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I had a date with a guy I met through OKCupid. When he found out that I was (at the time) writing erotica for a living, he put his hand very gently on mine and asked, with all the sincerity in the world, 'Who hurt you?'

No one hurt me, guy. I got paid money to write stories about people dickin' each other, and I had a whale of a time. He absolutely would not believe that I enjoyed my job, and that I wasn't lashing out as a result of some obvious sexual trauma I'd had in my past that he could somehow 'save' me from. God only knows how actual sex workers cope on dates if that's a common approach to people who aren't terrified to openly discuss penises.

There was no second date.

WrathOfPornelius -5 points

How is this a nice guy story?

PsychoFoxx -4 points

you’re still required to go to academy.

Is this actually true? Haircut Academy sounds like some anime shit.

discounted cuts from practicing professionals

Yeah this I get. You can get a qualification, but is is actually a necessity? I'm in genuine curiosity mode here because a barber license sounds ludicrous to me.

WrathOfPornelius 13 points

Fellas we have more pressing matters to argue about, like whether or not this man should be allowed to roam the streets again after what he did to this poor kid.

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