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I'm missing my left forearm since I'm born and this is really interesting. But I probably wouldn't use your controller because I can control the left stick with my elbow and controlling it with my knee would cost me a lot of precision.

The only buttons I have problems with are l1 and l2.

Often the game developers make really bad controls without options (I'm looking at you Ubisoft) or they fuck the one I can use. Activision I can only use Charlie in black ops3 and it's the worst controls ever.

Btw if you live in Southwest Germany I would have something you would really like.

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Can I have this flair please: ∀x ϵ ℝ³ : P(x ϵ your_mom) = 1

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They’re not banning memes. They’re banning memes that use copyrighted material.

I’m not sure how exactly the flag fits into that whole deal, though.

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We just have to make the upload filters think it's copyrighted.

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Hows it handle compared to your other hand? Is ghost limb / phantom hand syndrome real? Does having a prosthetic on help with that feeling at all? Is it strong? Does it hurt you beyond the normal pain of being an amputee when you lift/push/pull?

If you had both arms at birth, what's the biggest thing you never realized / expected / foresaw about losing an arm that you had to adapt to?

Answer any and all of these at your discretion, thanks in advance for your time. I am very curious. My dad is losing his leg to bone marrow cancer soon. Trying to wrap my head around it so i can help him adjust.

That is the most badass Batman techno-arm I have ever seen.

Edit: can't spell.

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I don't have phantom pain, because I was born with one arm. I know someone who lost his legs and he said sometimes it's like you leg gets sawed of and sometimes it's like someone tickels you.

My prostetic isn't that strong, because every finger has its own time motor instead of one big for all. I have a second prostetic that can only open and close, but it can crack walnuts.

Your father shouldn't stop doing things he did before. Just try it until it works. I'm pretty good at origami now.

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Thanks! Origami must have pissed you right off a dozen times. I was born with both hands and I can't do it without needing to take a deep breath. Idk how you do it with a prosthetic that is truly patient and talented of you.

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The prostetic is more in my way I do origami without it because I don't have any feelings in it

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I think it's just air pressure creating heat from having a mach 7 projectile slammed through it. Either compression ahead of the round or cavitation (?) behind it?

The explosions on each steel plate is the steel being decimated by the round. The intense and sudden friction of the round heats the steel and throws it around.

But I'm no railgunologist

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It actually uses a small explosive to get it moving. Without it the projectile would just melt to the rails.

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Wouldn’t this be actually harder to be precise with? You might need fine hand and wrist movements but i’m no tattoo artist...

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It is.

Source: Have no forearm.

Please print it and then share it.

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I'm sorry but I don't have a 3d printer. I really want one but I don't have the money.

Finally I have a relevant username. I'm indeed interested in Teslas.

I'm missing my left forearm and that's the technology my prostetic uses. It's just a bit more expensive (30000€ payed by Germany healthcare). If I have the money for the emgs and an airsoft I'm going to to attach a gun to my arm.

An die Möglichkeit hatte ich gar nicht gedacht.

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Angeboren ist eigentlich deutlich besser wie eine Amputation. Da man keine Phantomschmerzen hat oä.

Ich hab grad dein AMA zu der Prothese gesehen. Kannst du die Finger einzeln bewegen?

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Teilweise ich habe mehrere Griffarten in denen sich jeder Finger anders bewegt

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353 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

I would like to point those reading this comment towards /u/Porso7's post on the matter. It's much more detailed than this one and more up-to-date. Their submission does not cover as many sources as this one, however, so some of the information in this one may still be useful.

Here's everything we have so far as I'm aware

Snake ASCII art from /u/MiamiZ

         _|__|  O|
\/     /~     \_/ \
 \____|__________/  \
        \_______      \
                 `\     \                 
                  |     |                  

Badger ASCII art from /u/therealandytuba

          _,-='=- =-  -`"--.__,,.._
        ,-;// /  - -       -   -= - "=.
      ,'///    -     -   -   =  - ==-=\`.
    |/// /  =    `. - =   == - =.=_,,._ `=/|
    ///    -   -    \  - - = ,ndDMHHMM/\b  \\
  ,' - / /        / /\ =  - /MM(,,._`YQMML  `|
<;_,=^Kkm / / / / ///H|wnWWdMKKK#""-;. `"0\  |
        `""QkmmmmmnWMMM\""WHMKKMM\   `--. \> \
             `""'  `->>>    ``WHMb,.    `-_<;@)

Mushroom ASCII art from /u/therealandytuba

                 .'o  oOOOo`.
                :~~~-.oOo   o`.
                 `. \ ~-.  oOOo.
                   `.; / ~.  OO:
                   .'  ;-- `.o.'
                  ,'  ; ~~--'~
                  ;  ;

Description of private subreddit, /r/sneksnek


Base64 -> ASCII: 111 PDT -> Probably 1:11 PM PDT

Description of private subreddit, /r/sneksnek


Base64 -> ASCII

.---- ----- ..--- .---- ----- ..... .---- .---- ----- .---- ----- ----- ----- ...-- ..--- .---- .---- -.... .---- ----- ....- .---- ----- .---- ----- ...-- ..--- .---- ----- ----. .---- .---- --... .---- .---- ..... .---- ----- ....- .---- .---- ....- .---- .---- .---- .---- .---- .---- .---- ----- ----.

-> Decoded Morse Code: 102105110100032116104101032109117115104114111111109
3-Digit Denary -> ASCII: find the mushroom

Description of private subreddit, /r/sneksnek

-.- -- - .- ...-- -.. --.- --- -..- -- -..
67 4E 43 6A 45 78 4D 77 30 4B 4D

Line 1 TlRFTkNqRXdOZzA=
Base64 -> ASCII: NTENCjEwNg0

Line 2 -.- -- - .- ...-- -.. --.- --- -..- -- -..
Decode Morse Code: KMTA3DQOXMD

Line 3 67 4E 43 6A 45 78 4D 77 30 4B 4D
Hex -> ASCII: gNCjExMw0KM

Line 4 rhupNPu
-> Imgur link:
-> TA2DQo2OQ=

Base64 -> ASCII: 51 106 107 108 113 106 69
Denary -> ASCII: 3jklqjE
-> Reversed: Ejqlkj3
-> Imgur Link:
-> EIyixC9NsLI
-> YouTube Link:

Description of private subreddit, /r/snekslither


Base64 -> ASCII: HxLbEA0S
-> Pastebin Link:
-> f5b6f556f5e6f537f5
-> Reverse: 5f735f6e5f655f6b5f
Hex -> ASCII: s_n_e_k
-> Subreddit: /r/s_n_e_k (see next section)

Description of private subreddit, /r/s_n_e_k



Description of private subreddit, /r/sneksnek

069 106 113 108 107 106 051

Groups of Three -> ASCII: Ejqlkj3
-> Imgur Link:
-> EIyixC9NsLI
-> YouTube Link:

Description of private subreddit, /r/sneksnek


Base64 -> ASCII: Y0RJMWRXNUthMlpOUkQwOSByb3QxMw==
Base64 -> ASCII: cDI1dW5Ka2ZNRD09 rot13
Base64 -> ASCII: p25unJkfMD== rot13
ROT13 -> ASCII: c25haWxsZQ==
Base64 -> ASCII: snaille
-> Subreddit: /r/snaille (see next section)

Description of private subreddit, /r/snaille

Thanks to /u/lyneca for this one.


Braille -> ASCII


Capitalise all but every fourth letter


Base64 -> ASCII

01100001 00110010 01101111 01101101 01111000 01111001 01010011

Binary -> ASCII: a2omxyS
-> Imgur Link:
-> 100 073 057 117 103 110 107
-> ASCII: dI9ugnk
-> Imgur Link:
-> -- --- .-. ... -. . -.-
-> Subreddit: /r/morsnek (see next section)

Description of private subreddit, /r/morsnek

.-- -.- .... .-- ... .-- .--. ..--- -... --.- ----- -.- -.. --.- .--. -.- -.. --.- --- -. -.-. -.- ..-. - - -- -. .... ..- . -- -···-



Description of private subreddit, /r/badgerbadger


Base64-> ASCII: mash potato

Description of private subreddit, /r/ssssneks



Description of private subreddit, /r/mushroommushroom

You have to stop giving subs set to private so much April fools love. I'm just like r/sneksnek but I'm not interested in codes, base64, rot13 what have you. Being set to a private sub lets me hide my identity, you don't know if I'm associated with reddit admins. All of them are fake subs and false prophets. Remember that the button, robin, and place had very user friendly interaction where anyone can join in without having knowledge to deciphering code.

Description of private subreddit, /r/sneksnek

.-- ... --- .-. ..-- ..- ..- . ..- ... ..-

.-- ... --- .-. ..-- ..- ..- . ..- ... ..- <-- nO MoRse (very briefly)


I would like to point those reading this comment towards /u/Porso7's post on the matter. It's much more detailed than this one and more up-to-date. Their submission does not cover as many sources as this one, however, so some of the information in this one may still be useful.

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what´s with UkVESEVSUklORw0K from r/s_n_e_k


If I decode this two times with Base64 I get: 111 PDT

So something's gonna happen at 1:11 PDT?

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PDT is for Pacific Time. Something happens in 4 hours

Even if he isn't he looks like a good boy.

Can you use your bionic arm to type on your phone?

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Original Poster5 points · 5 months ago

No I can not.

Reprogram what? All I see is a hunk of plastic, a connector and a transistor. What's on the other side of the board?

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Original Poster2 points · 5 months ago

Here is a picture of the back. How does the sensor itself work it only has two connections so I asume it's analg. How can I use it with my Arduino Uno

That's a "chip on board", so it's VERY unlikely you're going to be able to reprogram it. They're typically custom made ic, manufactured for a very specific task, intended for high volume products. You're probably not going to find datasheets on this.

The TX+, TX-, RX+ and RX- are a little weird (maybe a differential serial output?). That's not a traditional UART configuration. My best advice would be to apply power to the board and see what comes out. Start at a low voltage.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

What about the sensor itself is it some sort of photo resistor?

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