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'Very practical' for PR mission...

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Yep pretty much a really good opportunity for exposure. I probably wouldn't trust my life with a freshly engineered submarine but hey I'm sure their hearts were in the right place and just wanted to help in the best way they could.

A GoPro strapped to a chicken

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This girl is going to be a feminist messiah.

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I don't cook

don't know how

don't care to learn


my nails are long acrylics

and they don't like washing

dishes that ain't my own


I wear bold lipstick

and hoop earrings

to dinner


I have opinions

louder than the men

I'm related to


I come ready to argue

anyone can get

the fire

from my quick mouth

-Yesika Salgado

Poem about how she shows up to thanksgiving dinner without bringing food, ready to eat and argue (both with her quick mouth) and only wash her own dish.

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All of her poems are about herself.

Bacon and egg pie and a energy drink.

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None of that B & E. M & C please.

Far out that was a really good response. I didn't know he was so wise.

This is clever but not clever at the same time. If you're going to the effort to put patterns into the concrete why not make it something interesting instead of fake bricks?

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Please no. committed to 5 seasons. jesus.

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Original Poster5 points · 3 months ago

Just the size of the budget says to me it's going to be awful. There is toomuch money on the line that they don't want to lose and it will be full of compromise.

The amount of children killed by abortion is in the millions. Don't even try this.

My Polish cousin said where he grew up they would say "little sins are punished immediately".

Mmm bell flavour

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Clearly where they got the inspiration from.

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The guy in the basket was doing the highway sign cleaning.

First one he might have known something but on the second one it was definitely luck.

Even though this had no sound I love how you could tell exactly what he was saying each time...

Duh where do you think they got the name downward dog from?

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