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Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/waltonchain
HomeWithTheArmadillo 3 points

We haven’t received any clarification about how CMC came up with that number but I’d be curious to know. I know angel investors have been mentioned before but idk the source of these coins - def not mining. It’s still a low circulating coin imo. If we get some real volume soon watch out.

Utopian_evolution 6 points

I think CMC just follows what's on etherscan, if you go to Token Info "New" you will see: Circulating supply: 31,144,099.00 WTC

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/waltonchain
rulerslick -37 points
Utopian_evolution 18 points

Here comes the crow again, only appears with FUD and shit posts, you must be a very bitter, unhappy and unpleasant person in real life. Can someone please ban this guy, we had already enough of him

FinnishPlankton 0 points

How is this FUD? The guy just posted a link so every one can check themselves what is happening. People come to this sub for information, not to read 20 different posts of "go Walton!"

Utopian_evolution 12 points

Maybe this time, but please see his post history in waltonchain and understand the only reason why he comes in here, he doesn't post this just to inform without intention, any other writing it and I wouldn't say anything (edited)

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Sir_Hodlsworth 4 points

Coming out of hibernation. Any news on erc20 switcheroo with mainnet coin?

Utopian_evolution 3 points

Exact date isn't available but it will not be before mainnet reset at the start of May

wolfoftronix 1 point

Does anyone know how to mine to an address as a GMN status without exposing your private keys?

I sent the 0 ETH before snapshot but got nothing yet... :(

Utopian_evolution 1 point

It took me 4 days to get the 5000 WTCT but finally they were sent yesterday

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/waltonchain
FedeYoyo 4 points

The point that MNs secure the network just as well as GMNs is not true. MNs can cash out/go under 5000 WTCs at any time and have much more liquidity. Those with GMNs didn’t have that option. In retrospect it probably would have been beneficial to sell when GMNs were worth 200k and rebuy 4x MNs at current prices but GMN holders didn’t sell and knew where the market was going. The current reward system is very fair and MNs are rewarded well. I am sure the vast majority of GMN owners who get the airdrops are going to put the majority of the airdrops into accumulating more MNs anyhow.

Utopian_evolution 2 points

I'm still far from it but my idea is exactly what you said in the last sentence: 'I am sure the vast majority of GMN owners who get the airdrops are going to put the majority of the airdrops into accumulating more MNs anyhow", I will also mine so I'm expecting that it will take me maybe 2 more years , but that's the plan

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/waltonchain
vredo 2 points

Hey guys

I have my WTC on Binance now, but where should i put keep them for the coming? The conversion from erc20 confuses me, and the wallet seems like its meant for something more than just casual storage? Im new to this.

Appreciate any input, thanks!

Utopian_evolution 3 points

I would leave it for now (if it's not a big amount) at Binance, they will make the transition for you, if you don't want to leave it at an exchange I would say to use MEW but in this case you have to keep your attention on Waltonchain news to know what to do when the transition comes since i beleive MEW will not be compatible (not 100% sure on this one)

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/waltonchain
ISHQISHQ 1 point

Hi. Anyone knows how many wtc u get for mining a block? I have never mined before so don't know anything about it.

Utopian_evolution 6 points

You get 2 WTCT, I'm also completely new at mining but left my ultrabook on all night and got 2 by the morning, was a nice feel :)

_cheefy 2 points


Utopian_evolution 2 points

I'm using CPU, I have a 2 or 3 year old Laptop with a i7 4720. When i started the mining yesterday the difficulty was around 2.000, in the morning was already at 11.000 so I don't believe I will get this luck again, even so... I still left it trying ;)

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/waltonchain
gverno 16 points

uhhh 99.9% of people live their life in some sort of fiat currency - if youre spending USD to buy btc to buy walton then why would you not want to look at USD? If I were to 'cash out' of walton, I'd be doing it for USD not BTC as I live in reality.. maybe in the future this wont be necessary but it is now.

Mr-Devvie -8 points

Wasn't really talking to you, but thank you for your contribution :).

Utopian_evolution 2 points

I never know were to reply to the right person in here, also my fault ;)

Utopian_evolution 2 points

USD only really matters on the day you want to cash out, until that moment doesn't arrive only Sats matter since if you increase it so does the amount of BTC you have, unfortunately the USD price of every alt depends almost exclusively on BTC price in the day

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/waltonchain
DRoubicek -22 points

Wait a second. Its official that they delayed it again until Q2 now????? When the fuck did this happen???????

Utopian_evolution 2 points

The team said most probably start of Q2, it was the knight that came with the end of Q1. nothing changed

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Utopian_evolution 3 points
d0ckellis 4 points

Only users with API keys on their Binance accounts may have been impacted

just so everyone doesn't panic like I just did

Utopian_evolution 1 point

Sorry for that, but had to warn you guys after seeing the huge volume of sold coins all at once and reading that

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Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/waltonchain
HodorOrCellar 40 points

/u/thewolfofbittrex is the biggest sore loser of all time, can the mods ban this toxic fudder already?

Sold off all his gmns and can't stop coming back here to convince himself he didn't make the worst decision in his life.

His name should be /u/thesheepofbittrex, as a Wolf ate his balls months ago.

Utopian_evolution 4 points

Completely true

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
PeakLL 25 points

Maybe they can partner with a better Twitter manager

Utopian_evolution -3 points

That's true, who cares about real life partnerships to the future of a project when we can put our money in the ones without any use but with amazing Twitter accounts

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/Elastos
gverno 9 points

not all in - but very bullish.. I got a tingle in early days for wtc, neo, ethereum and haven't had that same tingle until ELA.. Although I'd be lying if I said I fully understood ELA.

Utopian_evolution 1 point

Nice to see you also here

gverno 1 point

from NEO?

Utopian_evolution 0 points

Not from NEO, but even more curious now since it was my first major buy in crypto and also my biggest earnings till date. It's from WTC

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/Vechain
lol_and_behold 6 points

Yeah for now it's simply a name change, doesn't matter one bit.

The Thor thing only happens after main net launch in June-ish, instructions will follow then.

For now, it's business as usual :)

Utopian_evolution 0 points

And if it's on MEW? the contract address remains the same, right?

[deleted] 1 point

Its already VET in MEW. Surely you noticed that??

Utopian_evolution 1 point

If I did I wouldn't ask. All coins I have on MEW are hold ones, don't need to go there all the time.

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Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/waltonchain
flyingalbatross1 7 points

Is 'release of wallet v2.0' still a testnet wallet until the genesis block is created?

Or is it 'release wallet v2.0' which is the real working wallet ready for the genesis block?

What does 'full-node mining support' mean?

Utopian_evolution 1 point

Would like to know also, but I believe it will be a testnet one since we still didn't change from being a ERC20 token

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/Vechain
Alm8tyGod 1 point

Ok, I get that it gains/loses USD value in terms of the price of BTC, but even in terms relative to BTC most are tanking, why is that?

Utopian_evolution 1 point

Because some continue to trade even in this bear market, if you sell it because you think it will go even lower, then if you are right you can buy more VEN then the number you sold when it reaches lower price in sats (compared with BTC), that's why as soon as BTC goes higher even slightly VEN price in sats increase straight away because if you are doing this and goes wrong (you are late in buying), you can end with less number then before

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/waltonchain
willem_willem 8 points

So why are there some partner logos removed from the website? Anyone?

Edit: lol salty downvoters. I'm all in walton from August an proud GMN holder, just curious

Utopian_evolution 7 points

Why downvote him? I'm 96% invested in Walton and see it as a fair question

Utopian_evolution commented on a post in r/helloicon
Aaltopahvi 6 points

That is why i feel so pissed off. Absolutely good news. And 25% down. Fuck.

Utopian_evolution 2 points

The same happened some days ago with other coin (for respect to this thread I'm not going to mention the name), 2 days going up before annual meeting and 2 minutes before it started... -20%, excellent announcements/advancements came from it but nothing matters in this market... everybody knows the "buy the rumor sell the news" but it's getting to absolutely ridiculous proportions

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