VACnet improving? Cheaters getting automatically banned midgame by MDMA-- in GlobalOffensive

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I would give links but it's not okay with the rules of this subreddit.

Wait, you read and are using the rules? I don't deserve you.

Device on Twitter: School shooting in USA again, this time in Texas.. The same state we are playing in. Can't be real.. Thoughts and prayers to everyone involved :( by Kabzon4ik in GlobalOffensive

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Thanks for highlighting a thread which also broke the rules. It's easier if you just click 'report' on the thread than link it, but it all helps the same.

Thanks again for your diligence!

I made a pattern collection which gives you a special real-time reflection/glow effect. Which one do you like most? by hollandje in GlobalOffensive

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  1. Make iBuyPower series of skins
  2. Use effect to make the guns look like massive IBP stickers, all shimmery and red n shit
  3. Somehow bungle them into the next case without Valve seeing
  4. ????

csgo dev using fridgeguy.gif on twitter by [deleted] in GlobalOffensive

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Depends on the context of how and what, there's a good chance those shouldn't have been allowed too. Let's be real though mate, we can't have people posting 'Valve responds to twitter person with fridge gif' as an actual post, like, we all know this ye.

csgo dev using fridgeguy.gif on twitter by [deleted] in GlobalOffensive

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Your thread was removed under Rule 1.

I’m back with c9 skadaddy this time by Nhatty20 in GlobalOffensive

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People enjoy seeing 'behind the scenes'/'fan selfies' during events and while they're competing.

There's a line, it seems, where when people are posting selfies from outside of the context of the game and events that we get a huge amount of negative backlash.

The reasons are such as the subreddit being turned into social media, these get spammed to shit and outside of any grace period (e.g. during events, lots more happens and it part of the hype), it's unrelated to CSGO.

You can disagree with the reasoning, those aren't my (or our) words, but that's what we immediately get. We have to find what the new line is, and there is naturally going to be a bit of trial and error till that's established. We're acting more, and quicker, on the feedback that we get which was requested by everyone.

Lol Thorin? [NSFW] by blackbird_xd in GlobalOffensive

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Your thread was removed under Rule 1.

Banana: *exists* Device: by wintexxx in GlobalOffensive

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Your thread was removed under Rule 1.

ez by [deleted] in GlobalOffensive

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Your thread was removed under Rule 2.

r/GlobalOffensive should join against a new Reddit design as League of legends and other subs did by phaze1G in GlobalOffensive

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It's a significant change for us too. Most of what you see and interact with, in terms of small features and styling is handled by our design. We take it a step further, actually, and run our own server which handles some of the more fancier things. Automatic live stream feeds in the sidebar, scrolling banners, automatic notices, scheduled stickies. This change will have a dramatic effect on us here too.

We don't necessarily feel we're the best people to deliver that message. Any time we fuck up as mods, you all let us know real fast. Your collective voices are far stronger than what we could post, or sticky, as mods. The subreddit is ours collectively, we mods just built it and try to make it fun and put features in we think you want. There's no subreddit without you guys; commenting, voting and (shit)posting.

I think once it starts coming closer, and it's starting to feel more like the collective subreddits hands are being forced, that's when we'd probably want to make a bolder move. Until then, you all (and threads like this) will send out a far stronger message than I could. Let's be real, if I wrote a sticky, none of you guys would actually read it anyway right? (100% fair, I wouldn't either)

E: Just to point out, League of Legends mods aren't against the redesign too. Just to put the facts out.

Iem Sydney kicking people out for shoeys by nekmilla in GlobalOffensive

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mbCARMAC's reply

Hey guys, I can confirm that there's no directive anywhere to eject people for drinking out of a shoe. Drinking out of a shoe is not an ejectable offense. People can be ejected for being intoxicated or binge drinking.

Please consider it's an all age event. We want people to enjoy the event any way they please, but without crossing lines. By all means, drink beer [edited], but pace yourselves!

Edit: Just talked to our venue liaison to double-check the situation. The alcohol license holder has an obligation to make sure there's no excessive behavior related to alcohol. The licensing board in Australia apparently is quite strict on this and could take away the building's alcohol license.

Chugging a whole beer in one go (shoey or not) is rather clear when it comes to intent. Security was asked to discourage it. We will chat with the venue to make sure we have a reasonable approach to this. We want the people to enjoy the event.

If you guys can identify the shoey man who was ejected in the videos in this thread, I'm glad to talk to him in person about this.

Happening right now: ESL are trying to shut down hazed, adreN, anger and fl0m's streams in order to re-direct viewers to their Facebook stream by BigBadgerz in GlobalOffensive

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bslfromESL's reply

For those watching the streams, we didn't remove the thread. Automoderator flagged it to review due to edits and I had to quickly run to my laptop because I was watching the stream in bed. It's 1am where I am.

By looking at logs, the thread was down for about 3 minutes as I got it fixed. That's 180 seconds. In that time, there was 2 threads, 5 modmails and about 20 comments made. and all this happens: https://i.imgur.com/kXPVwKT.png

Just want to take this moment to highlight sometimes the impossible conditions we have to work in and what were held up to. I rarely get to point out an example where we got it right to make this point.

Deranked by playing with a cheater by currycurrylol in GlobalOffensive

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It refers to your parties, meaning people you had in your party as you queued for a game. Not someone the game gave you to play with randomly in MM.

fnatic stop playing live now by [deleted] in GlobalOffensive

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It's entirely about Fnatic as the brand, and gear they are selling. Yes, they have a CSGO team, but that's not reason enough. Nothing on stream so far has been about the CSGO team.

fnatic stop playing live now by [deleted] in GlobalOffensive

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Your thread was removed under Rule 1.

Sadokist unbanned from Twitch by mynameisf1sh in GlobalOffensive

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Unacceptable language. FETCH ME MY BANNING HAT.