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You need to use the docker.hub for all your container station app needs. I think CS is the single more important app on the QNAP and I use it extensively.

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I installed it earlier today. Nice program to play with. I think I am prepared now tomorrow do some labs, having 5 Cisco routers/switches, GNS3 and Packet Tracer ;)

Are there any good and interesting labs that I can do with PT as you know? I remember reading there are some delivered with a Udemy course. Worth it?

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If you can get your hands on any of the Cisco Learning Academy labs they have some good ones that Packet Tracer supports. In particular the spanning tree and port-channel labs. Also some real basic EIGRP and OSPF labs. Your on the right track with GNS3 though. The only thing GNS3 is lacking is good switch emulation as you can't do any spanning tree labs in GNS3. However, it is the go-to for routing labs.

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Just downloaded GNS3 and plan to play with it soon (when I can get IOS images), so that’s good to know about the spanning tree functionality. Any particular problems you can point out about the switch emulation or lack thereof?

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Well you will learn limitations of switches in GNS3 pretty fast. You basically have to manually set vlans via a silly little dropdown menu on each port. You cannot do any port-channel configs or spanning-tree config. You can buy a few cheap 3750s on ebay that can help. I would ensure it's running IOS v12 or greater. Packet tracer is probably good enough for CCNA though. If you plan on doing CCNP your will for sure need a few switches. You can do some pretty cool stuff in GNS3 though. I've had my computer running 2-3 routers in GNS3 and connecting those to a couple 3750s doing port-channel and spanning-tree labs that sit in my lab. You can usually find a few older but relevant IOS images to use in GNS3 on a torrent site.

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I've been using the AutoRemovePlus plugin with Deluge for a while and it works good but I'm trying to change things so it removes the public torrents and seeds the private indexer. Right now it's seeding everything and the plugin isn't removing it. I know that I need to stop seeding before AutoRemovePlus will remove the torrent. I've added a rule in the 'Specific Remove Rules' tab for the tracker so it seeds to ratio of 1.5. I've also added the tracker into the 'Exception Rules' in the general tab which you can see in the first link. Does anyone do something similar and can you tell me how your preferences are setup in Deluge to remove all torrents except a single private tracker?

EDIT: Here are my AutoRemovePlus settings


It's much better to show your AutoRemovePlus setting but not Quene setting .

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Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

Good point..I've added a link to the AutoRemove settings


I have deluge setup as a Docker container. I'm trying to change the preferences so that I can seed torrents again but when I make changes to preferences they don't save. I've googled this and I believe the problem is I need to restart the deluge daemon however the Docker container doesn't have the WebUI plugin enabled and the daemon tab in preferences doesn't have an option to restart? I've done this in the past but I can't remember how to accomplish. I need to get my seed ratio back in good standing.

EDIT: I just figured it out. I had to go into Connection Manager.

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I really want to see Mahomes. He's all over my late QB strategy radar. Does Luck have any zip on his passes, he's slipped into value range for me. How does the Browns QB situation look with Tyrod and Mayfield. It's all about trying to find the right QB to gamble on in rounds 9-12.

Stafford/Ryan/Ben/Rivers are available around 9-10, i dont see a reason to gamble on mahomes unless its as a 2nd qb if you have the bench space

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Agree that Mahomes is likely my second QB. I usually stream the position bc I draft one so late. I've had Rivers as my QB in most of my mock drafts. Chiefs have a couple tough road games to start the season. I usually don't like to roster 2 QBs but I think someone is going to draft him if I don't. I'll just have to see how the draft goes.

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I like Rudolph this year. 28 years old, improvement at QB, somewhat of a contract year(if he plays well he likely gets a new deal next off season). Finished 7th among TE in 2017, 3rd in 2016. Team captain. Hasn't missed a game in 3 years. I think his floor is high.

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Agree, Cousins had eyes for Reed in Washington and I think Rudy could have a nice year. I agree with /u/I_Dumped_Adele as well. He may not score a ton of TDs but he has a high floor. He could easily break into top 5 with some redzone work.

I checked the usual sites and couldn't find a torrent for it. Did you use a newsgroup or something??

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This show has always been a pain to torrent. Sportscult usually has it within 24 hours but still nothing. I wish someone would share it as a torrent.

I couldn't agree more with you. I've been beating his drum for a few weeks now as a late round steal. His legs are invaluable for fantasy and very consistent, especially as a counter to Zeke.

I think his passing is actually underrated. There was one play last year where he naked bootlegs to his right and delivers an absolute dime to Witten 30 yards in the back of the endzone. That's a play combining legs and arm that maybe 5 QBs are capable of right now. He won't make that play every time, but it's awesome to see out of a year 2 QB.

While his busts were bad, they are always hugely publicized as the Cowboys QB. Everyone remembers those games but forgets when he went for 300+ and 3TDs in the second half of the season. The level of scrutiny on him is immense being on the most highly publicized franchise.

It hurts to lose Witten. He was an invaluable security blanket who just knew how to get open and had reliable hands. Dez I'm less convinced on. He rarely made a play that I'd expect a number 1 receiver to make - the kind of play where you bail out your QB with a contested catch. I don't know that Hurns is better than him, but I don't think that Dez offered that much anymore.

Most importantly, Zeke is back which is who the offense runs through. That brings a safety into the box and opens up single coverage for the less talented WRs. He should have plenty of opportunities for big plays.

For where he's being drafted, he seems like an absolute steal. You can spend a late round pick on him for top 5 upside. No one else offers that much upside that late in the draft outside of Alex Smith who is going through major change. I don't see how I don't run with him late.

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Top 5 upside? If Dak gets into the top 10 I'll be surprised. I'll give you a name with WAY more upside going late. Patrick Mahomes. He has Hill, Watkins and Kelce. Your right about one thing, teams are going to stack the box to stop Zeke and dare Dak to throw.

Top 5 upside is lofty for sure. But he was already the QB1 for 7 weeks and has shown to have talent both years in the league. He also offers you so much with his legs which gives him another dimension to score points. If they stack the box, Dak has the opportunities for massive plays. I'd rather go him over Maholmes who has admittedly better weapons but is completely unproven.

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I have definitely reconsidered Dak as a potential late round guy. I think he's a better fantasy QB then NFL QB for sure. I play in a league with a big Cowboys fan and he's likely to take him a round earlier than I would anyway. I think I'm going to gamble and grab Mahomes late.

Their is no money in education. I started life as a held desk guy at a school district. The name of the game was taking a bunch of broken machines and make working machines from the garbage. On top of that the pay sucked and I had to babysit middle school kids at lunch. What I think you need to do is get a enterprise help desk job where things are more structured and you can learn AD, networking or whatever interests you. You won't soley be dealing with broken machines.

Original Poster1 point · 12 days ago

Would an enterprise help desk job hire me with my current exp? I would like to learn on the job is that's possible. Also what does it mean to work enterprise? Do I work in one building or would I be transported around to a bunch of different sites? I would probably prefer staying in one building.

The babysitting part sucks of education (at least for that level, I was thinking more of college level) but I wouldn't mind low pay. I bring home ~$1,100 biweekly now after tax and "benefits". Pretty sure anything will be better than that.

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Yes, if you have an A+ and some experience that's enough. You will for sure learn a ton at a large company help desk. I did that after my school job and I learned a ton. You will become an Outlook and email expert on PCs and mobile devices. You will fix a ton of printer problems. The nice thing is you will get a taste for everything from what challenges the Sys Admins versus the Network Engineers and you can better chose a path. Also the bigger companies are more supportive in your efforts to get certified in say a Cisco or Microsoft discipline. In my experience colleges like to hire their students to intern in the lower level help desk and service roles.

Sonarr, couch potato Plex, deluge, 3 raspberry pis. Best combo I every made. Just about a month ago I finally got them all setup to work correctly and auto update. I haven't had to tinker with the setup for 3 weeks now.

Only thing I need to change is my Nas. 4tb drive is filling up! 100+ movies,. 189+ TV shows

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Wow, three rasberry pis! You basically have my exact setup but with less power consumption. I have a QNAP TS-451 NAS with Sonarr, Plex, Radarr, Deluge-vpn and Tautulli. I like my setup with the 3x2Tb drives in RAID 5 but it consumes a little more power.


I'm trying to switch Jabber to use IE as it's default browser to open the Webex links so I don't have to click 'Run a temporary application' everytime my user clicks on the short links in Jabber. I'm on Windows 10 and I've gone to control panel and changed the default program to IE for all things htm, html, xml and such. I've clicked to make it my default browser, exited Jabber and reopen and it still opens in Chrome inside Jabber? Does anyone know how to get this to open in IE or Edge so I don't get the 'Add Webex to Chrome' link?


The reason it launches the Chrome browser is because its set as the default browser for the system, you would need to change it for everything if you wanted to do that.

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Original Poster1 point · 18 days ago

I've done that. I even uninstalled Chrome and for some reason it still opened inside Jabber with Chrome where it asked me to install the Chrome plugin.

Lets analyze what you just said here... you uninstalled chrome... and yet jabber miraculously downloaded / installed chrome to then launch webex....

Sounds like you need to sit down and do some actual troubleshooting and research. We manage just shy of 80k users and chrome works without a problem with webex plugin for chrome.

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Original Poster1 point · 16 days ago

I should have clarified. The webex plugin from Chrome works but it does not work when I open the links within the Jabber webex links that are configured in the jabber-config.xml . I opened a case with Cisco TAC and they were unable to help either.

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I have used the router solution /u/ajass mentions and that works good when setup with selective routing. I would recommend setting binex deluge-vpn client in Container Station. With this solution you don't have to run all your QNAP traffic through the VPN, only your torrent client. Once you discover the things you can do in Container Station and Docker you won't want to use anything else.

I have a QNAP TS-451+ in RAID 5 with 4 Tb of storage. You can easily install Plex and run all your media server apps including Sonarr, Radarr, torrent client. You can't go wrong with a Synology NAS either. Just make sure you get the Intel box and not the ARM version.

I thought it was just me. I had so much traffic that I implemented a .htaccess list on my machine. Now I'm troubleshooting why I can't access the web interface from my work computer when I added the static IP to the htaccess list?

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As much as I love this show, the decline has now been real. This episode was eye opening. I don't even really have a reaction to it. At this point the Prince just seems like a myth, like at least in season 1 we got to see the antagonist Wuitakki and Boko Haram frequently. I think the news of the show not getting renewed has changed the way I watch it. I'm trying to see the reason for why it was cancelled instead of trying to enjoy it. But I couldn't get into it tonight. I'm so pissed too because this show was so good. But I found myself saying once again, like who the hell is Andrew Hall? Caulder was carrying this show now he's on the sidelines? So Lena is feeling Bear again now? Why would the Prince send some amateur force like that? some of this stuff just doesn't make sense.

Fish trying to connect with the locals and having what seems to be a bigger heart than the rest of the guys is whatever, but it's at the wrong time. Right when they're trying to exact revenge for the guy that killed Rip is a weird time to bond with Nasry too. Forreal the only character I even enjoy seeing on the screen is Trevor.

This stupid Marissa girl is so freaking awkward and the dinner scene was so hard to watch. She's really an idiot for leaving a gun at the top of her opened backpack and it didn't even make sense. She's got a revolver, so 6 shots (8 if you noticed the scene at the range last episode) and your 4 targets sitting at the same table as you. Who does she think she is?...a Navy SEAL? If she was going to do anything the only time to strike would've been immediately. All the police investigators, and Buddha would have to do is check his daughters texts and track her down! She'd be SUSPECT NUMBER FUCKING ONE. Her prints are on the box of that cake too. So why even bring the damn gun?

Besides being glad the boy didn't die, I just don't have any positives to take away from this episode. And it sucks because I sound like a hater. But I just can't believe we're 7 episodes deep and still chasing after "the president's golf buddy, andrew hall?" LIKE CMON!!!! THAT'S THE SEASON STORYLINE FOR REAL!?!?!? I know it’s about revenge for Rip, but the way they’re getting there is just so silly. We get Caulder on screen for 5 minutes confirming things we already suspected!!! Too much of the potential this show had has just been sent down the drain. I just don't get how they fell so off the mark of everything they carried from last season.

Letting Nasry go was interesting I guess, but so what if he goes back to the Prince. He's going to have to convince him, that he's not the mole at all and that it's this courier guy, who we've never heard of either. So hopefully that turns into getting the Prince's location, but first he's gonna have to convince everyone in the mountains not to kill him. These loyal Prince follower's are trying to kill him, not have a conversation first and see if he's the mole in their organization then kill him, so we'll see how that all works out.

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Couldn't agree more! They lost me when the decided to chase bad guys into Chechnya on foot with zero intel. Then the prince sends the goon squad waltzing into town. I'm nitpicking but the PKM sounded like John Rambo's M60.

A help desk is a great place to start. It sounds menial but you will learn a ton and in a small to midsize company you will be solving problems for secretaries and CEOs and making friends that can help your career along the way. I'll add that since you mentioned being close to a AF base that having a CCNA and Security+ you can easily land a DoD contract position at a junior network admin. I'll add that if you joined the service and got a security clearance it's even easier. I've had several standing offers to do that but I'm 40 and unwilling to relocate with the family.

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Menial is hardly a concern for me right now since I'm already used to soul suckingly boring work. Currently it's normal for me to have to do the same 2 minute deburr procedure on hundreds of parts for days on end. Anyway, do you have any insight on how difficult it is to get a security clearance as a civilian? I've heard the investigation is extremely thorough.

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As a civilian you need a company to sponsor you which means they pay for it. The investigations differ on level of clearance needed. I wouldn't even worry about the clearance but focus on the cert requirements. It's a must have for the DoD so when you have those certs it makes it real easy for the contractors to bring you in. From someone who has been in the military for 20 years you couldn't pay me enough to put up with the bureaucratic nonsense. You can make a decent living though.

I've had a pretty good experience with recruiters. I think you nailed the frustrations part with irrelevant opportunities and not understanding skill set. I'll add that as a technical recruiter you really need to be dialed into the company and position your attempting to fill. The more advanced senior roles are the hardest for an inexperienced recruiter like yourself to understand. I'll take my career as a Cisco based Network Engineer. If you were recruiting for my job position you would need to know that it's not a senior level position so you should know the difference between a CCNA, CCNP ($50-100K) certifications which are desirable however employer expectations of getting a CCIE (100K+) isn't realistic but knowing the difference is important. Sometimes it's your job as a recruiter to tell your client that what they desire isn't realistic. Lately, it's become all about the "Title" someone carriers and very little about the job. It's a bait and switch and I understand that an employer is looking for more experience candidates but to get to an interview and be asked to add a system to the domain and map a network drive is insulting and a waste of time for me. Try to head off these tactics so your not wasting your candidate or clients time.

I would love to do CLUS someday. I have no hope of getting current employer sending me.

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Basically I want the vpn to auto connect to certain app for example qnap downloader or transmission . And download wherever and when it's done downloading to either turn off .. basically I don't want the vpn to slow down the plex or anything else I do on my nas.. just to be turned on automatically when I'm downloading torrents. If that makes sense

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The answer your looking for is in container station. I have used Deluge-VPN for a couple years now. You won't have to turn it on/off just leave it running and let Sonarr do it's thing. With this solution the VPN is built into the application so none of your native apps (Plex, ect) won't use the VPN.

I currently work in TAC as a contractor. I'm paid a little over 6 figures, which is more than most of my coworkers. The contracting company sucks as far as benefits and PTO go, however I have worked for contracting orgs where I got 3 weeks of vacation, holiday pay, etc, so I am not blaming the bad benefits on Cisco. No on call, no staying late. On my team there's no way they won't try to take me off the contract and direct with Cisco, and after that I'll have 6 hour weekend shifts every couple months. I may leave before that happens however.

That said, the workload is pretty heavy, I go in at 7:30, head down grinding issues, spend as little time on each ticket as possible, often miss lunch, get out of there before 5.

Learn a lot on the specific product you're assigned to, but barely any exposure to integrating technologies. If the issue is determined to be something not under your specific support umbrella, even if you know it well and can fix it yourself, you have to punt it to the other team. This is because there's simply not enough time for your focus to be on anything other than getting tickets out of your backlog. Close tickets or kick them to other teams/theaters whenever possible.

The structure is basically this: TAC keeps 2-3 highly paid, very knowledgeable engineers on a team of say 10 guys. The other 8 guys are fresh out of college and get shoved through a 6 week bootcamp of the product and then rely on the 2-3 experienced guys to make up for their lack of experience in everything else. Basically the 2-3 Gurus solve the majority of cases by proxy.

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I suspected this was the case for years. It's always been hit or miss with TAC engineers. Thanks for the confirmation.

This goes for all positions not just govt contracts. You get a call from a recruiter, and everything seems like a good fit and then you start doing a little research and find the warts. I was lured away to a position where I have great schedule flexibility and good compensation but management is shaky (1 good manager out of 4) and zero opportunity to work on newer tech or attend conferences.

It is hard to tell because the code wasn't formatted properly for reddit, but it looks like the hostname isn't found, but then you are trying to print it. If you haven't initialized the hostname variable outside of the posted section, and nothing causes it to be initialized within this section, it isn't defined.

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

Thank You! I threw hostname = net_connect.send_command('show run | i hostname') in the device connection section and problem solved.

I had the same issue and I used QNAP finder app on my PC to upgrade firmware. As u/aimnotaseal said it's a known bug that they fixed in the latest firmware.

Some people still having issues with the latest firmware (can't remember the build number, think it's .597) and couldn't fix it by upgrading firmware, they had to fix it by downgrading firmware....tis a weird one.

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I just checked I'm on which fixed the issue for me. This is a strange one.

The correct answer is Unity Call Handler...AKA poor mans Contact Center. Call handlers are are great and simple to setup. Much easier then IVR in UCCX.

I'm not a resume expert but I've spent some time reviewing and editing my own. I wouldn't list my references on my resume. Just put a line saying "References are available upon request". Here is a good template that I followed in revising my resume recently.

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