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Wags051 commented on a post in r/nfl
nowaygreg 2,532 points

My high school had random drug testing. After getting selected multiple times in a row, I finally asked the dean if it actually was random. He said, "We don't know if you'll take a urine test or a hair test that day. So that's the random part. But we hand pick the students to be tested."

Creative, but I rolled my eyes.

Edit: yes, this was a private school

Wags051 1 point

I went to a private high school and if they drug tested we wouldn’t have had sports teams. Too many high school kids smoke pot to try and punish everyone for it.

Wags051 commented on a post in r/jobs
tylerisjack 356 points

You might laugh at this. I am currently working for a moving company. The thing is, I hired them to help me move a while ago. During the move, I asked one of the guys if they are hiring; long story short, I got the job. I enjoy this job very much. Most of the days I get to watch the sunrise inside the truck early in the morning. But the best part is the people and their stories; seeing their faces when we get to the destination and unwrap the furniture. I am witnessing a new beginning in that moment. I feel so happy for them. How many of us want that new beginning, but we cannot have it?

Wags051 1 point

I worked for a moving company during the summers in college. I don’t know if your company is like mine, but 12-20 hours days were not uncommon. I typically got 60ish hours a week. And this was in the summer when it was at least in the 90s and humid as hell most days.

Wags051 commented on a post in r/Jokes
inetsed 1 point

Pyke-vull. Just down 23 from paints-vull. 😉

Wags051 2 points

It’s more like packvull

TheKentuckyKid 6 points

LulVul end of story.

Wags051 0 points

No. Who puts an L in the middle?

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Wags051 commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
69Fuckboi420 -55 points

It’s stopped being funny to me. Like I’m sure it still is for the rest of the rest of the sub, but at least put in some effort in your meme smack talk game guys.

Wags051 8 points

All the Virginia fans that get salty when people post this stuff definitely just fuels the fire

Wags051 commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
pludacris 164 points

I'm totally fine with Nova becoming another powerhouse. I don't actually hate them, Jay wrights not a douche, and they seem classy enough to me. I for one welcome our new Wildcat overlords

Wags051 0 points

You haven’t met very many Philly sports fans, have you?

ClaudeLemieux 5 points

I thought he chose them over UK?

Wags051 7 points

You might be thinking of Reid Travis, who chose UK over Nova

Wags051 commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
BiggestBossRickRoss 1 point

The guy was getting paid at his Louisville prep school. How he got cleared is beyond me, but WKU is insignificant compared to most of the NCAA so doesn't really matter.

Wags051 1 point

Who was paying him?

BiggestBossRickRoss 1 point

He wasn't paid directly just payments to his guardian who lead him to WKU. Like deandre Ayton

Wags051 2 points

I’m somewhat connected at both WKU and Aspire and I heard there was some shady stuff going down. DeSales cut ties with Aspire partially because of the situation with Bassey. Stansbury is well known to be involved in shady recruiting practices so I wouldn’t be surprised

Wags051 commented on a post in r/CFB
iWin-You-Get-Nothing -2 points

Shocker, Dorian Baker is still unable to catch balls.

Wags051 2 points

Well he just caught one that was behind him in traffic and a targeting penalty on top of it so this comment isn’t looking great

iWin-You-Get-Nothing -1 points

1-3 at the end of the day. So I disagree.

Wags051 1 point

Right and like the other commenter said, the other two throws were also off target. One at his feet and the other an overthrow.

I think Dorian is going to kill it this year but to each his own.

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Wags051 commented on a post in r/sales
ihenewa 2 points

Please could you kindly tell me how to find people to hire from Pakistan for cheap? I have been meaning to do this for my prospecting but it’s incredibly difficult.

I appreciate your advise.

Wags051 3 points


Wags051 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Wags051 2 points

I used to work at a moving company in college. We had big wooden crates (6 ft tall) that we would typically use for shipping furniture for the military. Sometimes they were used for storing civilian items as well. We stored them in a large warehouse, stacked 3 high until they needed to be moved.

We had a guy from a temp agency there one day who claimed he knew how to use a forklift. The company got so slammed in the summer and we had a ton of turnover so somehow this guy ended up running the forklift on his first day.

He goes to take a crate off the top of a stack and proceeds to drop it, shattering the crate and all the furniture in it. The manager comes out, livid, and tells us that particular crate of furniture belonged to the company president.

I thought it was hilarious but that manager wanted to kill the guy.

Wags051 commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
CarterAC3 32 points

he might be the best freshman since KD.

The sheer audacity of a Kentucky fan to disrespect AD like that

Wags051 0 points

My thoughts exactly. AD had one of the most dominant seasons ever, regardless of age.

Wags051 commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
benchin32 2 points

No but he was a star at St Bonnie's And was in the NBA for a couple of years

Wags051 2 points

He was a first round draft pick iirc

Bent_Stiffy 9 points

Last year Kansas beat Italy's pro team by almost 40. The term "pro" flies pretty loose when you're overseas. Kentucky has looked great, don't get me wrong, but I hope you're not expecting a 40-0 natty based off these few games.

Wags051 0 points

I don’t know who Kansas played but the best European teams are legit. Filled with ex-college stars and future Euro pros.

None of the teams Kentucky played in the Bahamas were on that level but don’t sleep on the European teams.

You’re right about the expectations though.

Wags051 commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
PantherU 37 points

You get decent football recruits?

Edit: I type this joke knowing full well where Randall Cobb went to school

Wags051 8 points

Alabama’s starting running back Damien Harris is from Kentucky, did local radio shows and gave off the vibe that we genuinely had a shot at him. Then he committed to bama. Can’t blame him but it was definitely a downer.

yevsthepeople 9 points

I feel like his interest in Kentucky was legitimate.

Wags051 9 points

I agree. I think he made the right decision to go to Bama, but I also think with the way he was embracing UK fans it convinced a lot of people that he was going to UK.

Wags051 commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
viper_9876 3 points

Thanks for the info.

Wags051 5 points

You have to understand that for us, “veteran” is a loosely-used term. Travis is a 5th year senior but the other guys he mentioned are sophomores.

We’re definitely more experienced than usual though.

Wags051 commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
DavisWuhu 8 points

same reason why Duke got Zion. we can't top blue bloods in recruiting especially when said recruit wants to be in the nba

Wags051 2 points

Are Wisconsin high school basketball games always that wild or was it exacerbated by the fact that Herro switched to UK?

freediver715 2 points

The latter. He is extremely competitive and embraced the hate after he decommitted/chose UK. His games were wild to watch, some crowds would go after him and he fed off it.

Wags051 3 points

Yeah I watched most of the YouTube highlights of his games and those fans were brutal. He’d drop 40+ and just stare down the opposing student section after hitting big shots. I love that

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Wags051 commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
doctorzoom 3 points

I think we can agree that there is a right way and a wrong way to be loud for our team. We should never be putting our guys down. If you want to yell at a kid who's missed a few, yell some encouragement, right?

Save the negativity for the refs (and Dan Dakich, amirite?)

Wags051 2 points

I’m looking forward to hearing about a drunk UK fan trying to fight Dakich at the craps table this weekend.

doctorzoom 6 points

Nothing wrong with getting loud for our Cats. Even if it's middle-aged-woman-3/4 into-a-box-of-franzia loud.

Good practice for the kids to get used to the crazy fans :)

Wags051 2 points

Not at all. As long as you aren’t cussing out an 18 year old kid for missing a layup.

Being loud and cheering the team on is one thing, but getting angry during an exhibition is a little much. I’m all for passion but maybe chill out if we aren’t winning by 20 at half during August exhibition games against the Bahamas B team.

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Wags051 commented on a post in r/FoodPorn
MacDaKnife 1 point

I try to get a Cuban and/or Reuben from a unique (non-chain) location whenever I travel for work. My favorite so far is the Dunked Cuban from Merle's Whiskey Kitchen in Louisville, KY.

Wags051 2 points

That’s a damn good sandwich. Merle’s also has one of the best tacos I’ve ever eaten.

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