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Since I'm European, I'm waiting for the Logitech G305 in France.

I read different posts / threads / saw several videos, this mouse seems great, and I'm amazed about how battery can impact on weight plus on durability.

Lithium batteries seems lighter, but is there a table of best batteries / weight & durability ?

As I can't purshase this mouse, I still can order the optimal batteries to use with.

I'm curious.


Energizer Lithium Ultra. No contest. Super light, high capacity.

Really impressed with those batteries.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

AA or AAA + converter is better ? Thanks for your answer.

Games: Hearthstone, CSGO, WoW, Age of Empires 2,

Hand Preference: Right

Budget: €60-€70, could be extended up to €90 if optimal for me

Hand Size: 18 x 9 cm

Grip: Palm

Weight: Light, my Deathadder 2013 give me wrist pain

Sensitivity: Low (400-600 DPI)

Additional Details: Working daily with a Deathadder with a triple screen setup, it hurts me because to big and too heavy, playing daily with a Rival 300, I like the shape of my Rival 300 but it becomes slippy. I want a mouse who can be comfortable both for playing and working on double/triple screens, Didn't like the Corsair M60 I had 5 years ago. Looking for a Zowie one but i'm confused.

Doesn't the rival 300 feel too heavy as well? Both the deathadder 2013 and rival 300 are ~105g. You can fix a slippery mouse with grip tape or overgrip tape. The zowie ec mice are similar to the deathadder. The ec2-a/b is a bit smaller than the deathadder.
You should also look at the rival 310, the successor of the rival 300. The rival 310 is 10-15g lighter than the rival 300, but the rubber side grips of the rival 310 are not that good.

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Rival 300 seems a bit heavy but ok because its grip. However if rubber side grips of rival 310 are worse than rival 300, I won't buy it because rubber side grips of my 300 are used after 1 year (around 600-700 hours of use). I liked Zowie's marketing since they have different morphologies and give extra plates. I'll get a look at ec1/2 ones, they are available at a local electronic shop, but I saw on this subreddit some mice I haven't heard of, so I wanted to be sure I didn't missed something. Thanks for your help !

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