90904 8 points

This guy has gone to basically every crypto subreddit to post about how they are accepting ________ crypto now.

Sure he may be a crypto fan, but this is also just generate sales.

UpDown 2 points


UpDown commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
ilacksleep -17 points

No its BTC core because the hard fork was done by long term community members who stuck closer to Satoshi's plan. If the HF was done by outsiders or was away from his plan the you could call it Bitcoin.

UpDown 7 points

It's called Bitcoin because it's Bitcoin. The Bcash fork was done by outsiders, and you can verify this by the fact that Bcash is not Bitcoin

UpDown commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Crypt0B4gg3l -5 points

Exactly, it has no future. Can you imagine in 2 years? We are increasing the blocksize to 64MB


UpDown -1 points

Fortunately for Bcash they wont have to increase the blocksize ever again

lurker_2468 36 points


  • low karma user: anti "bcash" statement
  • new user: anti bcash statement
  • both low karma and new users: "totes agree with your anti-bcash statements"

that's some grandmaster level social engineering right there /s

UpDown -2 points

My account is as old as Bitcoin and Bcash sucks ass.

agorism1337 1 point Here is the documentation for all the commands.

UpDown 1 point

Can you help me understand what I'm seeing here in the console?

user@ubuntu:~/amoveo$ make prod-go

user@ubuntu:~/amoveo$ make prod-attach

Attaching to /tmp/erl_pipes/ae_core_prod@ubuntu/erlang.pipe.1 (D to exit)

(ae_core_prod@ubuntu)1> sync:start().

syncing with peer [-7,[-7,159,89,106,253],8080]

trade peers




get their top header

get headers

(ae_core_prod@ubuntu)2> block absorber died!



(ae_core_prod@ubuntu)3> api:height().


talk_helper weird response

talk_helper weird response

talk_helper weird response

talk_helper weird response

talk_helper weird response

talk helper fail

(ae_core_prod@ubuntu)4> api:height().


(ae_core_prod@ubuntu)5> api:height().


(ae_core_prod@ubuntu)6> keys:pubkey().

<<4,29,197,9,45,157,150,6,85,91,156,38,50,62,0,93,94,173, 23,21,9,145,141,64,26,140,233,183,161,...>>

(ae_core_prod@ubuntu)7> api:balance().


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