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I fully expected to analyze this and point out the pivotal play you didn’t include.. but I was pleasantly surprised - every touchdown (and 3 def plays) from the SB, the Jeffrey td, flea flicker and pick 6 from MiN and, thelast def play from ATL.

Well done good sir.

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Do you mind if I post this to a Philly facebook page? Do you want to watermark one and pm me?

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I think basically every Eagles fan would rather have a collage of Eagles players kicking ass rather than one about a Patriots player

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Can you make one about the cowboys? Everyone outside of Philly has annoying cowboys fan friend that always keeps rubbing '5 RINGZ THO!'

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how is there only one of these in existence? This can't be a one of a kind.

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i know, im trying to figure it out maybe it was a custom made, i've only seen the seller put up 2 so far. To have a custom bobble made like this would cost 100-150

Where. Dafuq. CAN I. BUY DIS?

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Well I was gonna hang Christmas lights today but now I guess I'll just hang myself

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i hope ur still alive to have seen the miracle

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Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez, wasn’t born when the Knife released the original!

EDIT: oof didn’t even think to check my facts!! I was 11 when The Knife released it.

Thanks internet, now I feel as old as all of you. (And sorry, didn’t expect any replies!)

my trusted source (my dad) told me it was a cover of an 80’s song by ‘The Knife’ so I’ve always assumed it came out in the 80’s.

Thought the video looked a bit too new to be the 80’s and assumed it has been re-released in 2000’s not originally released then!!

We can all cry together

Try this for a brilliantly done cover-cover

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the knife did TWO different version of the song too if you didn't know, this version is one of my favorite songs of all time.


yet I am constantly seeing respect and sadness simliar to that given to actual horror directors, actors, etc. that have passed on. I will never understand the love and respect for cult leaders, serial killers, etc. by some within the horror community.


I think a lot of those condolences are posted by edgelords imagining him as some misunderstood genius.

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i like this term

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I like your username!

Blue rosebuds!

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tHANKS! didnt realize those lyrics could apply to manson too

"Your words are empty hollow bleatings Of a mental crutch They're open-festered indigestion With a velvet touch An ether-eating Eskimo Would gag upon your sight Convulsed into oblivion From laughter or from fright A coma with a sweet aroma Is your only dream Malignant with the misconception That a grunt can gleam Your lichen-covered corpuscles Are filthy to my fist Infection is your finest flower Mildewed in the mist."

Had a friend find out she had a brain tumor in a weird way.....

One night she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth with the door open. She suddenly heard the tv turn on and an old woman was sitting there with a bunch of old VHS tapes. The old woman suddenly stopped watching tv and stared at my friend, then pointed at the dinning room wall.

The weird fun facts however, my friend lived alone in my great aunts house. My great aunt passed away years before my friend moved in, nd my friend never met my great aunt. My great aunt was also known to be obsessed with taping everything on tv onto vhs.

Anyways, after she saw my great aunt pointing at the wall she blacked out and woke up on the floor and called 911. She was later diagnosed with the brain tumor and ended up being ok. A few months later I was helping her renovate her house, and we were tearing down a couple walls and we found a small safe in a wall, my friend immediately screamed saying that's exactly where my great aunt pointed to. No one in my family knew of this safe, which had some cool old coins, documents, jewelry, and photographs.

Creepy and simply unsolved. Had a roommate in college, that I met a week prior to moving in thru a posting on one of the school boards. We met each others families and they helped move us in, we rented one side of a twin house with some stairs so the help was needed for the bedroom furniture. We had our own bedrooms, and we were the odd couple, she had a messy room with clothes, books, etc. everywhere, and I was simple. About a month in, she started complaining about having a tough time sleeping, something was keeping her up, and she had a few weird bruises and scraps on her back, we didnt know where they came from, she didnt have a boyfriend or anything, we were both nerds and studed or watch movies, no sports. Then one night, I came home from the library around 11pm. My roommate was home watching a movie. I said goodnight and went to bed. Woke up at 7am for class. Walked by her room and her door was open. As I walked by I looked into her room as I walked by. Her entire room was empty. She was gone. No note. I called the cops, and they didn't believe me that I had a roommate and left, even after showing the cops her parents checks then send for rent. I called her cell, disconnected. Called her parents, disconnected. Asked around campus, no record of her. To this day I have no idea how she moved all her stuff out between 11pm and 7am without me hearing anything and waking up (I'm a light sleeper) and as of 11pm no one was in the house to help her. To this day I can't explain it, hence, its the creepiest thing that has ever happened in my life. I moved out a week later. TL;DR Moved into house with roommate I hardly knew, everything seemed ok. She couldn't sleep, weird bruises and scrapes appeared. Roommate Disappeared.

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This is either fake or she went into witness protection or she was never real like the roommate in A Beautiful Mind.

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i think its witness protection, someone told me they put a gas in a room to put someone in a deep sleep while they move someone in middle of night but that sounds a little crazy.

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whether it's a classic, and slasher, scifi, or and obscure rare vhs cover art, what's your favorites?


Posters: Christine, Alien, so many more, but this one's probably the greatest: The Exorcist

VHS covers: The Hitcher, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, the family portrait one

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exorcist is my #1 movie and poster

4 points · 1 year ago

Not sure how 'rare' it is, but I like the simple design of this Night of the Living Dead vhs I found at Hastings. To clarify, this isn't a picture of my copy, just too lazy to take a pic and plug in the sd card

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that pic is exactly why im asking that is so freaking cool and im a huge dead fan and ive never seen that before

RemindMe! 2 days Donation for /r/millionairemakers Come on Richieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Is your user name a residents reference?

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if i could wink my eyeball head in approval I would

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