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XrangerX123 commented on a post in r/warcraftlore
XrangerX123 4 points

-I'm glad the Shatterspear are still a presence in the Horde. The more Trolls the better!

-Wonder what's going on with the Steamwheedle since their involvement with the Horde is important enough to note. Will we see a shift in allegiances for this Cartel somewhere down the line? Or maybe just an influx of new recruits into the Bilgewater Cartel?

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dotyawning 13 points

We haven't really seen any other Earths with the usual heroic Metas yet. White straight characters ended up siding with the Nazis, more or less on Earth X. Meanwhile, literally every meta got recruited by Zoom on Earth 2.

Have we even seen any good alternates to our own heroes yet? Cisco was evil on Earth 2, Ronnie was evil on Earth 2, and Caitlin was about as evil as she would be on Earth 1 if it wasn't for the circumstances that led to her alter ego being anti heroic here. For that matter, was E2 KF even an a different personality like she was here? Earth 2 was basically Earth 3 from the comics if it wasn't for Jesse turning out to be a hero herself.

XrangerX123 1 point

Cisco was a good guy on Earth X.

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NeoStorm247 74 points

Guys. I've got it. The reason why Ralph keeps switching from being a complete damn coward to willing to suit up and be a hero is because he's.....

Rubber Banding.

XrangerX123 1 point

I don’t know what it is about your post, but now I want to see Rubberband Man make a live screen appearance.

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calebfitz 10 points

Cramped and sweaty but one of the most fun places to go to.

XrangerX123 3 points

Next week is my bday and I want to go out and watch RPDR at a bar. Ritz was my first choice b/c I love dancing there but all my friends want to go to Industry instead -.-

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Alexlai0927 608 points

Scarlett Johnason said they have film a scene with Thirty-something heroes fight in same battle, but it didn’t appear in IW, it may be saved for Avg4

XrangerX123 2 points

silently hopes that means Defenders and AoS will turn up at some point

XrangerX123 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
PhillipLlerenas 12,043 points

Villains who have won, have the protagonists at their mercy, but for some reason continually delay executing them so they can explain their evil plot in detail, allowing the audience to understand what happened and the heroes to devise a plan to escape.

XrangerX123 1 point

Geico has a new commercial about this and it’s hilarious.

XrangerX123 commented on a post in r/AskThe_Donald
XrangerX123 2 points

I actually heard an argument the other day, from someone I consider very far left on social issues, that cultural appropriation is and has always been a neutral term (meaning there’s both negative and positive situations the term can be applied to) and the only reason people view it as solely negative is b/c of vocal SJWers.

This is something I agree with as there are definitely egregious examples of cultural appropriation, such as the festival examples where young people will wear Native American or East Asian attire that has religious or sacred uses in those cultures just b/c they look pretty when they’re rolling face, but there are also a lot of positive examples of cultural appropriation, such as any example of a restaurant that’s food is non-ethnic American in origin.

XrangerX123 commented on a post in r/ParkRangers
ThaGibstah 3 points

If I had a cookie I would give you one because that guess was spot on! Thanks for the tips, I'll keep them in mind!

XrangerX123 2 points

I only had a two month stint at THRO (had to leave for SLET) but I caught the green glow so many times at night there. The sunsets after thunderstorms are also pretty killer.

Excalibstrd 1 point

Dressed in colorful fineries and surrounded by servants Tiziano approached the ship Thrand and the Archon were on. "Welcome to Ilanin, Thrand and Archon." With this he nodded his head in a slight bow, "It is the immense pleasure of myself and the council of Ilanin to receive you in parley, here at the docks of our fair city. No doubt as you know I am the Merchant-Prince of Ilanin, as decided by the council of the city." Tiziano looked behind the two of them and to the ships sitting in the water. "We see you have brought with you an immense force. The council and I are just wondering what your.. agenda is?" Tiziano's posture changed to a more relaxed demeanor and his tone took on more of a firm tone. He was no novice to negotiations and he planned on coming out on top always. Though, this would require a little more finesse than his usual dealings..

XrangerX123 1 point

Thrand bowed before the Prince, his bronze hauberk glittering in the sun.

"Your grace, we are honored to be greeted by you personally. Our intentions towards your fine city are amicable for we seek only passage up the river. The ships you see before you are merely an escort for the Archon, a sizeable one to be sure, but befitting a man of his importance."

Thrand glanced towards the Archon, hoping his comrade would pick up on the story he was now weaving for the Prince.

"We sail north, up the River Running, towards Dale. The Archon seeks to open diplomatic channels with the kingdom, and to make amends for grievances of the past. Surely a man of your stature understands the weight such a mission of importance carries for the east?"

Thrand finished his sentence with a veiled threat the message being that any interference would be met with arms. His brother was ever the smooth talker, easily navigating the political intrigues of court back home, but Thrand had always found threats and force to be more up his alley.

XrangerX123 commented on a post in r/AskScienceFiction
serenity78 5 points

They never explained their origin. They could be only as intelligent as an average carnivore like a snake.

XrangerX123 3 points

Krasinksi explained their origins in a recent interview.

XrangerX123 commented on a post in r/AskScienceFiction
XrangerX123 1 point

He was also incapacitated almost immediately by Hawkeye and probably needed a moment to get himself back together.

Edit: There’s a better gif of it floating around somewhere but I’m on mobile so this is the best I can do atm. You can see Hawkeye hit him with the electric arrows right at the beginning of the fight. https://goo.gl

XrangerX123 commented on a post in r/AskThe_Donald
rxFMS 13 points

whats the question that you are asking?

XrangerX123 6 points

This has been happening a lot on this sub lately. Not that I’m against discussion, but maybe the mods should add some flairs to threads to differentiate between questions for Trump supporters and general discussions with Trump supporters.

XrangerX123 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
TriaxialGoat 2 points

I grew up in Jersey and had science teachers tell me mountain lions are in the area. They also said it’s like a 0% chance of seeing them, but I always assumed they were there. I never knew the government never acknowledged it. I just thought it was a fact

XrangerX123 3 points

I had to scroll pretty deep to find someone else from NJ. Our state’s Fish & Wildlife Board will vehemently deny any existence of mountain lions, but I worked up in north-western Jersey for a year, cutting trails and removing invasive flora, and I ran into plenty of folks living in that area who claim they’ve seen them. I think there was even video proof circulating at one point but I can’t find it now. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, we do have some pretty dense forests around the Appalachains and tons of deer as a steady food source.

invisus7343 1 point

Pachuco Pants, A-style t-shirt, black suspenders and polished Stacy Adams tuxedo shoes should do you OK in Socorro. Just bring a flanel for the morning, but make sure it’s not “the wrong color”.

XrangerX123 1 point

“the wrong color”

Oh no I'm colorblind!

CheebaHJones 7 points

Bring a fleece or a pullover or two and a pair of thicker pants. Temps drop pretty quick after dark even if it is hot out in the day.

XrangerX123 0 points

Gotcha, thank you!

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Sturminator94 13 points

Nightborne have been isolated under a magic bubble until only recently and yet they can be monks.

XrangerX123 7 points

My justification is that the Kaldorei Empire had contact with the Pandaren Empire, so there was probably some cultural exchange between the two, like the teachings of Monks, and some of those who took part in that exchange got stuck under the bubble. Hence, Nightborne Monks.

XrangerX123 commented on a post in r/AskScienceFiction
MikeMars1225 46 points

I doubt he'd interfere with the hunting of local tribes since they hunt for food, but game hunters and especially poachers would likely not be tolerated, as there's no contribution to the circle of life.

If it was just a big game hunter, he and his lionesses would take care of them. They may have firearms, but a small group of hunters aren't going to stand a chance against an entire pride of lions that has every intention to kill them.

Poachers on the other hand are a different story. Organized poachers typically use assault rifles, numerous vehicles ranging from jeeps to helicopters, and will even start fires to burn away habitats to send animals running out of hiding and into a wall of bullets.

This is something that Mufasa and his pride would have no hope of taking on by themselves. However, the entirety of the Pride Lands was clearly united under Mufasa, so he pretty much has an entire army at his disposal.

Mufasa could use the birds as spies to track the movement of the poachers, since they would go mostly unnoticed. This would allow for the Pride Lands to evacuate from areas the poachers are heading to.

In terms of retaliation, outside of maybe picking off stragglers, it would need to be a single, swift strike that would eliminate the poachers entirely, because the Pride Lands will not win a war of attrition.

The best bet for this would be to lure the bulk of the poachers to a riverbank, preferably at night. Bonus points if they can get them out there during a rainstorm, though that'd be incredibly difficult since the poachers would probably go home and wait for it to clear up at that point.

If the Pride Lands were to hit the poachers with a cavalry of something like rhinos, elephants, cape buffalo, or wildebeests, they could force the poachers into the river where they'd be helpless against crocodiles and hippos. To ensure the charge doesn't get mowed down, Mufassa would probably have to create a distraction with his pride and other swift predators that could sneak up close to the poachers. The losses would be immense, but in the end it would most likely be a victory.

Once the bulk of the poachers are killed, any survivors would leave and never come back because poaching in the Pride Lands just wouldn't be worth the effort.

XrangerX123 9 points

I don't even think it needs to be that complicated taking into consideration all the venomous snakes the Pride Lands probably play host too, just send a bunch of those into the tents of the poachers at night. Quick, quiet, and easy.

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AutoModerator [M] 10 points

Holy pally

I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

XrangerX123 2 points

I'll probably ask this again in the weekly PvP thread, but I just hit 110 recently and I'm looking to up my healing game in BG's. What talents have you all found the most useful?

XrangerX123 commented on a post in r/AskThe_Donald
stealthyfrog 5 points

If Congress lets New California become a thing, I want Better Texas to also become a thing (Austin + surrounding suburbs?). An eye for an eye; two stupid secessions based on an inability to accept other opinions.

XrangerX123 2 points

I’ve entertained the idea of some of our largest cities breaking off and becoming city-States. I think the more rural parts of states often get the short end of the stick in terms of representation when they have absolutely massive metro areas (like NYC or LA) in the state as well.

stealthyfrog 5 points

That is true, but I think rural areas' underrepresentation is also accounted for by the electoral college's overrepresentation of smaller states.

XrangerX123 1 point

I meant more of within the states themselves.

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