ELI5: How is it that if someone calls 911 as a prank or accidentally calls then hangs up without talking, they will track down where you live and send the police to your house. However, why hasn't everyone that has called 911 to SWAT a gamer on stream been tracked down, arrested and charged? by unused-username in explainlikeimfive

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I know someone who accidentally called 911. He told the operator "whoops" and they sent a squad car to make sure everything was OK and that was the end of it.

However if you're doing it to be a dick, I'd imagine they'd throw the book at you as they should.

Poor Bill by FSarkis in ImGoingToHellForThis

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All the great sax players smoked like chimneys

Former MLB player Lenny Dykstra arrested in Linden for allegedly threatening Uber driver by rman18 in newjersey

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I used to have the photo of him that I got for being in the junior Phillies in my room

Need 10 by pingaslinag in dankmemes

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Not exactly the shortest path, rather "the path of least resistance"

Where can I buy farm fresh free range eggs (don’t need to be refridgerated ) in warren county. Anyone know of any or how to surch for it ? by Rpizza in newjersey

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get on the Columbia trail on the high bridge side. Not even a mile into it there is a house with a chicken coup in their back yard and they leave out fresh eggs. Just slip like $5 into the box and leave with a carton

TIFU by getting Google to ban our entire company while on the toilet by ikindafuckedupsorry in tifu

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I agree with you, but I'm going to play devils advocate for a moment.

There are a bunch of big players that use g-suite. A company of 100 or so employees is probably small time for google at this point.

I would hazard to guess their sign up process for a company that size is quite "automated". You probably don't have to deal with a rep or anything like that.

Whats to stop someone from making a fake company to game the rating system in the play store? Everyone knows companies that have their shit together like Amazon are struggling with people gaming the rating system on products in their store. They might have a draconian policy in place to stop abusers like this in their tracks. What run of the mill business would be taking cloned games, returning and then rating them? For all google knows it could be one guy with a couple hundred accounts under an umbrella of a company.

Still though even if this scenario is correct (which I doubt I am) I would think a quick call to their reps would be able to sort this out quickly. If I am correct, if he did this on his personal account that was linked to his work account, I can't see him getting more than a warning for using his phone on the job (even though he was on the crapper.) If it was his work email, he better be cleaning up his resume.

Subway vs McDonald’s by RaringFawn4 in MapPorn

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Of all the McDonald's near me I can only think of 1 without a drive thru

Just a reminder. by Leesburgcapsfan in MURICA

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Jesus Christ Walter. Everything is the revolutionary war with you

[FIXED] The evolution of Windows os. by TeregrinPook in pcmasterrace

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nothing will ever top the driver hell that was the 64 bit distro of win xp.

Who remembers mall goths? A dying breed. Can’t tell which music/culture people are into nowadays. Atleast they had character. by untitled647 in nostalgia

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finally heading to the Arcade to laugh at the DDR losers. the DDR losers.

.....that was me....3rd mix was my jam

me irl by mushod in meirl

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It doesn't even matter