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How do you manage to look like a pre-teen and a pedophile at the same time?

Not defending him by any means, but this is alleged. Let's let the facts come out, and IF he did do it, then we crucify him.

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Now we come to find out it was all from a home invasion. Welp

All I want to know is why. Why the fuck would 5 grown men want to drag a 15 year old kid out of a store like that and hack away at him like that?

teen slain in the Bronx

Please read before listening to what anyone else says

It was a case of mistaken identity

The boy wasn’t in no gang nor affiliated with any gangs

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Yeah I know now. Makes it even more tragic. RIP Junior

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Rang, like ringing a bell, as if to summon someone. Would be synonymous with asking if you were asking for me. Phrase probably made famous by Lurch on the Addams Family. Dumb joke on my part.

Good luck with quitting weed. I quit smoking weed myself a few years back. I've got nothing against it. I just found it wasn't working out for me. They say weed isn't addictive, but that's not true for someone with an addictive personality. It can be tough, but if I can do it, anyone can.

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It might not be addicted in the medical sense. But virtually anything can be addictive/become habitual psychologically.

Or its called a bad habit

If you think their healthcare is free you're in for a surprise. But hey it's better than whatever the fuck the US is doing

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Lmao that reaction’s new. If you want to know more about who XXXTentacion was I explain it here.

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That's actually a very unbiased and accurate concise description of him. Props to you.

This looks like one of my TAs...

I can understand not wanting people to celebrate his death, but its hard to feel sympathy for the scum he was.

20 years old is old enough to know not to do what hes done.

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Understandable, I can't force anyone to feel sympathetic towards him. And no matter how young he was the shit that he was accused of can't be excused. Like I said man, I can't justify the things he's done but neither can I justify all this hoorah about someone's cold-blooded murder. Especially someone who seems to have stopped with all the bullshit he was into before.

It's been less than a year since the most recent allegations, the fuck you talking about

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What are the most recent allegations? I wasn't aware of anything new, did some quick research too couldn't find anything that new.

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You can think the things he did was fucked up and still think a 20 year old shouldn't be gunned down in broad daylight. Probably going to get downvoted, whatever. Fucking pieces of shits.

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He has plenty of time to get even fatter too. The eating habits you develop at that age is important for when you're an adult.

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A buzz cut looks so fucking terrible on someone without a jawline. Jesus Christ..

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Season 2 is a shit pile of trying to prove the patriarchy exists and that every man is a piece of shit rapist and there's literally a scene where they make it out to seem that every woman in the world has been raped. Absolute shit. The only part I was looking forward to was the Tyler kid shooting up the shithole school and hopefully killing every main character

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Well breaking laws isn’t in the right at all. Mostly after explicitly being told not to do something.

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"I think there's someone trying to break into my house"

"Maybe one day you will realize that not everyone has to live life the same. Just because you do not approve does not mean you're in the right." - agentk0921

Make this a copy pasta please.

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I don't know what this copy pasta lingo is son.

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Looks like Lil Pump

Title says New Yorker, picture of ugly teeth says Brits. Got me mad confused.

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You claimed there were people who actively claimed KD or Steph were better and searched the entire internet and found a few articles claiming Steph was the year he had a magic year.

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Explain Paul Pierce last summer getting heat for saying Kevin Durant's better.

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