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Wheezo commented on a post in r/italy
FrHills 1 point

Ma al casinò di Montecarlo bisogna andare vestiti bene bene per forza o magari una polo può bastare?

Wheezo 5 points

E' il casino di Montecarlo, secondo me se non hai almeno un completo I buttatuori te ridono in faccia

Wheezo commented on a post in r/wow
killslash 2 points

Do you respond this way to the 100x more frequent Horde version of some rallying battle cry?

Wheezo 1 point

Yeah, I do. Rolplaying is cringy as hell and I'm shouldn't be allowed into the subreddit.

Jordoom 10 points

Saurfang's a good boy. As was Thrall before him.

But this changes nothing. Enough is enough. It took Saurfang, what, 45+ years to gain honour? How many Alliance men and women and children did his axe butcher like meat before he repented? What did the "honour" of outliers like Thrall and Saurfang do for the people of Teldrassil?

Light grant the Horde mercy in the next life, for the Alliance will have none for them in this one.


Wheezo 13 points


Wheezo commented on a post in r/wow
HankHillPropaneGrill 4 points

I assume this is what every Horde Player looks like. A bunch of edgy kids with a dead girl fantasy.

Wheezo 5 points

listens to metalcore

Carries a gun daily because "a knife ain't nothing"


MagicMert 41 points

Yeah this is pretty much how I assumed the horde would look.

Wheezo 2 points

Imagine having a life so empty and pathetic that you assume how people who play on a certain race in a videogame look like.

Wheezo commented on a post in r/wow
Wheezo 1 point

Dungeons are much more enjoyable but give off pretty bad xp for the time you need to complete them. Just do Quests while quequed for bgs, and only do dungeons if you want the transmog or get tired of bgs.

Wheezo commented on a post in r/wow
Wheezo 1 point

Am I the only one wondering if blizzard made Sylvanas this evil to rebalance the top raid guild faction situation? I mean, it kinda makes sense, they gave alliance a new good racial (lightforgerd dreanei) and made sylvanas a crazy ass bitch.

Wheezo commented on a post in r/wow
neverseemecoming17 14 points

"Morally grey"...remember when thrall saved cairne and his tauren tribe and united together against the baddies.

Sylvanas is lich queen 2.0, i'm so glad i faction changed, i'm just going to wait till the eventual lich queen 8.3 raid so i can change back when the horde grows a heart again.

The same dumb people posting comments like "FOR THE HORDE" completely misunderstand what the wow/warcraft 3 horde is all about, this is first/second warcraft horde, this is the horde we fought in warlords of draenor.

Wheezo -6 points

Get a fucking grip, preventive strikes happen irl and real civilian lives are constantly lost to war. Grow a pair of balls and stop complaining like a little bitch.

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