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Imagin if something like this hits earth again. Elite people might escape to bunkers. But they might not survive to the harsh climate change. Most mammals will die.

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If only we have a reservoirs that can store all this rain water and divert them in to draught hit areas via canals.

We need a serious highway if canals. Imagin if we have a canal from Himachal to Rajasthan as a sink pipe for this excess rains.

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Would've been super funny if the guy recording the vid mimicked punching sounds in the video. "Aey bishum dishoom"

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Salam bombay

They are not terrorists. Civilians for God sake. They are not terrorists aka millitants who scavenge border security force

I had Balaji's noodles. Think they are better than Maggi in terms of flavour. Too bad Balaji does not have a great sales network outside Gujurat/Maharashtra..

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Ask them to partner with Patel Brothers usa

Many folks already answered the question perfectly. 1. You have a gps that calculates shortest route to destination based on distance. Where as ospf use "cost metric" . Cost is a fromula that is dependent on bandwidth of the link.( Note that bandwidth reference command is often used to differntiate fastethernet , 1 gig and 10 gig links. Fastehternet is like regular street, 1 gig is like main Street, where as 10 gig is like interstate highway )

  1. Where do you use ospf. Answer is almost every where it can run. Ospf can only run on routers , since it is a dynamic routing protocal.

  2. When do we use ospf? This is a great question. Say you have a big city, which is super rich. But some city neighbourhoods are poor. Rich city can afford most advanced router that can run ospf in it's inherit form and can process all the routes updatesor link states updates. Say you have 500 routes or LSA , this advanced router can process them all.

Now let's go to rich neighbourhood towns, though they can't afford advanced router, they still can afford router good enough to process 250 routes.

Now the biggest problem is with poor neighbourhood. They can only afford a old router that can run 100 lsa updates out of required 250. Any thing more can cause sdm to crash or in plain layer 3 switch memory cannot compute. So you have to suppress some routes but yet you need to make sure you don't loose information to those remaining 150 routes. So in ospf you can configure stub, nss, totally stubby basing on how many routes you want to suppress while still able to reach those routes. So subsequently you are saving lot of time and processor, memory to process extra routes.

I found one scam made by ICICI recently and exposed them and got my refund

So Jimmy Anderson is right handed bowler, left handed batsmen and right handed golfer. Why can't he play right hand ? Looks like he got some good swing.


So I have two work laptops, one is backup to each other as I have bad experience working with Lenovo products in the past.

So today my laptop's battery got completely drained. And I plugged the laptop adapter , but no light or sign of life. Reset the pinhole behind it by removing battery and cable. No luck. So I thought it has died and went to turn on my t440p and it won't turn on either . Same issue, no sign of life.

I have no clue how to explain to my boss that both my laptops are not booting. He might assume I am lying to escape weekend work :'(

Edit: options I tried

  1. Remove battery, power chord, reset pinhole and then power it on.

  2. Try holding power button for 30 seconds with no power cord but battery inside.


Two different computers, same issue.... same power cord? Same outlet?

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Original Poster1 point · 16 days ago · edited 16 days ago

Different power cords Different sockets

Well Rado is not the same it used to be in1960. In fact most of the switch group watches are declining popularity in the past decade and their prices are dropping. My brother purchased a Rado (possibly quartz) recently and it was a great deal almost 50% off the price.

These footages makes me appreciate IPL broadcast quality even more. Even fielders running looks like bad animation job in these footages. Btw did Jonty get man of match for this match ?

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I still love channel 9 coverage of test matches. That is some next level for me in early 90s and still is.

  1. What hardware you use apart from core router for metro ethernet circuit ? Do you use wan aggregation devices ?
  2. How Point to point serial links are laid if WAN routers or data centers are in separate continent ?
  3. What is the core difference between MPLS carrier vs Point to point in terms of routing on internet ?
  4. For someone who is foreign to cisco meraki and MX applicances, what are your best suggestions to get a labsetup or study guides?

Bunty was such a fucked up character though, deeply religious (mata ka bhakt) and wanting to fuck the woman playing mata at the same time.

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Don't forget the fact while she is on makeup and costume of the character.


so, I know that any broadcasts cannot traverse one vlan to another vlan. So for example if an access-point choose to connect to a controller it has to sent LWAPP discover broadcasts with in its vlan. For DHCP clients, they will be never be part of any subnet in first place ! I know we use IP helpers to let the dhcp hosts know where to find the dhcp server. How does these iphelpers function with L2 broadcasts ?


Wrist spin needs more control and accuracy from the bowler. It is harder to replicate this over long spells in test cricket. Another factor is that wrist spin in limited overs is effective because not knowing which way the ball spins can hurt you while playing cross batted shots. In tests you generally play with a straighter bat and no premeditation as a result of which this advantage is negated.

That being said a wrist spinner who has a good amount of control might very well flourish in tests as well.

That's why Shane Warne is the GOAT.

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Anil kumble..sad no on mentioned him in the thread.


Back to wireless after 6 years. So was comparing the product line and saw quite a few changes, in fact a complete overhaul. Back when I last worked CAP3502I was considered fairly new when clean air was first introduced. And 1250 that supports a/b/g/n is the most widely used.

So what replaced cap3502i today ? and so 1250? It appears there are new technologies like wave1 and wave2 is the most significant difference. And rest of the AP series pretty much supporting all bands a/b/g/n including the ac. And only difference i see between these products is the spatial streams.

And do we need to upgrade the code on WLC to some later versions to support ac ? I dont see those radios on my 5508 controller with code ( Thank you all.


4800s are the newest. 8.7 is the latest released, but 8.8 has been in beta for quite some time.

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Original Poster1 point · 28 days ago

Are 4800 economical for midsize Enterprise ?

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4800s basically solve the “Catch22”-issue with 3700s (has Halo support, but no BLE) and 3800s (has BLE support, but no Halo), since it has both BLE and Halo built-in. It also has some other things it’s better at.

IMHO 4800s are overkill for any business unless you want to do WLAN and/or BLE location services.

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Original Poster0 points · 28 days ago

Any document that I can lookup about ble and Halo ? Thanks

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Yeah he bought a fake power bank Definitely.

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Original fake power bank.

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My favorite role of him is from Gumnam as Butler from secundarabad. He imitates hyderabadi Urdu perfectly. And body language too..he does his homework.

Their isn't any follow through. But look how he move forward with the shit,maintaining the balance.

so your first vendor will configure certain sh commands and run commands next to privilege level 7. Once configured you can access those commands. If new vendor configures few more additional commands next to privilege 11 on same cisco device, you will now have access to new sh commands additional to sh commands configured at privilege level 7.

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I’m going to use this to create our own rule-set of commands we need to have and have implemented on our equipment. At least until contract renegotiating time. Thanks for the explanation

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Are you going to create PBR ?

People you haven't seen in 10 months won't recognize you lol

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Unless he posts party pics on facrbook

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