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Poseidon1232 1 point

How much can you lift with that hand? Has it ever been defected?

Woodpeckerfpv 1 point

It often has software problems/bugs. I could lift up to 40kg but I'm really weak on my left arm.

StopandSquander 2 points

Have you jerked off with it?

Woodpeckerfpv 2 points

It has sharp edges inside

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Woodpeckerfpv commented on a post in r/de

Rot?? Hab mir extra nen schwarzen Rechner geholt, damit er schneller läuft und jetzt erfahre ich DAS!

Woodpeckerfpv 2 points

Die schwarzen musst du doch immer auspeitschen, sonst machen die gar nichts.

Funicio 1 point

There is a button in the top right corner you can click, it opens two tabs that you can switch between for playlist or level editor modes.

Woodpeckerfpv 1 point

Is it possible that only the host can see this?

Funicio 1 point

Only the host does, yeah.

Woodpeckerfpv 1 point

That is why I wasn't able to find it and my friend doesn't speak English but host because better internet.

Woodpeckerfpv commented on a post in r/de
TetraDax 30 points

Ich versteh nicht ganz wozu das Ding geländegängig sein muss. Falls die Zecken mal wieder aufm Deich demonstrieren oder wat?

Woodpeckerfpv 12 points

Die wollen nicht hängen bleiben wenn sie die niedergeschossen Demonstranten überfahren.

Woodpeckerfpv commented on a post in r/de
Egging_McNut 18 points

hoffentlich nur MPi ;-)

wenn die Polizei mit MG anrückt, mach ich mir vermutlich auch Sorgen

Woodpeckerfpv 1 point

Also wenn die Polizei mit einem .50 Cal auf einem Humvee anrückt bleib ich auch lieber daheim. Aber bis dahin muss noch einiges passieren.

Woodpeckerfpv commented on a post in r/Firearms
ScriptThat 44 points

And that's why they are legal - even recommended - over here in super restricted Denmark.

Woodpeckerfpv 15 points

If you are Hunting as a permanent job in Germany you need an surpressor because of the law about loudness and vibration on the workplace.

Woodpeckerfpv commented on a post in r/Rainmeter
Woodpeckerfpv 1 point

how do I change the font of iu white

Leipaa 2 points
  1. Go to \Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\UI White
  2. Open folder of widget you wanna edit example Date-Time
  3. Open "Date 12h.ini" in notepad
  4. Scroll down till you see "FontFace=" and change value after"=" which you wanna use.

I hope you got it and i apologize my grammar English isn't my first language. :D

Woodpeckerfpv 1 point

Great thanks it's looking great

Woodpeckerfpv commented on a post in r/IAmA
Woodpeckerfpv 1 point

I was born without my left hand and I'm 15 now. Do you have an prostheses like I have?

dlauri65 521 points

So obviously you write and eat with your left hand, but do you have any idea whether you're "naturally" left handed? Like you probably know which foot is dominant--which do you use to kick a soccer ball? How's your handwriting?

Woodpeckerfpv 65 points

I can answer this too. I'm missing my left hand but im kicking left. I feel like im left handed.

Woodpeckerfpv commented on a post in r/de
Crixu44 6 points

Sicher, dass es keine Chemtrails sind, die nicht richtig angemischt wurden?

Woodpeckerfpv 2 points

Das sollte helfen.

Crixu44 1 point

Wie weit reicht der genau? Weil wenn wir den irgendwo auf der badisch Württembergischen Grenze aufstellen, könnte der allen helfen. Oder funktioniert sowas nur im Saarland?

Woodpeckerfpv 1 point

Hab Mal gelesen das 30km das Maximum ist. Sorry rede Gemeinde braucht wohl nen einigen Cloudbuster

Woodpeckerfpv commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
Jaydeepappas 5,763 points

How the fuck do people figure this shit out

Edit: Obligatory RIP inbox and thanks for the gold edit (but seriously, thanks for the gold kind stranger!)

Woodpeckerfpv 1 point

Improvise, adapt, overcome

Lefia 1 point

Kannst du damit einen Fingerabdrucksensor nutzen?

Woodpeckerfpv 1 point

Ne, das an den Fingerspitzen sind rutschfeste Silikon kappen.

WolfImWolfspelz 2 points

Also kann ich mit so einer Second-Hand-Second-Hand nicht reich werden?

Woodpeckerfpv 1 point

Eher nicht tut mir leid.

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[deleted] 1 point


Woodpeckerfpv 2 points

I meant EEG. Just noticed my mistake

Woodpeckerfpv 2 points

I self have a bionic forearm. I thought about it and researched it for a while and it would be possible to control a bionic hand with an EKG

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