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5 points · 1 day ago

Pitch hitting for Wolters with another of our catchers feels like an enemy pokemon trainer chucking out yet another of its 4 magikarps to the slaughter

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Totally. I think. Maybe. I'm just gonna have to trust you on this one.

WOW! Ever have to replace master/slave cylinder or any thing else clutch-related? My '04 is about to touch 140k and the throwout bearing is starting to chirp. I've owned it 6 years, since 60k miles.

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Original Poster6 points · 2 days ago

Maybe, not sure. My Dad might have had to replace something along those lines but no major work ever done to it, I've asked him multiple times. Alternator, timing belt, headlights, and plugs have all been replaced. Plus the power steering pump is out but I've just been driving it without. Also the E-brake cable snapped on a -40 degree day some ten years ago. Apparently some of the U joints are also on their last legs but I haven't noticed anything.

When it rains something shorts out and the wipers turn on full speed automatically. It's annoying but some might call it a feature.

She's a champ otherwise.

How's the steering without the power steering? The PS rack on my 99 is leaking pretty good, and I’m probably gonna have to get it replaced before winter, but it’s made me curious what it's like without it.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 day ago

It's a bit rough on parking garages but that's about it. Not worth the 700 bucks to replace it for it's a great arm workout.

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"Stand! ... unless of course the wave is happening. In that case, sit and give the finger to whoever is trying to get it started."

20 points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

Bad news, it'll be over 90 days on average over 90 degrees within 10 years, with 10 days over 100 by 2040. We'll see 34 days over 100 deg within 20 years by 2100. We'll have the same climate in 2040 that El Paso had in the mid 90's.

This will result in fewer extreme cold months and more extreme warm months (the numbers above are averages). Vegetation will be stressed (more irrigation use to keep plants alive, and in urban areas we'll see trees and woody plants dying more often) and lower stream flows which will lead to water shortages...when we will need more water. However, oddly enough, we may seem more severe storms happening more frequently, so more flooding events. Kind of counter intuitive...

Edit: I mis-remembered the numbers and overstated, so let me correct it (correction above). source; Rocky Mountain Climate Organization and the City of Denver 2014 Climate Adaptation Plan

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You seem pretty sure of that. How many more times will the cubs win the World series in the next ten years?


Create Your Own Private League And Invite Only Your Friends

-- Or --

Join A Public League To Prove You're The Best Of Reddit

Want to prove to your friends/family/co-workers that you know Survivor better than them?

Well you can now do just that at We allow you to create your own private fantasy Survivor league so you can play against only people you know and/or invite. Just sign up, sign in, click on "Create Private League", and then send the league code to whoever you want to join. We'll take care of the rest.

Haven't been able to convince your friends just how amazing Survivor is? That's okay, join one of our public leagues.

Not sure what I'm talking about? ....

The Background

My buddy /u/medium_mike and I have been running a Fantasy Survivor league of our own creation for the last 20+ seasons. We didn't like the way existing Survivor Fantasy leagues worked so we decided to come up with a point system and management platform that actually rewards good survivor game play. We honestly believe it to be the best format of any other Survivor Fantasy League out there. This site has been built purely out of our own passion for the game as a gift for like-minded fans.

Reddit, we present to you:

Registration is free and easy and is actively plugged by us only on /r/survivor. We don't make any money on this site and do it only for fun. If you signed up last year your account should still work.

The Game

For those of you who haven't played in past seasons, or for those who need a refresher on the rules, the basic premise is this:

  • You, the player, draft a roster of 8 survivors from this season's list of contestants to be on your team
  • Each week you will put up to 5 of those players on your active roster (scoring points) and leave the rest on your bench (not scoring)
  • During each episode, based on the rules detailed below, your 5 active survivors will (hopefully) earn you points
  • Benched survivors will neither earn you nor cost you points.
  • The goal of the game is to earn more points than anybody else
  • All boiled down, the longer each of your active picks stays in the game and the more challenges they win, the more points they will earn you

Roster Management

Each team consists of 8 survivors, 5 as starters and 3 on the bench. The survivors on your starting roster will score points while benched survivors will not. Once your 8 survivors are drafted and locked in and the season starts you may not add or remove survivors from your roster. You may, and are encouraged to, update which survivors are active and which are benched as many times a week as need be. Roster positions will be locked (usually around 5pm MST) the day that an episode is airing and will be unlocked once the episode is over and new scores have been entered.

Earning Points

Surviving a round:
earned per pick, per round, for outlasting another player (voted off, quits, etc) Pre merge: 2 Post Merge: 4

Participating in reward:
earned per pick who gets to participate, for any reason, in any kind of reward: 2

Team Immunity:
earned per pick who is on a team that wins an immunity challenge: 2 (+1)
(If three tribes are competing, the team that finishes first will be awarded an extra point.)

Wins individual reward:
earned if a pick wins an individual reward challenge: 4

Wins Individual Immunity:
earned if a pick wins an individual immunity challenge: 6

Gets clue to hidden idol:
earned if a pick is given or finds a clue to a hidden immunity idol (first to touch or read): 1

Finds Hidden Immunity:
earned per pick who finds a hidden immunity idol (first to touch idol): 3

Uses Hidden Immunity:
earned per pick who is awarded immunity at tribal council due to a hidden immunity idol: 6

Voted off with individual immunity idol:
deducted if a pick leaves the game for any reason while holding a hidden immunity idol: -6

Uses hidden immunity idol to create "Super Immunity Idol":
earned for each immunity idol used to create a super idol: 3

Vote cancellation bonus:
earned for every vote cast towards a pick who is protected by an idol: 1
(These points are awarded to the pick(s) who possesses the idol at the start of tribal council)

Makes fake individual immunity idol:
earned if a pick creates or fashions a fake hidden individual immunity idol: 2
earned if the fake idol is played by another pick at tribal council: 4

Player Quits:
deducted per pick who leaves the game voluntarily: -8

Medical Removal (sympathy bonus):
earned per pick who is forced by medical staff to leave the game: 8

Jury vote:
earned per jury vote cast for a pick: 10

Sole Survivor:
earned if pick is the winning sole survivor: 20

We reserve the right to add new point categories and/or modify existing point structures based on unforeseen or new twists added to the game. Notifications will be sent out if anything is changed or updated. It is very likely that we will either be adding some point categories or modifying existing ones to account for this seasons changes and player reintroductions. These are TBD.


Reply to us here or send me or /u/medium_mike a PM and we'll do whatever we can.

3 points · 8 days ago

Been doing this since MvGx and I'm excited to continue this season! Hoping I can do a little better this time around!

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Original Poster2 points · 8 days ago

Best of luck. Hell, I've run hundreds of thousands of survivor simulations to come up with the point system, and I still have no ideas on good strategy for fantasy survivor.

As usual, this is the ONLY Survivor fantasy site people should consider. Been using you guys for years and have won my leagues a few times and gotten some decent money bet between friends on the side because of it.

Keep up the great work! Already got my league going earlier.

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Original Poster2 points · 8 days ago

Thanks a ton. We made it because we wanted to play it! I assure you that u/medium_mike and I play against each other every season, and we play it hard for those bragging rights.

Again, thanks for the positive feedback. It sounds cheesy, but just knowing that a lot of people's survivor viewing experience is enhanced by what we've created is amazing for us.

I highly suggest Vision Of Disorder's two newest albums. They are more hardcore than anything, but with lots of thrashy riffs and similar tempo to DKL. Plus Tim Williams can go from Layne Staley to Anselmo all day.

Set To Fail for example.

Razed To The Ground as well.

If those are too hardcore and not enough of the nu-metal side, listen to their album From Bliss To Devastation. It's a good album, but nothing compared to Razed To The Ground, The Cursed Remain Cursed, and Imprint (three of the most important albums in my collection).

Plus, Tim Williams might be my favorite metal singer.

edit/bonus -- my favorite VOD song: Nightcrawler

This isn't a specific question related to u/TheSchmuckHunter, but I have a great desire to do (unpaid, volunteer) advertising for a variety of fantastic artistic going-ons around town, but most of them have some sort of donation/ticket price.

My understanding is that this would go against the rules for "for-profit events that benefit the OP or a specific company" and possibly "self-promotion to favor a business or an individual" (although technically not self promotion, as I'm neither self-promoting or profiting).

Examples include the Fringe Festival, various classes, performances and festivals focused on the circus arts (clowning, german wheel, juggling, acro-yoga) or music. Often times, these opportunities are individuals teaching classes on a limited basis, or occasionally the small band with limited social media power and presence.

So I currently limit myself to advertising for events that are strictly free.

I often want to expand that to "donation based" events which technically an attendee can pay zero for (although social convention frowns upon it). I understand that opening up this forum to any paid events is opening up a can of worms. Still, I would appreciate thoughts on relaxing restrictions, or opinions on possibly spinning up a second subreddit which allows those sorts of event postings.

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Original Poster2 points · 10 days ago

I'd answer this with the same policy we use over at r/discgolf:

Any post or announcement or even self promotion that is deemed beneficial to the r/boulder community as a whole is absolutely fine. If it's non-profit especially, and then really more an announcement to local happenings, that's absolutely acceptable. As far as promoting for-profit events I think that is also fine as long as it comes with added benefits and/or special deals for members of this subreddit (50% off if you mention the sub, etc). In the end, this isn't a marketing platform for shameless advertisements and thoughtless exposure.

Any post that adds value to this community will be allowed. I would, however, appreciate for-profit posts being approved through us first, though.

Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks for reaching out.

0 points · 10 days ago

What is your position on fracking in Boulder county and muni internet?

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Original Poster4 points · 10 days ago

Are you asking me or are these questions for u/TheSchmuckHunter? I'll answer them either way but before I do, I guess I'm curious why you're asking in the first place. Just curiosity? Or is this somehow a test of merit towards our qualifications as moderators for this subreddit?

I can tell you now that it wouldn't matter if /u/TheSchmuckHunter supported cutting down all the trees and fracking the whole planet and wanted Verizon to be the sole, unregulated internet provider for all of Colorado as long as he wasn't removing dissenting view points or suppressing any honest opinions.

That's what upvotes and downvotes are for.

Unless it's obvious trolling or blatant bigotry, harassment, or bullying, comments will not be removed and users will not be banned.

Now to answer your questions:

Honestly, fracking is not a process I know enough about to be completely on one side or the other. Based on what I have read, however, I have great concerns about it and would definitely lean towards not allowing it. At the same time I could see how it might be overly demonized (like GMOs) and have no reason to think that it can't be well regulated to the point that it isn't actually that harmful compared to possible benefits (whatever those might be). That being said, I've heard the horror stories and they are not good.

As far as municipal internet, I absolutely support it. I see the internet as a utility no different than water and electricity and believe that the more options we all have, the better off our community will be. The internet is information and information should be unregulated, unsullied, and highly available while coming with a guaranteed, unfiltered purity.

What cause? Disc golf? Was he already playing or did he just stumble upon the course?

Moderator of r/ColoradoRockies, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 10 days ago · Stickied comment · edited 10 days ago

Just rewatched this because of the notification from your shoutout and just have to say...

Man I love watching Parra play baseball. The way he dances down the base path while watching it go out is just so god damn wholesome. He's not our best player by any means, he's not bad either, but holy shit is he the one always having the most fun.

It really is a joy to watch.

How has nobody not yet posted the actual video?!

Original Poster5 points · 10 days ago

The other missing highlight is Gray's massive double. I can't find any video.

At the ballpark, I thought it was going out.

Good news is that we appear to have Arenado back from his slump. I'm still feeling good.

This is the biggest takeaway from this game imo, if Chuck and Trevor stay hot and Nolan can come through, we will be tough to beat

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That and we showed some play that is required for playoff teams. McMahons bunt single after cargos leadoff double is good, hardcore ball. Not being able to finish is still an issue, but that's the kind of scrappiness we need.

That's how you play winning, playoff baseball. Even if it doesn't happen tonight, which I'm hoping it will, those are the at-bats you need to go into October. Fuck yeah, McMahon.

14 points · 19 days ago

Arizona's offense has looked similar to ours for the last two weeks, and you know how we get when we can't hit for shit.

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The negativity in our sub has been hard to swallow lately. This is baseball. There are ups and downs. But two losses in a row and the whole sub is like the sky is falling.

THIS IS FUCKING BASEBALL! Streaks and slumps are real, but one almost always turns into the other.

Relax. Or don't. It's September. i'm fucking nervous.

Anything is preferable to the Dodgers. I mean just think of the even year meme value.

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Nope. For us Rox fans, there is nothing worse than Giant's success.

7 points · 21 days ago

Absolutely not. We needed a 3-1 win that series considering the Giants pitching matchups we have coming up and key Dodgers/Dbacks after. You can't drop games like that to the worst team in the division in September in a close race. We cannot have another offense performance like this month.

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Yeah, the way I see it we need to win 4 of these last 6 inter-division series AT THE LEAST. Obviously the 2 dodger and dbag series are more important, but at this point everything is critical.

Tired of the negativity. Let's go Rox

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Hear hear


... assuming The Dodgers hold their lead. they did

I'd rather be cold now so that we can hit our hot streak here soon to finish the season strong and take that momentum into October.

Our offense is going to start clicking soon, they always do. And when they do, if it's sustained, we'll see some post season baseball in Denver.

Comment deleted22 days ago
Original Poster4 points · 22 days ago

Players have quit? Whatever. This is just the game of baseball, my friend. If you think those guys aren't more upset about these losses than you are then you must not understand the competitive drive it takes to just get to their level.

162 games will result in some streaks both good and bad no matter what. We just need one of those good ones right now.

And I was so excited to have a Friday to myself to watch some uninterrupted Rockies action. I should have gone to the bar.

I get it pit in my stomach every time we start a Padres series. It just reeks of doom and gloom when i think about it.

I keep thinking they'll prove me wrong. They don't.


its really starting to bug me. It's honestly not very fun to follow a team that makes worse decisions than you do. It's like watching slot machines. You know that nothing is being done to help you win but theoretically you still could. Not my cup of tea.

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But when that cash wheel hits and you get 20 free spins that rush of 5 extra minutes of not being broke is pretty sweet. Plus it gives time for one more free drink from the cute drink lady who only looks down at me.

I've gotta get in on this downvote action. FUCK EVERYONE!

and by that I mean go Rockies

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Yep, that's the one. Thanks.

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One of my favorites. Please sir is such a great song

we Need to win the division and make the NLCS. That will be 2 straight years of playoffs, improved year over year, and amazing young starting pitching. With Rodgers coming up, McMahon and Dahl finally breaking out, this could absolutely be a 100 win baseball team with Nolan next year.

If that doesn’t convince him then he was always planning on leaving.

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This is assuming the Rockies will shell out the money he's gonna be asking for.

It makes sense for the organization from my perspective, an armchair assistant manager at best, but do we have any evidence that the front office is willing to sign what will inevitably be one of the biggest contracts in the game?

I sure hope so.

I think they are definitely planning on it. I think they know how much he means to the team and to the city.

I would be surprised if they dont pony up and give him a monster contract

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From a business side he's the face of the franchise. You gotta keep someone like that around if you want to keep a hardcore fan base. So hopefully this team does enough the rest of the season to prove to Arenado that this can be a winning ballclub.

I'm a Mariners fan who just moved to Denver for a teaching job! I'm definitely picking up the Rockies as my #2 team and want to go to the game Friday. Where's the best seats for the price???

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You'll get lots of different answers here, it's up to preference. But I prefer the pavilion (left field under the big screen) or 3rd deck up behind the plate.

Both are very well priced. The pavilion is a bit more of a party atmosphere (though with people into the game) and the home run zone while the 3rd deck behind home plate, especially on the first base side, will have amazing views of the game and the field.

10 points · 1 month ago

What in the hell kind of start time is 11:35 AM? Am I supposed to eat breakfast or lunch during the game? Is this why brunch was invented?

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The trick is to use Tater Tots in your meal, or as I like to call them, Hash Brown Nugs. They perfectly bridge breakfast and lunch.

Bake up some Hash Brown Nugs, melt some cheese on them, top with two fried eggs and some sliced avo and you got yourself a brunch that any hipster would gladly pay $12 for.

Add booze.

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Comment deleted1 month ago

Just report it and move along. It's a 1 day old account from someone who probably get's their yucks from getting reactions from shit like this.

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