Daily Discussion for January 15th / {optional} Motivational Monday by MaslowsHierarchyBees in FIREyFemmes

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I have a week-long vacation this week. But I feel like I've already booked it completely. Today I had a friend visiting. Fun, but it is a restriction on what you can do with your day. Tomorrow's going to be a long day of doing a meeting for a charity project. Wednesday I've got another friend visiting. Thursday I'm going to advise yet another friend on his retirement accounts and finances, and Friday ... I'm preparing for Saturday, when my siblings and their kids will come to visit me.

Luckily, in between there will be hours of free time here and there.

Daily Discussion for January 15th / {optional} Motivational Monday by MaslowsHierarchyBees in FIREyFemmes

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Glad to read that you don't have to take this abuse if you don't want to - because of all the money that you've already accumulated.

Is this legal, by the way? That a company dictates when you can use the vacation days that you are entitled to? Given your rather luxuruous position, if this is not legal, then you could be the person to say something about that to management...

Verschillen tussen "DutchFIRE" en "otherFIRE" by firezas in DutchFIRE

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Voordelen van Nederland tov de VS:

  1. Beter sociaal vangnet (in geval van ziekte en werkeloosheid)
  2. Betere bescherming tegen ontslag
  3. Een gezondheidszorg die redelijk goed is voor een redelijk goede prijs
  4. Meer ondersteuning voor gezinnen (als je kinderen wilt hebben)
  5. Best goede pensioenfondsen, redelijk goedkoop met behoorlijk goede opbrengsten, waar je vaak al jarenlang verplicht in ingelegd hebt voordat überhaupt het idee van FIRE in je opkomt

Voordelen van de VS tov NL:

  1. Hogere salarissen mogelijk
  2. Minder belasting
  3. Meer opties om belastingvriendelijk voor het pensioen te beleggen
  4. Vanaf je 55e kun je je pensioenbeleggingen belastingvriendelijk gaan aanspreken
  5. Geen vermogensbelasting - wel moet je in de VS belasting betalen op winst, maar die ligt vaak lager dan wat je bij ons zou hebben moeten betalen.

2018 goals by dontkeepupwith in personalfinance

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Your submission has been removed because it is advertising or soliciting (rule 2). Advertising or soliciting, also of blogs, may result in a permanent ban without warning.

Time to throw out the Christmas tree... by [deleted] in funny

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Time to go to obedience training with your dogs.

Including pension in RE calculation by polishtom317 in financialindependence

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Firecalc has the option on one of its pages to add an extra stream of income from a specific year onward. (Or to reduce expenses from a specific year onward). https://www.firecalc.com/

I plan my retirement in two stages: one before I can start receiving my pension, and one after. However, if the stage before receiving your pension is 20 years or more, then I would actually just see the pension as a likely extra safety net for age 62+ and for your calculations just assume it won't be there.

Meesman, binck of Rabobank by woobelhoo in DutchFIRE

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Eh, ik denk niet dat Meesman of Binck minder veilig zijn dan de Rabobank. Bij al de instituten die je noemt, wordt jij zelf de eigenaar van de aandelen. Als de Rabobank, of Binck, of Meesman, failliet zou gaan, heb je nog steeds je aandelen (die zijn altijd jouw eigendom, niet die van het beleggingsinstituut, en ze kunnen dus ook niet in het faillissement gebruikt worden om schulden te betalen), en moet je ze alleen op dat moment bij een ander beleggingsinstituut weten onder te brengen (wat op dat moment misschien een paar tienden procenten zou kosten aan overdrachtskosten).

15 y/o (US) and Everything is Falling Apart for Parents by legendariers in personalfinance

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Your comment has been removed because we don't allow political discussions, political baiting, or soapboxing (rule 6).

Y’All Said You’d Help...So Here’s My Problem! by royalblue422 in personalfinance

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We want to get pregnant this year but I refuse to do so until I’m financially stable.

That ... is a really good idea. You would really want to start a pregnancy when you're out of debt (except mortgage), when you have roughly $10k in savings, and when you have like $500 or so extra money in your budget that you can then later use for the expenses that come with having a child.

Also, this may be a motivation for you to really get your shit together, so that you can actually become a (responsible) parent at some point.

Finally: please research whether your physical problems or the medication that you use for it will cause problems for your child due to it being exposed to it while in the womb.

22yo (US) trying to start being financially responsible. Where to start? by oakbones in personalfinance

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We look forward to higher quality posts from your account in the future. Thank you.

My Aunt turned her house into a bed & breakfast. by _norm_macdonald in personalfinance

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  • /r/offmychest is a good place to unload your frustration about something.

I'm sorry to hear of your situation, though. Good luck.

How to build 100 point credit score increase in the next few months(California) by Leoqueen10 in personalfinance

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Read the wikipage on credit improvement. That'll help you understand what you're doing and how you can best do it.

17 y/o looking for internet job by Gr4yX in personalfinance

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Hello. This is a very common question. Please check out our side income wiki page for ideas and information.

Borrow against 401k for heavy CC debt? (32) by Alomba87 in personalfinance

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Okay, good.

It's like she currently has this "get out of jail for free"-card (although: not completely free: it will still cost her some money in interest and lost investment opportunity in the 401k compared to if she didn't have this debt at all). But she won't get another of these cards again, so she should aim very hard to improve the way she handles money.

Borrow against 401k for heavy CC debt? (32) by Alomba87 in personalfinance

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Borrowing from the 401k is an option, in this specific case.

However: this is like a one-time safety net, that she won't be able to use again. So: what caused this debt for her? How will she prevent this from happening again?

Parents of Reddit, how much does it cost to raise your child? by throwaway-123456 in personalfinance

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"AskReddit-style" posts, polls, and surveys aren't allowed on this subreddit so this post has been removed (rule 1).

Please feel free to repost a question about your finances and be sure to include enough information about your situation or the specific questions you have so that you will get helpful answers.

Is it even possible for me to FI and RE? by Stepmonster1 in leanfire

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at $114,000 pa in a stable, full time job

Yes, you can do it, too.

It will mean that you have to make some better decisions from now on, which is not always easy. But with that kind of income: yes, you too can retire early, if you work on it.

For people already FIRE'd, with 'barista' jobs by TheOldPug in financialindependence

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The most successful people have this attitude.

Except Trump. But perhaps Trump is not "most successful" as per your definition...

EU Pension Funds? by himit in eupersonalfinance

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If you pay income tax in the Netherlands, then you can get a deduction for paying into specific retirement accounts. There are some criteria for that though, and they are important.

It's explained more, here: http://goedhartvoordieren.nl/?page=r/DutchFIRE/comments/3ji47l/using_jaarruimte_and_reserveringsruimte/

If your tax situation is complicated, you should perhaps consult a belastingadviseur (tax advisor).

talk to people online by ohadon in personalfinance

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Posts must be a question or discussion about personal finance.

PS I'd google "practice language speaking" and see what you get that way.

Minder geld nodig in NL by Pyrotron2016 in DutchFIRE

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Ik zou op een gegeven moment wel willen kunnen stoppen met inleggen voor mijn pensioen via mijn werk. Omdat ik over een paar jaar denk dat ik ruim voldoende dekking heb voor mijn pensioenjaren. Waarschijnlijk meer dan twee keer dan wat ik nodig zal hebben (met een afbetaald huis). Maar zolang ik in deze branche werk, kan ik niet stoppen met inleggen. Dat vind ik dan wel een beetje jammer.

Dat is dus ook wel de reden dat ik denk: nou ja, ná mijn zeventigste (ongeveer) is gewoon dubbel en dwars gedekt, nu. Dus ik focus voor de rest van mijn geld op genoeg geld krijgen om vóór mijn zeventigste van te leven.

'k Heb geen kinderen (en ben ook niet van plan ze te krijgen), maar wel nichtjes en neefjes die ik graag wat geld gun. Ik geef ze trouwens nu ook al elk jaar wat voor hun studiespaarpotje, want ik word natuurlijk honderd, dus op die erfenis moeten ze dan heel heel lang wachten :-D