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When you've got so much money you can afford to disintegrate 25 sheets of gold just for kicks.

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Good sheets are very cheap since they're so thin and light.

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Benter has few regrets. One relates to an attempt in the early 1990s to create a model for betting on baseball. He spent three summers developing the system and only broke even—for him, a stinging professional defeat. America’s pastime was just too unpredictable.

I wonder how he'd do now, since there's a ton more data and new statistics available.

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Thirty-two years after he first arrived in Hong Kong, Benter is still betting on horses at venues around the world. He can see the odds change in the seconds before a race as all the computer players place their bets at the same time, and he’s amazed he can still win. He continues tinkering with his model. The latest change: How much does moving to a new trainer improve a horse’s performance?

So I guess he's still doing quite well.

Nah most likely the bullet. It hit the target then as it ricocheted back it was traveling end over end, you can see it hit the ground a few feet in front of him then bounce at his head.

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Was the bullet even going fast enough to do much damage?

This study determined that a .38, 113 grain bullet has to be moving at 58 m/s to break skin.

Since the projectile takes 4 frames to get to the man's head and the videos is running at 30fps, the speed at which it travels the ~6m distance from ground impact to head impact is approximately 45 m/s. While a .50 is much heavier than a .38, the impact on the iron downrange must have deformed it.

So yeah it'd fuck up your eyes, but at worst, he'd be bleeding a little had it actually hit his skin, depending on rotation on impact.

Edit: Don't take this as fact, though. I don't know much about guns and bullets. See response below by /u/KillaRevenge

You’ll probably get a lot of negativity from hardcore vegans etc - but just remember that the vegan society defines veganism as reducing the consumption of animal products as far as is practicable. If your body requires meat to live, but you reduce your consumption to only what is necessary (eg switching out dairy if able to, only eating as much meat as you need for health reasons, not buying leather or fur etc), you’re a vegan my friend! Everyone’s just doing their best.

I’m vegan but I take non-vegan supplements as my body doesn’t absorb the vegan alternatives very well due to illness. Some vegans will say that makes me a non-vegan. I tell them to fuck off and refer them to the vegan society definition.

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I'm a "reduce as much as possible" ovo-vegetarian. Labels are stupid. As long as you are doing something, you should be commended. The gatekeeping of hardcore vegans is detrimental to the whole movement. If you eat meat once a month but otherwise follow a vegan diet, you're doing a lot more than others and deserve to call yourself whatever you please.

What makes BTC better that BTH? Is it that BTC was first?

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Basically, bitcoin cash uses an unlimited block size to achieve what bitcoin achieves with segwit and the lightning network: faster transaction times. Each has merits and drawbacks and most hate for the other is undue and stems from the coin's respective echo chamber (r btc and r bitcoin).

Edit: I may have misread your comment. However, I'll leave this up for other passers-by.

Das dürft ihr aber nicht ohne Coldmirror machen. Die hat ein Copyright auf deutsche Neuvertonungen. Ausserdem kann es ohne sie nur halb so gut sein wie mit ihr.

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Naja als Parodie wird das doch wohl gehen, oder?

Thank you for giving me my new wallpaper.

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If only it were higher resolution

Edit: Here are some

And you can visit the photographer's website here

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As a color deficient person who needs this the most... This guide does me absolutely no good.

Label all the damn colors.

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I'm right there with you

Here's a chart if you had trouble following the guide

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Actually it's not uncommon for foreign bands to be receive such an underwhelming feedback. There was a slovenian band a couple of years back who were the first western band to perform there and got similar reactions.

Granted their music is even special by western standards but the crowds reactions seem to be the same regardles of what genre.

Edit: Oh and I forgot. There's actually a whole documentary on their performance, preparation and overall experience. Quite worth the watch to gain some insights into NK (

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Oh man I burst out laughing when the girl at 0:22 flinched.

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This was the inspiration behind the resource pack (video link) that became the Minecraft April Fools prank a few years ago where every sound effect in the game was allegedly voiced by the game's Villager NPCs.

Here's a video of a content creator being amused by it. (E: Link fixed!)

Caution: Minecraft videos may induce cringing.

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You linked the same video twice.

This isn't a 1955 picture of a woman escaping to West Berlin. It is a still frame from a 1962 Italian film about a woman escaping to West Berlin. The Actress' name is Nana Osten; the film is East Zone, West Zone (Oggi a Berlino).


And what exactly are they doing that’s good for the world? All I see is that they hate the Trump administration so they are just boycotting anything his administration does. Deregulation is what the private sector needs, not more red tape. Less red tape and the free market will solve most of our environmental efficiency challenges, not a giant government bureaucracy.

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You clearly didn't read the article.

A few things:
Offer free clothing repairs
Donate 1% of sales to environmental charities

It goes on. There's a reason why they're a B-corp.

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Well, to be fair, /u/TR15147652 brought up Clinton, not /u/insane250, whom you're accusing of whataboutism.

I hope he makes it, he’s a victim of the drug war which is bullshit

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Maldonado was charged Tuesday with unlawful possession of a syringe, possession of paraphernalia, driving while suspended and two counts of resisting law enforcement, Porter County court records show.

I hope so too.

188 points · 3 months ago

50 minutes!!! Meh, maybe I'll watch 3 minutes of it.

...50 minutes later: "It's already over?!"

Thanks for sharing, that was fascinating. It's amazing to watch skilled problem solvers at work.

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I recommend the extension "Video Speed Controller". It'll save you some time so you can watch more videos.

VladymyrPutin commented on
r/LSDPosted by

If you are living in Germany (don't know about other european countries), you can order 1A and 1P legally online. It's also probably save as it's made from a lab, and its not that expensive either.

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Where do you do this?

Comment deleted4 months ago

But also a 4-hour old account.

3 points · 4 months ago

Is it possible that maybe someone saw this video, knows him, and told him about? So he went and made an account to defend himself.

Nah that can't be possible at all!

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Well I didn't say that's impossible, did I? I'm just pointing out that skepticism is not out of place here.

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"Whole wheat" bread nowadays is a joke. It can range up to a glycemic index of 70 based on how it's processed. By comparison, white bread has a glycemic index of 73. They grind up the wheat so tiny, that it absorbs almost at the rate of white bread.

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That's whole wheat toast, not bread.

That seems like an easy way to get chicken shit on your egg. Not that I'm going to eat the egg shell but it just sounds like a bad idea.

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Good thing the protective layer keeps the shit on the outside.

Yeah but the shit is still on the egg? I don't get the idea of not washing something that came out of something's ass, protective film or not.

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You’re right, but you can’t just tell people to google it themselves when they ask for a source. We’re all lazy, you’re the one who’s making the argument.

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Well to be fair, the original comment

There's a reason why these creatures haven't evolved for so long.

also wasn't backed by any evidence. I do agree with you, though.

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