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To be fair, why would anyone want a picture with a random guard?

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To make the guard's day

It's working on vive I believe. Probably a bug

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I'm simultaneously proud of being able to read this, while also wishing I couldn't

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Can't rape the willing.

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But we hope they try anyway.

I loved this series, had a great mix of plot, humor and plot, and I can proudly say it is one of my favorites.

Wait what does Walton have to do with spaceX?

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Nothing. Just the whole moon thing

Wow, those red gobbies are almost maid level. Scarry.

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The maids are ~lvl 60 for anyone wondering

Edit: See below

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46-63. CZ is 46, weakest of the maids (but still MVP tho)

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Oh, mb. Only checked a couple of them.

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Artiklen handler om Steam og deres nye retningslinier vedrørende nøgenhed i videospil på deres platform.

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I found that turning off all lights in my room helped a ton. Don't know if that is related to your issue, though.

Original Poster2 points · 7 days ago

I did try this! Didn't seem to help. I even thought my top left sensor was getting weird reflections from the TV to my right and put a big ol' bedsheet over it. Same problem. ;[

Thanks for the help though!

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Damn. Hope you figure something out, I'd love to know about a solution

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Yeah, that's a known combo. It isn't very popular due to not being all that good.

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I've had a lot of fun with it, but yeah, it is painfully slow at times.

This explains those times where I feel like I messed up but my combo still was maintained.

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Not really, as this is quite rare and most likely frame perfect. There are a lot of times where you might've done a slight correction without even thinking about it

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For this genre of anime, yes, the story is magnificent (Though that isn't necessarily too impressive)

I need this on my shelf

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This is an extremely important distinction in Japanese.

  • Most verbs that end in ~す are related to する. They are doing something (to something else) and are transitive.

  • Most verbs that end in ~ある sounds (like がる in 上がる) are related to ある. They express a state of existence and are intransitive.

  • Most verbs that end in ~える sounds (like げる in 上げる) are merely flipping the transitivity of their paired verb. 上がる is intransitive, therefore 上げる must be transitive in this example.

These relationships can help us wrap our heads around the differences in meaning. ある (just like いる) is a state of existence, so intransitive verbs aren't necessarily doing something (to something else), because that is what する is for. Intransitive verbs merely express the idea that something is <verb>, or <verb> is just happening.

You can use 上がる = "to rise" and its pair, 上げる = "to raise (something)" in order to illustrate this in English, but IMO it's most obvious with 落とす(おとす)= "to drop (something)" and its pair 落ちる(おちる)= "to fall." This pair doesn't use ~える anywhere, but when looking at both verbs, the presence of す is still a dead giveaway regarding their transitivity:

ボールを落とす。 → (I) will drop the ball.

ボールが落ちる。 → The ball will fall.

Switching these verbs by mistake would be like saying "I will fall the ball" or "The ball will drop (it)" or something. In any case, these sentences would be confusing and convey the wrong idea.

It can also help to look at transitive/intransitive in Japanese: 他動詞・自動詞(たどうし・じどうし)

動詞(どうし)by itself means "verb." The kanji in front are (ほか)and (じ)so if you want to be extremely literal, these words could be thought of as "other verb" and "self verb." 他動詞 are used to affect other things, like I will affect the ball in the example above. 自動詞 are used to describe self-action; the example sentence above makes no mention of who or what will cause the ball to fall; all we are told is simply that it will fall.


Transitive verbs almost always get を. 何する?

Intransitive verbs almost always get が (instead of を). 何ある?


Sorry this came out so long... I was just so happy to finally get it all unraveled myself :)


  • EDIT 1: ~せる is allegedly also related to する and can therefore be considered transitive.

  • EDIT 2: ~ある/~える verb pairs are common enough that many people consider ~える verbs usually transitive. Just know that if you are looking at ~える, you are likely looking at the mirror of that verb pair. (i.e., the other verb is the "original" of the pair and the "mirror's" transitivity depends on it.)

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Thank you for this!

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It certainly makes the EU very hard to defend. It is, without a flicker of a doubt, a tremendously idiotic piece of legislation.

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Are you guys completely exempt from this?

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Unfortunately, the EU has a few opportunities to push shit onto us, too. However, the specific legislation here isn't likely to apply too much to anything we do, and even if it does, we're still in a better position to refuse. I think. Exactly how much sovereignty we've already been tricked into pissing away is a bit of an open question, I guess.

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Yeah, that was my interpretation too. Hope everything works out for you up there

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The ones that survive make better stock for future generations.

Same goes for humans?

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I think we’re too good at surviving without having to rely on individual ability, for natural selection to have any real effect.

Edit: Improved readability

Yep. It always seems odd to me that the more likely people are to believe in evolution the less likely they are to believe in individual ability and natural selection for humans.

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How do you mean? Like, we know natural selection is a thing, but we've gotten really good at caring for everyone no matter what their initial chances in life might've been. I do not believe we should change that though.

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What will they do in the future that they can’t do now to get that one day turn around time?

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I believe a lot of the time goes into making sure everything is as it should be. When a sufficient number of launches have happened, they may be able to be more specific in what parts of the rocket to inspect.

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You know this reminds of this one time I was walking home from bagpipe practice and I turned down a narrow alleyway and came across this weird distortion in the space in front of me. Naturally I touched it.

Suddenly I was in the center of a bustling medieval town. At the moment I knew: I had been summoned to a fantasy world as a hero to save the kingdom. Clearly an unexceptional fellow such as myself was perfect for the task.

Before I could wander the town and seek my fortune a lovely maiden approached me.

“You seem to be a gentleman who has achieved mediocrity. Could you, perhaps, help me carry these baskets up to the palace?” She spoke in a voice like honey. I of course could not turn down such a fair and voluptuous specimen in her time of need, so I complied and carried her cargo up the palace steps.

As I delivered her items a seedy looking chap at the palace gates solicited me. “Oh, this is dreadfully urgent business! You seem an average bloke. Have you any experience in the field of cooking?” I replied that I was a decent enough chef and he grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to the kitchens. He informed me the royal chef had quit that afternoon and the king had not received his afternoon pasta.

I protested that I had never served food to royalty before but he beckoned to proceed regardless. I began to panic and knocked pots and pans left and right. I had never made pasta from scratch before!

“Do it or face the executioner!!” The seedy man bellowed.

After nearly an hour of frenzied work I had a dish that would hopefully be presentable to His Majesty. I swiftly brought a large plate out to the Great Hall where the king sat awaiting his meal. I watched nervously as he wrapped the noodles around his fork and took a large bite.

Suddenly he gasped and went into convulsions! He writhed around on the floor while his skin dried up like a raisin and then he crumbled into dust on the floor. Only then did I realize my fatal mistake.

“You fool!” The seedy man yelled. “How could you have forgotten the most important part of spaghetti?!”

The entire royal guard burst through the doors with a unified warcry: “YOU FORGOT THE SAUCE!”

Edit: thx boss

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I believe I have seen this before. Was that you, too?

39 points · 13 days ago · edited 13 days ago

That was me. I wrote it a few months ago as an homage to ShakuSwag.

Edit: Here was the original post that it was on

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Well done man.

What, have politicians?

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54 points · 13 days ago

We don't have legal bribing that's for sure

As of the Treaty of Lisbon (2007) lobbying has been an officially recognised and encouraged part of MEP's decision process under the re-brand "European interest representation". 30% of former MEP's go on to work as lobbyists for major industries. The only concession is that lobbying interests are asked politely, but not required legally, to admit what they spend paying politicians each year.

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I could have a bionic eye and see with two eyes

Woah now, cybernetics will revolutionize many things, but binocular vision is probably beyond the bounds of science.

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Maybe we can learn to imitate whatever a normal eye transmits to the brain. Then it probably wouldn't be too bad. Nevertheless it will be a future thing.

Original Poster18 points · 14 days ago

The right eye does look different. The eye is straight and somewhat smaller, without a pupil. The eye's color is a light brown color.

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I want to see an eye without a pupil. If it's ok, can we have a picture?

it is a stupid hollywood special effect. Cars just burn to a crisp. There was a show called Mythbusters that provided the movies is a lie

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There was a show called Mythbusters


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