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If you work for NPS in another 1039 position you will lose your rehire status.

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To add on to this, I’ve heard of this 4 month “training window” before, and it is illegal. You do get some training hours, I believe it’s two weeks, that don’t count against your 1039.

More like ONLY predator, i think Bears are afraid of moose even

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Nah, wolves will can and will take down a moose

Yeah but will they?

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Yea, I learned a lot about moose-wolf interactions when living on Isle Royale. If you're interested, search The Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale. It's a long standing study and the people who worked/are working on it are extremely passionate and well-versed in their field.

Why in the world would any king leave a power block the size of the reach intact? Their heavy horse alone could wipe pretty much any other Kingdom if commanded competently. Why not parcel off half of it to the Florents. As it stands the reach and any one other region could sweep the kingdoms with no other alliances. Seems dangerous.

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It’s not so easy to get the entirety of the Reach onto one side. Some of the houses there, like the Hightowers, Redwynes, and Tarlys, rival even some Paramount houses in strength of arms. Theoretically the Reach would be unstoppable, but realistically they would never come together like that. I don’t believe there’s been a single conflict that we know of where at least a few of the Tyrell’s own vassals were against them.

I’m interested to know why the trailer version of this scene appeared to be in an alleyway.

Someone feel free to correct me, but I don’t believe any parks in the Northeast region employ mounted units. They used to exist, but got phased out. I know they have mounted units at Yosemite and Golden Gate though, and probably other western parks.

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A bit late here but this says there's mounted units in NY, DC, and SF. I can't speak specifically for all parks but I'm pretty sure there's others, I remember seeing one in RMNP 2 years ago. I don't remember if it was LE but it was definitely at least park service.

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Ah, those units are Park Police and I was only thinking of Park Rangers. So there are technically NPS mounted positions in the Northeast.

Tusk was all sorts of messed up.

F is for FIRE that burns down the whole town!

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U is for uranium. Bombs!


It’s an app where you can type in an address and it will show parking garages in the area. It’s super useful for someone like me who goes into NYC a lot and gets nervous about being able to find parking.

World of Warcraft, especially compared to now. I missed the last two expansions ( and almost all of Cata honestly) so I thought I’d try out Legion. The game is so different now, lots of quality in life improvements, but the game feels less like an adventurer journeying into the wilds or a dungeon. It’s an understandable evolution as the story progresses, just wasn’t for me anymore though.

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The original Star Wars battlefront 2

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I just found out relatively recently that there were mods for the pc version that would allow you to go straight from a space battle into a land battle. I’m considering getting the game again just to try that out.

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I loved the post-credits sequence (and the film) but how do they explain the characters in Ant-Man and The Wasp not being aware of what was going on with Thanos? Maybe I missed something but it seems like a huge ship floating over NYC and causing a ton of destruction would have been something they'd be aware of.

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Thanks aside, I’m pretty sure the season finale of AoS was taking place somewhere in California, which should have definitely been on their radars.

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The episode where Imperfect Cell is introduced, when Piccolo is investigating the empty city (empty b/c Cell drank everyone). Just all the empty clothes of all ages of people and the silence was unnerving. What a menacing intro for a villain. They had a good build up to it too, what with Gohan finding Trunks’ time machine that had obviously been there for years, and then the giant, cockroachy husk. I had no idea what kind of creature they were going to end up facing.

Edit: And since I saw Him brought up I’ll just say this as well; it took me years to figure out that Frieza was a guy.

That time Brock called onigiri (rice balls) donuts.

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Jelly donuts

Honestly, goes down in my books as one of the weirdest edits of any tv show.


Does anyone have any experience writing any sort of hunting SOP for their park, or perhaps just work in a park with a hunting season? I’m looking to fashion one for the park I’m at currently. I don’t think it will go anywhere, but I also believe it will be good practice/experience.

Edit: It’s a national park.


What do you mean by SOP?

Like a public-facing document to help hunters?

Or an internal document to help staff manage the resource?

If the former, and if you're talking about national parks, you would do well to look at most any Alaska park website, such as

If it's a state park, I am sure there is a whole lot of variety across the country, and also certainly some good existing examples online.

If you're looking to write something for staff probably the single most useful thing you can do for either interpretive / front desk staff giving information, or law enforcement making contacts, is a cheat sheet for what's in season when and where. Hunting regs tend to be relatively dense and not very conducive to at-a-glance reading until you are personally pretty literate in them. So getting someone with authoritative knowledge to go species by species and unit by unit (both are helpful) and put it in like a spreadsheet that can be printed and laminated is great.

The rest of it, like how to issue permits, how to record harvest, how to report information to cooperating agencies that need to know, how to make a hunting contact, etc., are likely going to be already spelled out in existing regulation or policy, or are things responsible staff should already have been trained on (i.e. how to do a hunting contact).

But it is really hard to do anything related to hunting if you don't have a quick and ready answer to "When can i hunt" "where can I hunt" "what can I hunt" "can I hunt moose in the Johnson River" etc.

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Original Poster1 point · 12 days ago

Thank you for the info! The only hunting my park allows atm is if you’re on a boat in one small area. We have a huge deer population though that is a hazard for the many motorists that visit, and no natural predators to keep them in check. The last hunting season they had here was so far back that the only permanent around from that time doesn’t remember specifics, so I’m basically starting from scratch in that regards. I have all the basic questions down (like where and when), but still need to figure out things like a permit process.

My guess - and it is only that - is issuance of permits in terms of hunting licenses is going to come form the state DNR or equivalent.

I can say that from an NPS perspective, we would default to our existing special use permit system to permit [fill in the blank] activity. So if your agency has an existing permitting system like that (be it for commercial filming, or events, or large groups, or weddings, or whatever), that's probably a good place to start. However, this is also something you can probably work your way up the food chain to get an answer on.

If you're really going from scratch, it might be a good idea to look at a comparable park somewhere else to see what kind of conditions they attach to a hunt to account for things like population density, hiking trails, houses, etc.

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Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

Thank you! I was thinking about reaching out to a few east coast coastal parks if I could not get a direct line on here first.

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Hello! I'm part of an alumni association that is currently going through some restructuring. One thing we are looking to improve upon is how we keep track of our actions. Our President asked me to look into coming up with a sort of universal form that people could used to track what they did, when, why, the results, etc. and I was wondering if anyone here had employed a similar form of documentation in their nonprofit's and had a template they wouldn't mind sharing?


Sure that is pretty easy to do with Office 365 Forms if you are using it. Does your organization have a strategic technology plan in place?

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Original Poster2 points · 13 days ago

Thank you, I will check Office 365 out. And we do!

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Off the top of my head, one I remember is a simple group of columns.

First column: Date and time.

Second column: Actions taken. Example: Met with foreign minister of the Republic of Reddit to discuss our program on ensuring that the human rights of Martian refugees will be properly protected in the Republic.

Third column: Results. Example:The foreign minister agreed to provide technical support for our program, and asked her secretary to set up a liaison office at the ministry for this purpose.

Fourth column: Follow up actions and who is responsible. Example: Thank you letter and meeting summary for foreign minister to be prepared and sent by Jonn. Kara to work with foreign minister's secretary with respect to specifics of technical support to be provided.

If you are tracking time, I suppose you could add a fifth column for how much time was taken.

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This transport company I was working for employs automated wrist cuffs when taking a patient's bp. I did not even know these were a thing until I joined this company and found them extremely handy when riding in the back of the ambulance compared to palpating with a normal cuff and stethoscope. I've switched jobs now and work in law enforcement and I was thinking about investing in one, but I've always been suspicious of their accuracy and would like to hear if anyone has any insights into automated vs manual bp cuffs.

Edit: Thanks for the input! I'll stick to the tried and true palpating method.


Some jurisdictions have policies requiring the first BP to be taken manually, and then allowing subsequent to be taken by the machine.

Also, are you talking about the automatic standard arm cuff, or is this actually a cuff that goes on the wrist (where a watch would go)?

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

It was actually a cuff that went on the wrist and a lot of the people that had been with the company for awhile were employing them.

I would like to see the current races that are part of the Horde and Alliance get some representation as playable races. Wildhammer, Frostborn, and Broken for the Alliance. Revantusk, Taunka, and Ogres for the Horde. They all seem to pair off pretty nicely too.

Krishna would’ve been a pawn if he was a charioteer. The rooks were originally elephants, which you could mount a tower on and fire from since Indian Elephants had a better temper than African Elephants, which are the ones Hannibal tried to cross the alps with.

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Hannibal used a now extinct species of African elephant that was smaller than the African elephants alive today. Not contradicting what you’re saying, just a little bit of info.

Interesting. Do we know what led to their extinction? Assuming it wasn’t the third Punic War that is.

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It was overexploitation and deforestation. Elephants used to range all the way into what was then Mesopotamia, but ancient people’s drove them, and many other large animal species around the Mediterranean, to extinction.

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I've been playing Red Dead Redemption recently (set in 1911) and although it's obviously not entirely accurate, but it's strange to think that these sort of events were going on so late. Gunslingers and cowboys being around at a time when all but one of my great grandparents were alive and old enough to remember things seems so strange.

Edit: A word

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When I was in high school back in 2009 my history teacher brought in excerpts from when her grandmother and great-grandmother were in school. Her gg’s had something about native tribes and how they were still attacking railroad tracks.

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isnt the elf one of her sisters?

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Neither the High Elf with the child nor the dying Night Elf are one of Sylvanas’ sisters.

Thank you. If you could get the list I'd truly appreciate it.

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I sat down and called every state’s park agency a little while ago to see if they took SLET. I got a lot of responses, but not a complete list. I’ll post it after work.

Wow. Thank you so much. Way above and beyond what I was expecting.

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So I ended up calling 36 state's (basically all the ones that have some sort of state park agency) and out of the ones that responded:

Have to attend their academy: Georgia, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Colorado, Delaware, Wisconsin, West Virginia, South Carolina, Indiana

Possible to transition after review/test: Alaska, Kansas, Missouri, Texas

Can transition from federal to state: Tennessee (3 week transition course), Washington (must be within 24 months of your LE Cert or Commission)

The other ones either did not respond, or did and I just didn't follow up on b/c I got tired. Good luck.

Edit: Forgot Indiana. Also, I have a note on my list that Utah's agency would accept it if their own LEO academy accepted it, so something to look into.

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As was already said, humans are extremely durable in the Avatar world, but on top of that, fire seems to have different properties than on our world. Fire produced by firebenders has some sort of concussive property to it, allowing them to deflect or blow through solid objects. It’s possible that Zuko created a shield of some sort around himself that not only protected him from the flames of the explosion, but also the shockwaves.

So far it seems like once you have your free will back you keep, untill you die again that is where there is another chance

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Forsaken Death Knights are a good example of a Forsaken dying and then falling back under the control of the Lich King.

No, she was raised as a Banshee and then possessed her own body becoming the first Dark Ranger.

The 3rd generation of Death Knights were raised as undead from fallen heroes by the Lich King.

She was able to break free b/c during the events of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Illidan staged an attack on Icecrown Citadel, weakening the Lich King and allowing some undead to regain their free will. Sylvanas was one of these undead and she rallied the rest to her, establishing the Forsaken.

Instead of comparing Tauren to real world cows you should be comparing them to the Greek mythological creature, the minotaur, which they are derived from. Minotaurs ate meat, so it’s not outlandish that Tauren do as well.


At the end of the trilogy the Dwarves succeeded in their quest and reclaimed Erebor. Dain is King Under the Mountain now and he presumably rebuilds the kingdom. After the remaining Dwarves from Thorin's Company get their share, what happens to the rest of the wealth? Since Dain is king does it all go to him? Does he redistribute it to any Dwarves who come and resettle Erebor?

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Anne Boleyn was horribly treated in her time and is still remembered as a seductress who kind of got what she deserved.

Her uncle and father were professional schemers, using their daughters as pawns to advance their own standing. They whored out Anne's sister Mary to King Henry VIII first, knowing that as his she would get them royal favors. Mary was married to someone else, though, so she could only achieve mistress status. This didn't satisfy the men in charge, so they turned their attentions to Anne.

By all accounts, Anne was brilliant, beautiful, fun, and stylish. Henry fell in lust with her right away, and she played the game exactly as she was taught, holding out for the prize of a crown before letting him sleep with her. It didn't matter that she had been in love with other men, that Henry was married to someone else, or that he had probably fathered at least one of her sister's children. This was the assignment she was given, and her only real worth in life was tied to making this marriage happen. So she did her job. Henry's obsession with her drove him to tear England's social order apart, break the monarchy's ties with the Catholic church, and cast aside his beloved first wife Catherine of Aragon, all of which was of course Anne's fault, rather than the guy making all the decisions.

Anne became Queen, and her troubles were just beginning. Not only did the public dislike her for the downfall of Queen Catherine, but other nobles hated her influence over Henry and, more importantly, her audacity to have a flair for politics. Henry's love for her was the only thing keeping her safe in a court that resented her, a country that hated her, and a family that used her. And Henry's love, as we all know, was fickle. Anne had miscarriage after miscarriage, only managing to give Henry one living child: a useless daughter. His interest in her waned, both because of her failure to birth a son and because being pregnant so often meant he had to satisfy his kingly sexual appetites elsewhere. (EDIT: A lot of historians think the blame for Henry's inability to father a healthy son was due to a genetic disorder he may have carried, not the many women who miscarried on his behalf. But this man was ordained by God, so under the bus the women went. Classic.)

Things started to unravel. Former Queen Catherine died, and Henry fell into mourning, suddenly contrite at having let such a kind and gentle woman live out the rest of her life in poverty and disgrace. Anne started to look more and more like a villain: the whore who stole a crown from a good Catholic queen, didn't bother to give the king an heir, and let her opinions rule a court where women were meant to be seen and not heard. All the stress may have been the cause of yet another miscarriage...a boy. Rumors gained steam that Anne was a witch, an adulteress (she did fuck a married King, after all), and guilty of high treason (it was treason to cheat on a King. Queens were shit out of luck).

She got a "trial" and was sentenced to death. Anne was beheaded after giving a speech begging forgiveness for not being gentle enough for a lady of her rank (aka being interesting), bringing spectators to tears. Henry was not present, having already set his sights on Jane Seymour, who would quickly become his next queen and mother of his only legitimate male heir. Jane then had the good sense to immediately die. Henry went on to marry three more women, one of whom he divorced for being too ugly, the next of whom he murdered in a similar fashion to Anne (she was 19), and the last of whom, luckily, outlived him.

Anne Boleyn is remembered as many unflattering things, but in reality she was a clever woman born into the wrong time and the wrong family, who did as she was told in her own style and paid for it with her life. And that useless daughter she gave Henry? Queen Elizabeth I.

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Now now I need to go rewatch the Tudors.

Watch Wolf Hall instead.

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Sounds interesting, will definitely check it out!

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