She thought she had them fooled by Morty_Goldman in nonononoyes

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My Polish cousin said where he grew up they would say "little sins are punished immediately".

hmmm by bentekebentekkerss in hmmm

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Clearly where they got the inspiration from.

Wait for it.. by erokk88 in nonononoyes

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The guy in the basket was doing the highway sign cleaning.

Wait for it by Broski225 in SweatyPalms

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First one he might have known something but on the second one it was definitely luck.

South African Multi Purpose Wire Sculpture by pistonrings in blackmagicfuckery

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Even though this had no sound I love how you could tell exactly what he was saying each time...

Found In the pet section by Mondayslasagna in ofcoursethatsathing

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Duh where do you think they got the name downward dog from?

Which one is the largest?! by MrAlana in newzealand

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It's a ploy to get you to get the permanent mug and keep coming back.

The tire between us... by esoteric_surgeon in nonononoyes

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Sometimes tires make it hard to indicate.

Share of atheists around the globe (2017) [6460x3480] by JoDi2019 in MapPorn

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Non religious and atheist are different things. You can be non religious and be a theist.

This isn't a joke. Seriously - buy me... by EinsteinsAura in aww

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It's confidence in it's own cuteness is strong.

An Idiot crossing the tracks by StuffyUnicorn in nonononoyes

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He was just seeing if the wheels were dirty. It's an important part of maintenance for every train.

Would really appreciate a critique on my drawing of R2. Its my second serious drawing in years. Thanks!! by AmericaMan76 in drawing

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It's good and the only piece of advice I have is keep on drawing, you're going good and the only way you'll get better is by doing more!

This isn't a joke. Seriously - buy me... by EinsteinsAura in aww

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When you see how big the box it lives in is it's not a surprise how eager it is to leave. Tactics perhaps?