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AccountAttempt2 15 points

The Internet is a cesspool of machine generated propaganda and brainwashing. Yet everyday I see kids already enslaved to this shit. They're taught to stare at tablets from the time they're able to read, they're glued to phones at restaurant tables, and hell my sister has a tantrum when she have her phone at all times.

The online world was a mistake and hopefully society realizes it sooner than later.

Vault32 7 points

Before they can read, actually and unfortunately. I've seen kids that could barely sit up in a stroller or cart, watching phones and tablets where clips like this were literally screaming and barking sounds at them, and they're just hypnotized, crosseyed and drooling while mom gossips into her phone and keeps shopping...

My 3 year old and I look at and talk about everything all the time when we're out. I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't imagine just...not caring? I guess?, the way it seems so many parents do. They treat the Internet-enabled tablet like it's just a digital version of the old fisher price activity center.

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no1113 10 points

Anyone else notice an increase in posts that aren't conspiracies, but just regular news stories?

Yes, but to be sure, a lot of news stories in the current day and age are indeed or do revolve around actual conspiracies, so there's that.

Vault32 6 points

I agree- pretty much every big news item is part of a conspiracy itself or a conspiracy to control public opinion/thought,etc. as long as the OP can explain in their SS how the news posted is conspiracy related I say it's fine.

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nice_halibut 82 points

I can't really watch this and enjoy it anymore although I loved it when I first saw it. It's as if Mike Judge didn't go far enough....people are already that stupid right now.

Vault32 20 points

Yep. Should've been fifty years and not 500. At the end they should've discovered his sleep chamber readout of 500 years was glitched off by a zero

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Vault32 6 points

A kind of grill/fireplace for campers? The holes at bottom help the fire burn, maybe there used to be a grate at the top and the flat area is your geilling supplies/prep surface?

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Cuntercawk -6 points

Clinton tried to have him killed wonder why he doesn't like her.

Vault32 2 points

Clinton wants everyone killed though. You gotta rise above the need for vengeance, or let your vengeance be just staying alive and doing the neutral work that uncovers all corruption. Or, You could also just leak and humiliate Clinton without going completely right wing accomplice.

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Capt_Irk 7 points

I will admit that his cabinet is terrible if you’ll admit that Obama’s was just as bad.

Vault32 20 points

We live in the present though.

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captainn_chunk 4 points

I think Kanye is a fucking enigma.

Like I never really grew up liking him or most of his music but I think the dude has some talent. The dude had such a big ego that it gave him a very huge celebrity status. The dude also has some heavy mental rust regarding his emotional state. The guy lost his mom in a strange way, which then put him in a heavy depression; creative people will take that situation in a vast spectrum of ways.

Fast forward through all the shenanigans he’s pulled over the years, even go over the possibility of an MKd Kanye, I think the dude is extremely interested in making people think, and in every possible way. He wants you to feel uncomfortable because he knows someone else is laughing at that discomfort. BUT he also wants to make that same person laughing at you uncomfortable with the next words out of his mouth.

I think what he’s doing right now is trying to make people wake up. You could say it’s geared towards black people and the black community but it’s like he’s trying to tell that community that it’s ok to not aggressively hate a side or opinion just because the majority (black community) disagrees with it. Then take that concept and apply it to all communities.

Basically he’s trolling everyone and nobody knows what to do with it so they need to find every which way to disagree with it because agreeing with even one of his points makes you as crazy as he is.

Oh you said this was a Kanye rant thread right?

Edit: regarding the kardashians, I think Kanye is also obsessed with self promotion and found himself caught in a greedy move by joining that family and he fucking knows it so it tears him apart and drives him crazy which leads to what he see come out of him.

Vault32 0 points

Divorce is an option.

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Crumbcrumbs 14 points

I'm sure a lot of kids are dying on a regular basis

"At the edge of the CIA grounds is a pig farm that John Podesta worked at for 2 years while at Georgetown law school."

Very very intresting. you don't work at a fucking pig farm when you're in law school.

"Cannibals have said that human flesh is similar to pork. Just a little sweeter." Disgusting.

Vault32 9 points

Hungry pigs will eat anything. They'll strip a dead body to the bone and then eat that too. Pretty convenient corpse disposal

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Vault32 5 points

You lost us at 'light-bringer' and video thumbnail.

Learned long ago to not click on vids where the pic is someone ranting into the camera with hands in the air or with an exaggerated expression, lit only by their screen light, and background is the wall of their apartment or unlit bedroom.

No offense, it's just valuable time.

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toomuchpork 37 points

Excited delerium is a farce. These cunts need to wake up and quit being scared of the occupation they chose.

Someone scared of dogs doesn't become a dog catcher. Being wary of dogs is not fear.

Many cops should be just dog catchers.

I live in BC Canuckistan. We have the worst case scenario of pigs with tasers here. Robert Dziekański's death was a travesty and an embarrassment to our country

Vault32 12 points

Stray rabid dogs actually deserve better and more humane treatment than most of these cops offer.

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Vault32 12 points

People keep posting this on about a weekly basis, right?

But the truth to the joke is, if you unbuckle your belt, do your pants instantly and cartoonishly fall off with a slide whistle noise? Mine don't. If you wear pants that fit (or a size too big) a belt merely adjusts/defines where the pants sit on your hips.

I dunno, maybe because I'm 40 and I don't wear my pants belted around my thighs I don't see how this is a problem.

Also, you could wear this discretely even when you don't actually need a belt (because your pants fit) and that would be pretty practical- because you'd not only have a small blade but a leather strap for binding and strapping, whipping, a tourniquet, and more.

Now, I wouldn't board a plane or wear it through a courthouse metal detector, but it's not without emergency use.

Themoogoescowcow 20 points

Looks like we found someone who owns one...

Vault32 4 points

Nope- I wouldn't buy one but if someone gave one to me....

Vault32 commented on a post in r/whatisthisthing
mrzoink 18 points

That's a Funko Mystery Mini version of Captain Kirk (from Star Trek), in the episode "Amok Time."

Vault32 2 points

TIL that funko figures can have dead, souless white eyes as well as their dead souless black ones.

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GodSavetheRepublic -63 points


Vault32 10 points
Th3_Admiral 8 points

Okay, why is there such a thing as a McDonald's wiki? The internet never ceases to surprise me.

Vault32 5 points

Haha- I don't know- it was the first hit on a search for Szechuan sauce. I'm so tired of people who can't do any research for themselves asking for a 'sauce'

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Vault32 22 points

You know it was a cover of a soul song from the 60s first, right?

-so Now as far as videos, so many 80s videos had young, sexual imagery, you could probably make a case for that. But lyrically, nope, not this one.

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ItsOKtopunchNazis 5 points

Yes. I thought the 239LBs gave it away that there is a vast right wing conspiracy to look the other way and demonize "the left" as they call them.

Vault32 10 points

I've peaked at 230lb before (beer and ice cream were culprits) and I was still height/weight proportional and looked totally average, wore a 36 waist- looked half the size of Trump. The only way that tweedle-dum body type weighs 239 is if he's filled with stuffing. Dude is probably 300 these days, easy.

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daysOFdelusion 12 points

No the group with the most money and best weapons will win global dominance.

We could stop it in the blink of an eye but they are masters at keeping us hating each other over religion, skin color, cultures and millions and millions of lies.

Vault32 8 points

In other words, the most cruel and ruthless- the psychopaths.

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Vault32 13 points

This is my favorite part:

"Police say Reinking believed Taylor Swift hacked his Netflix account and wanted to meet him at a Dairy Queen. When he arrived, he believed she was across the street yelling at him and she then took off running. By his account, she then climbed up the side of a building, where he followed her, but when he arrived at the rooftop, she was gone."

Edit: source- my local news

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