Fry's Flawless Oreo Technique by elee0228 in futurama

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YouTube also used to have a query parameter you could add to the url (&wadsworth=1) but it doesn't seem to work anymore

For Xmas, my girlfriend created a complete Lego 'set' for an LDD of my favourite Nintendo character. by Hoppum in lego

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The game they spriteswapped was "Doki Doki Panic"


IIRC they thought their SMB2 was too hard for players outside of Japan. It was later rereleased as "The Lost Levels", and was on the Super Mario Allstars cartridge for the SNES

It was also released on the Famicom Disk System, Nintendo's floppy drive for the Famicom:


Whenever Disney "re-imagines" an animated classic as a live action film, they use so much CGI that they’re essentially making an animated film. by mooglevew in Showerthoughts

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IIRC when James Cameron's Avatar came out, the requirements for "Best Animated Picture" were tweaked so it couldn't be nominated for it, because it had enough fully animated segments some voters were going to nominate it

Right clicking a YouTube thumbnail with a video preview and clicking "Search Google for This Image" crashes the tab in Chrome for Mac by Walter_Bishop_PhD in softwaregore

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I'm using the old YouTube design, but it seems to do this with the new design as well. Tried it in Windows and "Search Google for This Image" doesn't show up in the right-click menu at all.

me irl by isademigod in me_irl

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I had the whole CC suite for $200 USD/year ... i forgot what deal I got it in, but it was locked in at that price even after they did a hike or two. Feel bad I had to cancel for budgetary reasons tho :(

Say it louder for the people in the back Mark by Obi-Juan16 in StarWars

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Also, in the original Kingsman comic, instead of a Professor played by Mark Hamill getting kidnapped it was Mark Hamill who was kidnapped:


these 2018 new years glasses by Glaiel-Gamer in CrappyDesign

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These guys could solve this conundrum of there only being one zero in most of the years after 2009 by making New Year's monocles!

[Portal] My blue portal projectile got stuck. by Huntron in GamePhysics

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Oh yeah, most definitely not in TF2 due to artstyle. Thought I saw it in the Behind-the-Scenes part of Portal but it's been a while... def should give it a replay!

[Portal] My blue portal projectile got stuck. by Huntron in GamePhysics

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This crate is, afaik, used in all of Valve's first person Source games and a ton of Source licensees. I can't unsee it after I noticed it.

Elon Musk's midnight cherry Tesla Roadster by [deleted] in spacex

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AFAIK as a private entity SpaceX doesn't have to do anything, but I wonder if they will decontaminate the Tesla in case something goes wrong and it crashes into Mars?


and again by audscias in image_to_text_beta

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For newlines, you should have it have two spaces at the end of a line so markdown will render it correctly
Like this

This is why Steam needs to use HTTPS exclusively for all their websites by Forcen in Steam

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I'm pretty sure they use an embeddable version of Chromium called Chromium Embedded Framework, and it doesn't seem to have extension support right now