Health by ExtraThiccc76 in DarkSouls2

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That's because you are hollowing, your characters appearance should reflect that as well. Try to pop a human effigy and see if that helps. Humanity is a precious resource in this world, so always think before spending some. It also has some pros and cons to it, as always.

Those stupid Iron Keep knights are so fucking annoying how they all rush and run up on you like 10 of them at the same time. by ARMY_VETERAN in DarkSouls2

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Those "stupid" Knights are one of the highlights of this game to me. When you stay aggressive and actually kill things it's not so bad after all. Get your souls together, man.

Lack of remaster PC info is disconcerting by Cappop in darksouls

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With over 2 million copies sold on Pc it's clearly irrelevant, yes. ...

Remaster Discussion Mega-Thread by Red_Eye_Stone in darksouls

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What they tried to achieve with soul memory was noble at heart, implementing something like that is another story. There's a cult going on of players avoiding a fair fight at any cost...they cannot be fixed. Maybe that's a good thing and a part of the charm in the end?

Warping right from the start never bothered me in DS2. It has it's own kind of flow and warping suits that style. Won't satisfy everyone with something like that of course, but in the end it just means that DS 2 can stand on it's own. Not a bad thing at all.

What kind of build are you going to play in the remaster? by spectralspon in darksouls

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My first build will be Quality/Claymore/Silver Knight Set. The best outfit to go visit some sinners.

After that i will try to make something in the Glorious Katana Ninja Hypu area.

What's a Dark Souls unpopular opinion you have? by RidGaming in darksouls

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I never go for Backstabs or Parries because they are cheap and were made for the weak.

In DS:R, what covenant will you join and why? by PhazonLink215 in darksouls

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I will be the Blade of the Darkmoon once again. The only covenant that really matters to me.

Remaster Discussion Mega-Thread by Red_Eye_Stone in darksouls

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Meta is for the weak! It shall be broken once again by...by...well i don't now but we will see eventually.

Edit: Downvoted by a meta whore, what am i doing with my life?

Remaster Discussion Mega-Thread by Red_Eye_Stone in darksouls

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Elaboration intensifies, dude! Thanks for laying that out. I can agree with some points, the intertwined world for one. The areas themself are a blast though. Shrine of Amana, Iron Keep, Dragon Aerie...stunning and memorable. The boss design might not be as original as the original (??) but i actually enjoy having a good old sword duel with a giant flipping Knight. Never gets old for me.

It strays a little away from what makes DS1 so great and unique, but i don't think that's a bad thing at all. Both games can stand on their own feet and i think that's great. Last thing i want to mention is the amount of content you get with this game, which is right up there.

All in all, i have way less problems with DS2 than i have with DS3.

Remaster Discussion Mega-Thread by Red_Eye_Stone in darksouls

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Weird, to me DS2 is an absolute master piece. Opinions! Care to elaborate what you dislike about DS2?

Why is everyone so salty over the remaster on YouTube? It's not a remake by drkdak45 in darksouls

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You might wanna realize that the original PC version was never fixed. We have to rely on a mod to do that basically. Now the fixes are coming in and they want us to pay for that. Shouldn't be too hard to get that some people are not amused. Yet you talk about entitled PC players.

Dark Souls II, Should I Play It (Pls lmk why) by Rexun in DarkSouls2

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It's a great and rich experience. Some nice touches when it comes to animations and mechanics as well. NG+ is very well done. Enough reasons? I could go on for a while tbh

The filthy casual's guide to Souls Without Tears by R1CasulSouls in darksoulsremastered

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You start to poop over the git gud tards but end this guide with git gud?? Also: PvP is a part of the experience, so it's kinda weird to tell others to avoid it. How is the PvP not good? Can you name a better game to have some sword duels in? I guess when you tell others to avoid PvP you aren't exactly a source of wisdom when it comes to PvP.

DS Remastered vs Dark Souls 3 by huggyscolex in darksouls

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How is the PvP shallow? Not enough exploits you guys like to call tech?

Atomic Heart - Official Trailer by esau_cain in pcgaming

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Beautiful and scary at the same time, it's right up my alley. Happy to see they are still developing games that don't look as if they were made for 8 year olds. Can't wait!

From Software, please! by Van-Goth in darksouls

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Well, as you can see the original bonfire is sexy, majestic and kinda occult. The new bonfire from the Remastered version is...is...let's just say it lacks anything that made me fall in love with the original one.

Maybe it's just a small detail for some, but it's really bothering me.

From Software, please! by Van-Goth in darksouls

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No need to be so friendly, dude.

/r/DarkSouls: Gather 'round the bonfire. by AutoModerator in darksouls

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Stellaris, what a time killer. It's also quite impressive what they managed to create with the latest updates.

Dark souls remastered hype!!! by Avatar5701 in darksouls

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After initial butthurt i'm finally feeling a little bit of hype already :D Guess i just wanted a Scholar of the second sin Edition für DS1, with full benefits of the DS3 Engne and what not. Now i settled in thinking that it may be the best to not fuck around with this gem too much. Release can't come soon enough!

What’s everyone been playing on pc this weekend? by ginjuhavenjuh in pcgaming

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That game made me cry within 10 minutes, but in a good way. Unforgettable! Started a new playtrough some days ago just to remind me that this game can be a real bitch at times. Great fun overall.