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the_other_other_matt 1 point

I have not tested yet, but used ACloud. The acg stuff tends to be newer and really presented well. You can get deals on Udemy for it too, I think I paid $10 for my sysop admin course.

My experience with using Pluralsight for Docker was bad. The source materials were over three years old and still presented as "newest and greatest"

VicTOErE 2 points

Thanks..just bought the course on Udemy

kopaka89 1 point

Not sure if you know but you can transfer that to their website which has the updated course info. The Udemy one is always out of date.

VicTOErE 1 point

Thanks, I didn't know that. I will look at migrating to ACG to get the latest content.

VicTOErE commented on a post in r/ITCareerQuestions
VicTOErE 1 point

Sounds like my story. I did five years in Air Force ('97-02) got out and finished college and started my IT career. You won't have a problem getting a job with your military experience. Many employers really value that, it shows them your a trustworthy and dependable person. In many cases your given more responsibility and access then senior management so as valuable as experience and certs are your trustworthiness and discretion are equally important. Keep that in mind and try to convey those qualities and you will be fine.

VicTOErE commented on a post in r/qnap
VicTOErE 2 points
  1. Jakett - indexer repository for Sonarr
  2. Wordpress - personal blog
  3. Deluge-VPN - torrent client with built-in open vpn client
  4. Watchtower - automatically updates running docker containers
  5. Unifi Controller - ubiquiti controller for home APs

Eventually I may dockerize Sonarr and Plex but they work fine as a QPKG so I'm not inclined to fix something that isn't broke.

jpluscplusm 3 points

No, "insecure" doesn't relate to "different certs". Something more fundamental is going wrong. Maybe CORS, maybe insecure content - use the dev console to figure out what.

VicTOErE 1 point

Yes, so site B is a wallboard and the site queries a DB every 15 seconds for data. The query of course is not secure so this is the mic drop.

beardedpacket 1 point

Why is the outgoing PAI different then what’s in the FROM field? Seems to be the reason it’s populated in the FROM field when it arrives in the US. Sounds like you need to work with the providers in UK and US to see how they’re treating the INVITE’s FROM field.

VicTOErE 1 point

As I understand the PAI is how the telco authenticates and bills the appropriate person for the call. In this case customer is calling Company A in UK and Company A is forwarding that call to Company B in the US but they aren't going to populate the PAI with the FROM field because they aren't being billed for that call. I found this great blog post that explains.

beardedpacket 1 point

I don’t really know that this is going to be possible because of how the providers are going to treat the call with PAI. Honestly you might ask if they have other ways to bill the UK side that doesn’t including requiring PAI. I could think of some dirty workarounds on the US side but they wouldn’t allow for dynamic adjustments based on different ANIs. So what have you guys decided to do?

VicTOErE 1 point

After having my UK counterpart run down their telco for info regarding CLI data they are saying the US side is changing the headers. I currently have a ticket open with my provider and I've provided them call data. However, I don't expect anything to come of this.

VicTOErE commented on a post in r/qnap
VicTOErE 2 points

Like you I have Plex and Sonarr running on QNAP natively without a problem. However I do use Container Station for my DelugeVPN which has been invaluable. I have a few other apps in CS that don't have Qpackages. Like you I'm not planning on putting Plex or Sonarr into docker anytime soon. They work fine as so I don't see the need either.

VicTOErE commented on a post in r/Homebrewing
VicTOErE 1 point

Noob Question of the day. My wife bought me the Kmart homebew kit a while back. As most of you know it's very basic, just a few buckets and hoses. I'm about to brew my first beer with my best friend but I'd like to make this process easier. Is is their a single piece of equipment that would make things easier that you would recommend? IE: wort chiller, brew kettle

VicTOErE commented on a post in r/PleX
VicTOErE 3 points

Probably but you can do a lot more then just host a Plex server. If you anticipate doing a lot of media transcoding this may be necessary otherwise you can get away with something a little cheaper.

JQuonDo 2 points

This is exactly why I was interested in this one. For transcoding. I've considered using a NAS strictly for storage, but that would mean I would have two devices on 24/7. I figured if I get this I'll only need to keep one device on day in and day out

VicTOErE 1 point

That's exactly why I like my 451. It's doesn't suck a ton of juice like a regular desktop machine or server would.

VicTOErE commented on a post in r/qnap
VicTOErE 2 points

I've been running Binhex delugeVPN for a couple years and love it! It was a little tricky to setup. Using the Container Station GUI for setup never worked for me. If I rebuild the container I always use the CLI. You can use the GUI to download the Binhex image otherwise you need to run the 'docker pull' command. Here are my config variables. A couple things to note that you will have to change. The first is obviously the PIA username and password. The second and just as important is the three /share locations. I'm using a spare temp drive for my torrent so as not to tax the RAID array. That is why my first /share variable is CACHEDEV2_DATA and not CACHEDEV1_DATA. You likely aren't using the temp drive like I am so your only going to have CACHEDEV1. Also note the bottom after you get Deluge setup you need to change your preferences to point to the share locations you setup in the config. This tripped me up as well. If you get that wrong you will start downloading stuff and it won't be in the correct directories. PM me if you still have issues.

kiwiboyus 1 point

Thanks! I'll spend some time on it tonight and compare with yours. I've been messing around with Linux for a few years and was expecting a config file that I would need to edit, but it doesn't seem to work that way.

VicTOErE 1 point

To clarify you need to build the container from that config. If you have your deluge container already built you need to delete it and copy/past the new config into the CLI to build container with new options. In my experience it's really the only way to make changes is to delete and rebuild with a new config. I always save my old configs just in case I want to revert.

VicTOErE 1 point

To be clear the config builds the container. If you have it built already delete the container and rebuild it by copy/pasting that from notepad into the CLI. It seems like the best and easiest way to build containers is just delete and rebuild. I always save a few versions of my container build.

MikeOxSobig 2 points

Hmm first thought is back up a bit to the ICM router logs and see if there might be something that correlates to the calls showing in the CUIC reports. Then maybe take that log info to your UC guys to see if they can check CDR. I also am betting the transform is being passed instead of the original caller number.

VicTOErE 1 point

We checked CDR and calls are coming in with the 12 digit number.

Chrispy_Bites 1 point

Spreadsheet sounds like a datasheet view of the list. In which case, you're looking at all of (or a large number of) the items already created in the list. The ascending/descending sort makes sense there.

The dropdown itself will have your High/Medium/Low values, but those'll be in the actual form.

Unless your form is unusually complicated, I'd just start up a clean custom list and add whatever fields are in the infopath library to the list. If you need to customize look and feel, check out Mark Rackley.

VicTOErE 1 point

I don't think it's complicated at all I simply don't know how to edit it. When I open it in InfoPath it appears to be grabbing a template off the server and this is what I get when I click 'Edit Choices' on the priority box. Essentially the priority levels are there but they aren't being displayed in the form in Sharepoint? When I try to publish changes I get the SOAP error on the Sharepoint server I was getting in InfoPath on my machien trying to edit it remotely. The Mark Rackley solution looks promising but I have no idea where the template is located in order to edit it. It frustrates me to no end knowing this is a five minute deal for a Sharepoint admin.

Edit: I found these settings for the 'Priority' column when I scrolled down further on List Settings. I've done a side-by-side comparison to the List Settings on form that has the choices (Critical, High, Medium) available and they are identical. Obvious question is why are these choices available in one form but not the other?

Chrispy_Bites 1 point

Totally understand that frustration. And, real talk, InfoPath really does add a layer of complexity to most of these form-based applications that turns what should be a simple "five-minute" fix into a couple of days of hair-pulling. That's why I pushed my org to drop InfoPath and start moving in the JavaScript customized list form direction.

SOAP error leads me to believe that the choices for the column are being derived from something on SharePoint and the data connection is broken. You'll probably have to reconfigure that if you want to continue using InfoPath.

VicTOErE 1 point

I don't know what I did but now I cannot edit the row items in the form. This describes the problem but I can't get past step 1. I found an editform.aspx in Sharepoint designer but cannot find anywhere to unselect and close the webpart.

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pctechyoda 2 points

If you take previous advice regarding skipping the formal class by using your Cisco certification, I'd just pile on a little extra advice... I've actually worked with some partners that unfortunately thought they could skip studying altogether if they had the Cisco certs and failed the tests miserably.

Make sure you have hands on experience with NSX. Take advantage of the free VMware Hands On Labs around NSX, particularly the Getting Started and Micro-Segmentation labs. (This also applies to vSphere as well if you don't have hands on experience there, as you do have to pass a vSphere Fundamentals exam too.)

Study the exam guide blueprints. It'll tell you the core information you need to make sure you know to pass the exam, and link to all sorts of resources that help you get the information (datasheets, white papers, etc).

vBrownbag on Youtube is a great video training series and there's one specifically about VCP-NV. Last I looked there were about 7 hours of videos broken up into roughly 1 hour sections, I wouldn't say that watching those on their own will get you past the exam but it'll definitely help.

The good news is... you've got a lot of knowledge that's already useful to passing the VCP-NV exam. Many of the exam questions are really about knowing route/switch, they just frame the questions in the context of an NSX deployment.

Good luck!

VicTOErE 1 point

Thanks for your insight. I wasn't planning on taking it lightly. I have worked in vSphere for 4-5 years but only doing the basics (snapshots, upgrade VM RAM, CPU). I'll definitely watch the vBrownbag stuff. I have a Pluralsight sub and am planning on buying the vSphere 6 Foundations book. I contemplated trying to complete my CCNP first but I'm a little jaded on Cisco right now. I passed switch after second attempt but failed route and I'm in the camp that Cisco is not being practical about testing your knowledge rather the crazy details of their whitepapers.

vTimD 3 points

We actually have a short-cut for Cisco Certs. Your CCNA can make it to where you don't have the course requirement. Please see the Cert page here and choose "Hold a qualifying Cisco cert" and it will advise. You submit proof, and they waive the class requirement. You still have to sit the vSphere Fundamentals and VCP-NV exams.

VicTOErE 1 point

Thanks, I was on that page but totally missed path 2. I don't have a VMWare cert so I went straight to path 1.

VicTOErE commented on a post in r/ITCareerQuestions
VicTOErE 1 point

Realize that it's a job. They need help or they wouldn't have posted the gig and if you don't meet the requirements, rejection isn't the end of the world. Most helpdesk positions are sink or swim type gigs. Get in their, get your hands dirty, kill them with kindness and you will survive. That last part about kindness is important. If your honest with an employer that you don't know but your willing to learn, that's all they typically want.

cacticaller 1 point

I've spent some time in AQM and there are a multitude of issues that can pop up depending on how you've setup your AQM, so....

  • Are you doing server based recording using SPAN or desktop based recording? (I assume your not doing network/network based/mediasense recording with the CUCM settings you stated as you would be required to configure settings as per \u\ihaxr post)
  • What endpoints are using? (extension mobility, handsets, jabber)

If your doing endpoint based recording and your settings look correct in AQM check and ensure that supervisor's PC has the recording service installed (can't remember the name) and running.

For either recording method check and ensure that the endpoint the supervisor is using is configured in AQM and associated to the users ccm/uccx user id or EM profile (if using extension mobility).

Failing that the logs are actually fairly readable for most of AQM's services, I can't recall the name of the log you'd need but you should be able to search for the supervisors phone MAC/EM profile/CSF name which should give you some insight.

VicTOErE 1 point

Thanks. The endpoint was indeed missing the WFO Recording sofware.

Scops 1 point

I'm not super strong on AQM either, but I've had to troubleshoot my fair share of issues. There's another setting where you can control which calls are recorded that you may want to check. It's at the Workflow level.

In QMAdmin, go to Recordings -> Quality Management (I think it would be called Compliance Recording if that was the only license you had) -> Workflows -> Whatever your workflow is called.

My understanding is that the setting you showed us before takes precedence and is global, but the settings at the Workflow level can be further used to control which calls are actually recorded as part of the workflow.

If there are no obvious problems with those settings, I'd start looking at stuff on the CUCM side and see if the stream is even getting offered to the AQM server.

VicTOErE 1 point

I think this is the right track since it doesn't appear that we are doing recording based on line settings as \u\ihaxr suggested. Here is what my workflow look like. All the actions are set to record in the 'Call Center QM' group and the person is assigned to the QM Group along with all the other agents?

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VicTOErE commented on a post in r/qnap
djzeratul 3 points

I would suggest running your torrent client through Container Station (docker) and a docker image with openvpn, such as Transmission OpenVPN by haugene or Deluge OpenVPN by binhex, etc.

There are basically variants of any client you can think of and it will tunnel the traffic for your torrents through VPN but keep everything else going through your standard internet connection. You can set up as many services behind VPN as you wish this way and have more control over what uses VPN and what doesn't. The images are set up to automatically restart when the VPN connection drops, so you aren't in any danger of having un-tunneled traffic.

VicTOErE 1 point

This is the answer. I've been running the Deluge by binhex for a few years in container station. Container station is probably the best thing I've discovered in a long time.

VicTOErE commented on a post in r/Cisco
VicTOErE 2 points

This is exactly how I went about getting CCNA. The college will only give you their certificate in Cisco Networking. Big Woop. If you score high enough on the final NetAcad exam they give you a voucher for a free test.

YoshSchmenge 2 points

Free? or discount?

VicTOErE 1 point

This was five years ago but it was free for me. I believe I had to score above 90% on the final exam which is a culmination of all the courses. I was lucky in that my employer let me do a lot of work study. Also, I was able to bounce a lot of things off CCNP. In my opinion it was worth it.

ihaxr 3 points

I would just do it as 3 or more separate steps... not the most ideal way, but should work fine:

intCSQ1LoggedInResources = 
    Get Reporting Statistic (Logged-In Resources[CSQ1] from CSQ IPCC Express)
intCSQ2LoggedInResources = 
    Get Reporting Statistic (Logged-In Resources[CSQ2] from CSQ IPCC Express)
intCSQ3LoggedInResources = 
    Get Reporting Statistic (Logged-In Resources[CSQ3] from CSQ IPCC Express)

intLoggedInResources = intCSQ1LoggedInResources + intCSQ2LoggedInResources + intCSQ3LoggedInResources

if (intLoggedInResources<1) Then
VicTOErE 1 point

Thanks, I never considered doing that.

VicTOErE commented on a post in r/ITCareerQuestions
VicTOErE 2 points

Yes, I would list all three with the most current with the greatest detail. I think it's important to show what you have been doing for the last 5-7 years. You may not have directly led a project or solved a network outage but as a member of the team you help manage the chaos so if you can touch on that it may help.

VicTOErE commented on a post in r/ITCareerQuestions
VicTOErE 2 points

Cisco UC Engineers seem to be in high demand in the Midwest. We have a lot of call centers simply because we are in central time zone and can cover both coasts without late night shifts. I recently saw a CCNP Collab on twitter looking to build a team for a project near Sioux Falls SD. I know a company in Central MN that can't find a junior network admin. Those skills are always in demand it seems.

VicTOErE commented on a post in r/ITCareerQuestions
VicTOErE 2 points

Congrats on getting your undergrad done. What you need is experience and the best way to get that is starting at a help desk and sponging knowledge from network engineers and sysadmins. It will also give you time to get your CCNA which is a good baseline for a career in networking. Only after I got my CCNA did I learn I still knew nothing when it came to networking. Nearly all enterprise networks operate at a CCNP level or higher so being at least familiar with things like the OSI model is critical.

Anecdote: As a new Junior Network Admin and brand new CCNA my company was phasing out fax VG224. These gateways were on their own vlan and once removed I needed to remove that vlan from a port-channel on a server switch that handled everything and by everything I mean everything (voice and data). Instead of removing it from the port-channel I removed it from one side of the trunk instead. I took the entire network down. I had to run to the data center plug directly into the switch only to have a Senior Network Engineer walk in and promptly correct the issue. He was cool about it and had me research what I did wrong and the correct way to accomplish. Once I demonstrated that I knew my error he let me do it again and of course it went smoothly. BTW if trunks are bundled into a port-channel and configs on those trunks aren't matching on both ends the port-channel will not form or in my case go down because they suddenly don't match.

goldenchild731 1 point

Congratulations on the new position. Seems like you career trajectory will either be collaboration as you mentioned which is working with VOIP/Video Applications, Security working with Firewalls, Datacenter which is Nexus Devices, and Wireless working with access points and controllers. Pick which one interests you the most. For Collaboration I would imagine you would want to learn Telepresence, Cisco Spark, Cisco IP Phones, and WebEX architectures. I would pick that area since you did not mention much previous experience in that area, you may find it more challenging and engaging. I would start trying to find lab exercises and building a home lab with a conjunction of videos and reading material.

Link for homelab for CCNA but similar setup can be used for CCNP

To make any real money you might need to work for a MSP that specializes in UC Collab market. There might be a big market for executive conference room deployments in your area. Like anything is may be harder to find a higher paying job that is more specialized but it does not mean they do not exist. Security is probably the most in demand specialization because of all the companies being hacked.

VicTOErE 1 point

Agreed, I'm going to build a lab soon. I'm sure your right about working for a MSP to get "real money". I would simply like challenging work and maybe that is where I need to look to find it.

VicTOErE commented on a post in r/ITCareerQuestions
meepinsss 17 points
  1. Things I put on my calendar on my iphone don't show up in outlook.
  2. My citrix session is frozen.
  3. Am I due for an iPhone upgrade soon, mine doesn't hold a charge anymore.
  4. Every time I try to login to this website it loops me back to the login screen. It does not tell me my password is wrong.
  5. I can't print to the hallway printer. it says it is offline.
  6. I took my wireless mouse home to work remotely and it doesn't work on my home computer.
  7. Can you share my calendar with Bob in accounting?
  8. My computer is slow.
  9. My computer crashed and i did not save a word document I was working on for a really long time. i will lose a lot of work if you can't help me recover it.
  10. All my stuff is corrupted and I have ransom notes all over the place saying I need to go to the black web and pay bit quarters to get my stuffs back.
VicTOErE 4 points

What he said. I'll add:

  1. I can't open/view this file. (name the filetype, personal fave Microsoft Works)

  2. Can you write this excel formula (expected excel expert for those who don't understand basic math)

  3. Outlook - Calendar, Inbox, Sharing, preview, filtering (you will become an Outlook expert in time)

  4. Setup email on cell phone (expert on all Android and Apple devices, tell windows phone user to get a new phone)

  5. Restore things from backup because of item 10

  6. Get my precious kids pictures/videos off my cell phone

  7. Website doesn't work with 'insert browser'

  8. Setup CEO iPad after dog destroyed first one

  9. Expected to be an expert on all things tech related including break rooms faulty sound system

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