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V2O5 commented on a post in r/news
Braden0732 8,421 points

Was on a jury where we convicted a guy on a double-rape charge. He had a rather large extended family that ran in, let's say, less than savory circles.

I had two reporters shoving the mics in my face with cameras asking for my name and wanting me to answer questions the second we exited the courtroom.

Fuck. That. I respect journalist trying to do their job, but fuck off with potentially jeopardizing my safety so you can get your 6 o'clock headline.

V2O5 3 points

Why miss the opportunity to say you are Hugh Jassman?

V2O5 commented on a post in r/chemistry
ajp0206 2 points

That would hurt.

V2O5 4 points

The industry term is "a tingly sensation"

DangerousBill 2 points

Where "tingly" means running screaming and naked down the street, jumping into birdbaths and pools, and pouring water, motor oil, whatever on your bits.

V2O5 8 points

User experiences may vary.

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V2O5 commented on a post in r/energy
nvaus 0 points

Good lithium batteries theoretically should last 20-30 years in a solar setup. But yes, there is undoubtedly going to be maintenance costs.

V2O5 1 point

Which is why vanadium batteries will outperform lithium long term.

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