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Guitar based song using my mini KORG monotron synthesizer and edited with Audacity. Hope you all enjoy!

"A rose by any other still goku!"

"Shine on, you crazy diamond!"

Stephen Lang and Sebastian Stan would be perfect as both Josephs. I really want to throw my hat into the ring and have Jeff Goldblum as Will Zeppeli.

My solo album that I made with friends awhile back. It features experimental and electronic rock music with some sampling. Hope you all enjoy!

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Me Wise Magic ft. The Rock'n Logic Liberation - "Vera (Pink Floyd cover)"

Me Wise Magic ft. PhantomSpartan - "Cowbell #500"

Hey everybody! I wanted to share a few tracks this week that I've made with good friends. The first is a Pink Floyd cover featuring bass and SFX, and the other is a mash-up featuring some samples from a video game and popular SNL meme. It helped kick off how we collaborate and get ideas for songs. Hope you all enjoy!

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Me Wise Magic ft. Line-In - "Beautiful Disheartened Age Pt. 1 - The Berserker's Betrayal"

Me Wise Magic ft. The Rock'n Logic Liberation - "Beautiful Disheartened Age Pt. 2 - Blues Reign"

Greetings everybody,

I wanted to share a two part collaboration piece I made with some friends a couple years ago called, Beautiful Disheartened Age. It features my friends' on guitar, vocals, a little keyboards, and drums. Hope you all enjoy! - Wise Logic Liberate Studios

Killer music video by those lovely folks at Aardman too!

I love this scene.

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Saw them play this live in DC a couple weeks ago. Fantastic!

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