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20 points · 6 hours ago

I think this time they wanted to be the ones to do it.

Bjerg splitting top with Hauntzer's TP up and ready. They thought they'd trade bot inhib and then stop recalls.

Unfortunately they also forgot what Cass W and Varus ult does.

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10 points · 6 hours ago

The problem was just that they had no place there to defend the turret. Zven standing in the frontline and Mithy not able to use W was just terrible.

Against Rumble + Cass + Varus that type of defense probably isn't even possible.

Cass slow into Varus ult into Rumble ult and you're just gone.

Plus, the wave clear on TSM's side was not that great with Ryze being gone. Ashe has to get too close and the two melees don't do much either.

Cute attempt, but it'd take a huge EF fuck up for it to ever work.

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Tahm W and Cleanse , maybe a flash and you are out, at least the ADC, and the enemy need to follow and fight for some time under the turret which is often enough to stall. the 2 carries and the jungler then being alive means they can defend against a low HP team.

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53 points · 9 hours ago

Unfortunately, that's literally impossible because of the speed of light

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-4 points · 7 hours ago · edited 7 hours ago

And here warp comes in. Stretching and clinching space allows matter to travel faster than light without actually being faster than light, in theory.

Or "teleportation" of information, which is already possible.

In the end it works like sending 2 packages at the same time. One to the server and the other PC and then one of them changes the package and the other ones package automatically changes in the same way and you can instantly read the new information. Now double this to 4 packages, 2 sender and 2 receiver packages (server gets 1 sender and 1 receiver and PC also) and you can instantly send data from the PC to the server and from the server to the PC without delay (still delay due to writing and reading and all the stuff inside the machies, but 0 delay from distance).

-3 points · 3 hours ago

Quantum teleportation could be the future of network technology.

"it's like comparing two things that are completely different, despite EVERY indication that they're the same"

line skillshot
damage increased by range
comparable damage
comparable range
low cooldown

except ONE is AoE and kills 3 people in the jungle instead of just 1

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line skillshot

True, except that Zoe has to cast it twice and has to get the star away from the enemy before shooting it in.

damage increased by range

Also true, except that Nidalee reached the max dmg at 1500 range already while Zoe needs 2550 distance.

comparable damage

34% dmg difference at lvl 9 is comparable? I don't think so. At lvl 18 it Nidalees spear is still ~10-15% higher which is where Zoes finally reaches its max dmg. So yeah, at lvl 18 you could say the dmg is comparable, but at lvl 5-16 it is not and most of the game happens between lvl 5-16.

comparable range

1500 max range vs limitless max range (normally around 2600) is not even close. Also Zoe's Q can't get outside of the 800 radius around her.

except ONE is AoE and kills 3 people in the jungle instead of just 1

It kills 3 people of whom 2 would be dead anyways

  1. doesn't make ANY difference
  2. doesn't make ANY difference
  3. yes that's exactly what i said
  4. no one gives a shit about the range
  5. it wasn't even a GOOD Q, it did about 800 damage estimated. i'm not impressed by it. the only thing that makes the difference is that it's AoE
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yes that's exactly what i said

You said compareable dmg, but he dmg is not even close to being comparable.

no one gives a shit about the range

Aha, I don't think so. Range is a key factor or you wouldn't have mentioned it yourself as a key similarity.

it wasn't even a GOOD Q, it did about 800 damage estimated. i'm not impressed by it. the only thing that makes the difference is that it's AoE

The AOE is pretty small and people have to stand on top of each other and it does only 80% dmg to secondary targets. It was a ~1800 range Q which is ok. But do you need to be impressed by it? Why should every skillshot need to be impressive? 2 pretty much dead enemies and one squishy that gets hit by the EQ combo. Nothing impressive, but enough to kill them because they were out of position.

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it has to do with open circuit. when you're competing with the best week in and week out the gap between top teams, regardless of region, will not be big if not non-existent.

that's also why koreans will never dominate csgo, even if a lot of them started playing it.

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1 point · 7 hours ago · edited 7 hours ago

KR are never that insane in shooters. Has less to do with open circuits and more with culture.

It is mostly the culture. You find better players and teams in countries where the game is popular.

For Dota that is northern Europe, eastern Europe and CN mostly with a bit of US.

Why does the US not have that many talented Soccer (Football) players? Because it is not as popular there. Why does EU have less talented American Football and Basketball players? Less popular.

It is always based on the popularity (how many players want to play?) and the infrastructure to support these players.

An open circuit has never proven to enhance weaker areas in any sport I know. It was always culture and infrastructure in these countries. Yes, sometimes these things need a boost from an outstanding exception, but as long as these 2 things are not there it won't work.

NA has a terrible pro gaming culture (mostly casual console players) and the infrastructure is evolving but still years behind KR. EU has an even worse infrastructure but there is a decent pro gaming culture with more PC players and a larger hardcore player base.

2 points · 7 hours ago

An open circuit has never proven to enhance weaker areas in any sport I know.

Soccer in Europe. Dramatically improved performance across many countries with growth of euro competition participation since 90s.

Golf, tennis, Motorsport.

It applies to pretty much anything. The more and more different ideas you are exposed to, the better you get

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Nah, since the champions league came back the top clubs in the EU are just too far ahead from the other ones. It created a gap in some countries and it is hard to participate for smaller clubs because they would need to have 2 great rosters or else your players get too exhausted and you won't be able to play in your region and on the EU lvl at full power. So it is based on infrastructure mostly made by money because the other one already exists. And the performance of clubs didn't improve, what improved was the €€€ to buy better players and stack as much talent in as few clubs as possible.

Tennis is the same as always. It is hard to compare it when most of the changes happened due to times changing and not tournaments. Same with Golf and Motorsport, they are the same forever.

The more and more different ideas you are exposed to, the better you get

If you are able to adept and train around it, grasp it and get the constant exposure and have the time. You would need to get all the teams into a tournament that lasts 1-2 months in a region to achieve that. Just making a tournament that lasts 2 weeks doesn't show anything because people never have time to adept and evolve for real but have to do it hasty and unfinished.

61 points · 9 hours ago

dying and dead is a totally different meaning

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35 points · 7 hours ago

Just because your body starts to decline around 30 means you are dying? Sure, you can say that, but do we call every girl/guy above 30 a dying guy/girl?

So yes, you can always say something is dying. A game not yet released is dying. It will either not get released = death or get released and sucks and then dies or it becomes good, lives for some time and dies.

A newborn is on its way to death.

Does that mean you think LoL is past its peak?

I think it clearly is, its just so huge it will take years of bleeding users before it matters

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13 points · 7 hours ago

Some games get a second peak. Some games die fast after their peak, others last for years maybe even decades.

wait you are building it first item? the fuck? Also with Stormrazor, Sivir literally does not need more waveclear.... Nor do i ever run out of mana with her. CDR is only valuable thing there even that is not big on her

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You may say that, but statistically it works as a niche item. Nearly 10% buy rate is ok and the WR is decent.

And? Pro builds is shit for inspiration or to simply copy because the sample size sucks and the players are fixed. It is like looking for Lethality Varus before he was known again. You were able to see Crit and Lth Varus being decent on overall stat sites before as a niche build but you only saw him some weeks later on pro-builds.

=> The site shows pretty much what is known and meta, nothing more. And even there is is very limited

U.GG does the same if you only look at pros. Using this as a statistic to what is good is like saying that every food that wasn't tasted by a chef has to taste terrible.

You assumption there is that pros know everything which is definitely not true. You are also only looking at a training ground at the highest lvl which you are not playing at. Your situation is totally different from theirs.

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10 points · 9 hours ago

some rioter sat down and said, "you know what's keeping annie from the meta? her attack range. Her already long ass attack range needs a 50 unit buff."

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-2 points · 8 hours ago

Annie will never really be meta. She is a soloQ champ for people that want an easy burst mage. If she is meta something is wrong with her,

1 point · 3 days ago

I personally like their system of a patch every 2 weeks. And I loved the version we had at the start of the year with one exception: Instead of large - small patch cycles we had huge - small patch cycles and the huge ones were the problem.

Take out the sightstone change in 8.2, the AP item update in 8.4 and you actually have a great cycle for the spring split. Move some of the changes like the Swain rework from 8.3 into 8.4 (8.3 should be a smaller one, 8.4 the larger one) and you are fine.

Riot should go to a 4 week cycle with a smaller patch in between (a slightly larger hotifx patch with smaller changes) like they did it in the spring split and keep the huge changes (sightstone and AP items) for mid season.

I also think having mid season stretched out over 2 patches is not wrong, their plan over 4 patches was just way too much stretched out and they did cut one in the end.

I think Riots direction for patch cycle changes in S8 were not wrong, they just went way too far.

-5 points · 4 days ago

Unlikely. As a patch sits for a bit and strategies find counters and those counters find things that can be done against them, etc., it can actually evolve a LOT more than changing it every other week and eliminating any room for real innovation and experimentation.

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2 points · 3 days ago

The thing is that not every patch changes that much. We had the 2v1 splitpushing and it evolved into the 4v0 splitpushing and after some time Riot ended it.

Funneling was kept for 4 patches (8.10-8.13) or 8 weeks and it did evolve a bit but into a more bad direction. At first it looked good (8.11) with CN teams playing aggressive against funneling champs like Yi or Karthus and it worked. But then people started to funnel ADCs and the offensive strategy worked less and it changed towards the "try and ignore the mid lane/jungle guys because you can't do anything against them".

Riot leaves these things in the game normally for some time because they want to see and think about it. Is there a healthy way to keep it? Does it evolve into something good and interactive?

Most of the stuff riot shut down they did because it did hurt core parts of the game.

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2 points · 4 days ago

You're conflating things. It may be better for players to look at core, priority items, yes. You can't just call those 6-item builds sub-optimal though. They are the most commonly built and highest winning 6-item builds from plat and up. Nobody and no build site is going to help you if you can't manage to adjust to how you personally play or what's going on in your specific game.

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0 points · 3 days ago

You know how often champs get to 5 items? (it is called 5 because you ignore the boots)

Around 6-10% of their games. so you are ignoring the other 90+% of their games that they might win or lose before. Also scaling champs would have a higher WR at 5 items than early/mid game champs but these champs would be really strong and their best builds are mostly 1-3 item builds where they perform and the one that drag out like the 5 item builds are the worse ones.

But i doubt that really only uses the data from full item builds. Nobody that runs such a site would be that stupid to use useless information.

7 points · 4 days ago

Except that in the context of the site, that isn't incorrect at all. It only looks at fully completed builds and only includes them if that exact build order occurs enough. It is flawed, but you're overselling it.

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0 points · 3 days ago

If they really only look into full builds then you have pretty much 0 data to use. That would be so horrible to do and makes zero sense. That would mean all the data they show about items is 100% useless, which would make sense because their item builds are meh. I would recommend them to someone below lvl 30 or for fun in normal games.

The site is completely useless for WR and PR states due to the tiny sample size, their builds are not good and so fixed while other sites are more flexible there, which matters when you want to win, and their runes are the only ok thing but even there they lack actual options shown.

So what do they offer (useful data) except for the limited amount of runes shown?

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Original Poster137 points · 4 days ago

Wow this does a lot and seems good. CC is very powerful in pretty much every game and being able to follow this up with a nice long hard to hit CC (especially on a slowed enemy) seems great. 8.5/10

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32 points · 4 days ago

Decently close, but because the numbers on that thing are ridiculous it is closer to a 9.5/10.

Have you actually played ranked? You get denied and sometimes you cant push. Have you played against a nami or brand? As a low ranged carry? Either way, its a coin flip every single game depending on the jungler. As well as my champion is garbage in lane for the most part which can be mitigated by a good support pick which is also random.

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1 point · 4 days ago

Your champ can be bad, but to be low HP under your own turret means you did something wrong before in terms of decision making or mechanically regardless of your pick.

It happens, yes, but normlly not without a mistake.

And yes, if it happens and your jungler doesn't help, bad for you. It is a team game and one death doesn't decide the lane or the game most of the time.

But you have to keep in mind that you can never outplay every situation. Outplays are made mostly for close situations.

When you get left alone in a 1v5 surrounded as a Nasus at minute 15, what should Nasus do? Die. If it is a GP? die. And a Camille? She can't get out with her E so she can only try to E and then flash but likely she is going to die.

There doesn't have to be a mechanical outplay situation for every situation that happens. If your situation happens it sucks, but it is a 1v2 you maneuvered yourself into. You chose to pick a champ that does bad early on and can't clear waves well, you decided to be at the mercy of your jungler early on.

Now from you saying Brand and your Icon I assume you mean Ez, if I am wrong pls say so. Now Ez is not a good wave clear ADC for sure, but he is not a weak laner and for him there is some outplay potential in a 1v2.

Because certain characters are awful in lane while others are not? While 3 players close the distance on your tower you have less room to dodge skillshots, sure if i ward and i back off i lose a couple of waves. And you still lose.

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1 point · 4 days ago

Your champ can be bad in the lane but you don't have to get shoved in and be low at the same time and never get help of your jungler. If you pick such a champ and these 3 things happen (you get low HP because you trade when you shouldn't, you have no wave control because you champ sucks early on and your jungler never helps you) then there is enough shit combined that you deserve to die under your turret without much outplaypotential.

You knew you would be weaker in lane, your jungler never helps you and you still seem to trade and get low and have 0 wave control? If you pick such a champ and play like that and get no help you should be done for the laning phase. It is like jumping from a cliff, you know what is going to happen when you lock the champ in. Now ask your jungler if he backed your parachute so that you can land safely and if he says "no" you are fucked.

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2 points · 4 days ago

Lee is an AD assasin now and I think the old build is drastically worse than the offensive build. That being said, with tanks finding a comeback currently, I think a more utility / off tank build should be stronger.

It depends on the game and your playstyle. Lee definitely benefits from an assasin playstyle right now, but the overall meta seems to shift away from benefiting assasins.

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1 point · 4 days ago

He is to a certain degree, but his assassin build isn't that much better now compared to before the changes. His Q execute dmg got mostly increased against squishies while his Q base dmg got lowered. It was a buff and made the Lth build better, but only by a tiny bit.

And even in KR the Lth build is not as popular and successful yet:

A 10% buy rate for the 2 Lth items as a second item in D+ KR and just the same WR as BC as a second item? It would need a significantly higher WR with such a niche buy rate as a clear snowball item, something like 2+%

I would say that the bruiser build with AD + Def stat items is still the more solid one because it is more flexible and has the better scaling into the late game. The Lth build on the other hand has one great advantage: Land one Q onto a squishy and you likely have a kill and if done right you will CC some enemies with your R so that you can get out or stall for some time. One lucky Q can win you the game, similar to the Blitz hooks.

1 point · 4 days ago

That normally happens when your team is far ahead. It places the objectives closer to the enemy to make up for your teams lead.

It can be unfair, but I think it is even more unfair to just place it in the middle and then the team that is ahead most likely wins it and gets even stronger, creating a hard snowball.

But I agree that it is a bit far under their turret. Could be like 50-100 range further in the southwest (if we consider the camera looks towards north)

1 point · 4 days ago

The "report lee" at the end when it were Cait and Kai'Sa that didn't want to finish when they could.

21 points · 4 days ago

Yea, sucks that Riot doesn't know how to balance the game.

Yea, sucks that Riot takes forever to fix bugs.

Yea, sucks that Riot doesn't fix FPS problems and optimization.

But people on this subreddit are just negative for no reason /s

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8 points · 4 days ago

The game balance is mostly the reason of Riot listening more to reddit this year. Pretty much every balancing problem can be redirected to a problem we spotted before, complained about and Riot chose to fix it in the only or good way and it turned out if you fix that problem you create another one (you can't have a strategy game and a solo carry game in a 5v5 scenario)

The bugs and FPS problems are a problem Riot has to deal with, sure, but these are a minority of the complains. Sometimes you find a frontpage post but most of the complaining stuff is about balancing and balancing that mostly we created with your QQ and Riot listening to it and trying to fix what we wanted to get fixed.

But reddit seems to forget that every action in balancing has tons of ripple effects: More solo carry potential means less strategy and shorter and more snowbally games. We then complain about the later 2 when we wanted the first.

And it is not wrong to complain with valid criticism and a analysis of why you think this is happening or why you think it is bad or why you don't like it.

"I think the burst dmg in this game is too high ... . To a certain degree this comes from runes having more dmg power than defensive power and also from missing defensive base stats from the old rune system as I will explain in detail here (tons of numbers and math). ..."

When was the last time you really saw such a post and not a "dmg is too high -insert terrible out of context clip- see. QQ nerf dmg"

For me it looks like the posts we see these days are from kids that haven't learned how to argue or criticize. Back in the older days this was not always the case and we had a lot more informative posts with tons of work behind them and they actually changed something towards a better game as an individual with good points that was backed up by a lot of people. Now we get an individuals throwing 100 bones into this reddit each day to wait and see which one the dogs want.

0 points · 4 days ago

I dont understand whats wrong with saying damage is too high a posting video evidence that clearly displayed it. Why do you also have to do have an argument to support what the video already shows?

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2 points · 4 days ago

A video means you have to look at context. lvls, items, fed status, champs, runes and other things.

It also matters who does that dmg. Are everybody doing too much dmg? Then nerfing just burst runes is not enough you likely need to nerf all offensive runes and could be that you have to nerf defensive runes a bit, too, to not make defensive ones too good.

It is just early game dmg or late game dmg? A video doesn't show if it happens at all states. It also doesn't show the full overkill power.

One example was the video about the old vs new dmg scenarios. It shows pretty well that there is likely too much dmg, but in a bad way. For example the builds back then for mages were often Catalyst first which gives you a decent amount of HP but 0 dmg early on. Items like DBlade and DRing gave more HP (120) and less AD/AP (6/10) and based on the rune meta it could be that every champ used the defensive tree secondary which adds a decent amount of survivability.

So it is not really that this video just showed that dmg is so much higher now but that people build more offensive to a certain degree, too. So it is also a case of items, specialization and other things. So just showing the video without analyzing anything just says nothing.

Now I haven't done this for this recent video because I didn't find it and was not interested in it. I know that dmg slowly creeped up over the years and in pre-S8 it made a jump and after nerfs to bone plating and the HP from runes it the defensive options most people used before became way less used and you actually started too feel it. But was it just this rune change? no. It happened slowly over years with things like items (in mid lane Ludens is the strongest first item for most mages and its passive has pretty good dmg and it offer pretty strong offensive stats).

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be great if it triggered off spells sadly not though :P

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1 point · 4 days ago

I mean, to trigger Electrocute you normally do AA as a jungler which means you would trigger DH every time you would trigger electrocute.

Yeah but for eve dh isn't good because it doesn't trigger on her E

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1 point · 4 days ago

You are going to AA with eve at least once. It doesn't matter when it procs as long as it does.

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0 points · 4 days ago
  1. It doesn't matter what her day 1 WR was, no idea why it needs to be mentioned

  2. They just buffed her, the first buff was ok (hotfix)

  3. they buffed her again and it was likely wrong. +50% dmg against minions on the Q was stupid because it gave her insane wave clear. While the vector cast change was something people had to relearn it was also something that reddit actually wanted and cried out for. We had tons of posts about it being not a vector cast like Rumbles ult or Viktors E but a 2 tap cast. Reddit was crying about her E being shit as it was on release because the 2 tap cast needed too much time and was weird to use. If it is better now (I don't know) then it was worth it because the cost of relearning that spell is not that high compared to having to deal with it forever

  4. The E max was not strong because of the E alone, but because rank 1 Q was also insane against minions. This is why they nerfed the E initial dmg by 10-30 (oh no). So she did 10-30 less base dmg. the follow up dmg from E+W was still the same.

  5. Riot buffed the Q not because the E was too weak (right now it is even weaker than before; 50-90 now instead of the old 70-150 or the super old 80-180; see how OP that thing was). The Q got buffed because she was shoved in too hard early on so they lowered the Q CD and the worked ground duration to give her more DPS not just when clearing waves but also to fight

  6. Actually Riot buffs Q a second time in the 6.24 hotfix for more base dmg and AP ratio but reduce the dmg of further hits from 50% down to 40%. So a decent buff to just 1 hit and also a slight buff to all 5 landing (420 base dmg to 442 at max rank).

  7. Now Riot takes a break and doesn't change her much for ~8 months when they nerfed her Q mana costs, but not the dmg.

  8. Nothing changes except for base stats till 8.8, against ~8 months later. they touched her twice in ~16 months and she was doing fine during S7 and spring S8, but her strengths are a problem: Wave clear, roaming, DPS fights and semi-burst fights and also a control mage. Her weakness: No instant combat mobility, just some MS.

  9. Riot knows they need to give her a clearer weakness till the small rework so they nerf the Q CD

  10. The rework comes in on 8.11.

Her W and E are by far the most interactive and played around parts of her kit. They're fun to use, they're satisfying to land and they're satisfying to dodge

Sure, but the potential burst of that combo is so high that you can't really buff it more and if you use the E before the W you get the enemy slowed which makes it harder to dodge. The max dmg of her E is 205-429 + 1.33 AP (rank 1-5) and that without a possible second explosion (when they disappear after timeout) that she normally doesn't trigger, so I left it out. That is without the W dmg which is meh but it is still a really strong CC spell (knockbacks are very powerful, see Swains passive).

You have a power budget and her WE combo already takes a ton of it. You can't focus her more around it than you already do or you would need to delete something from her kit. It also makes her one dimensional because all she would be able to do is EW or WE all game long. This is just impossible to achieve.

I literally am unable to understand how a W nerf somehow reduces her ability to push and roam

The MS nerf is mainly to nerf her map speed (jungle and mid). The W nerf is mostly to reduce her jungle clear speed a bit, especially in the mid game because the E gets maxed second and at lvl 7/10 you already are close to the old 12 sec base CD on W allowing you to use that combo for all camps easily. The longer W CD makes that combo less frequent, reducing her clear speed in the mid game and makes her more vulnerable to invades.

The W does not really nerf her mid lane roaming by too much, but her jungle roaming. In the mid lane it is just a minor nerf because sometimes, very early, you have a nearly dead minion wave and want to roam fast and you used the W for the last small tick on 3 minions (E is too expensive and has an as long CD early and Q is likely on CD from the wave). If you still do this now you are likely not ready to fight if you roam and you can get caught out because your W will be on CD.

I would say that right now she is in a good spot. Fine in soloQ (jungle and mid) and likely on the stronger side still in competitive, but mostly her jungling got nerfed (MS and W nerfs but also the R + vision for a possible smite steal).

28 points · 5 days ago

I dont want to dismiss her situation, neither nitpick some points, but half of what hapenned with her, have nothing to do with sexism. Situations that happens (sadly) in any work environment. Hell, who never had someone talk to others behind your back? who never TALKED about others behind their backs?

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4 points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

This is a problem with this discussion. The motivation for why things are done to someone can be based on race or gender but they don't have to be. Sometimes things are meant helpful or just to criticize not the women but the person.

I heard people saying things like "The bus didn't stop/opened doors for me because I am colored". I have faced the same problem decently often on my way to my school years ago. Or "They discriminate me because I am from vietnam". Is it because of that or because it makes it just easier to bully you that way? I got bullied, too, and I have seen people getting bullied into suicide from multiple races.

Sometimes the race or gender are not the trigger but just an easier excuse for the bullying and an easy point to attack because you can see it on first sight. But that doesn't mean you can't get bullied for what you think or do, for what you are.

Now grps like women are more likely to get targeted because of that and they have to be protected more and the best way to do this is in the long run is by changing our culture and raise your children to have respect towards every race and gender. This is not enough in the short run (more protection, awareness, help and also better punishment/rehabilitation for perpetrators).

I think she has some valid points like people laughing it off after an incident where a woman got strange texts from her boss. This shouldn't be happening.

But there are also things like feeling ignored more often than others, which happens to nearly everyone at work that is not at the top. You have 20 guys below you with 4 different opinion grps? You can only chose one and so 75% of the time you will likely feel ignored and overlooked. If you want to change that you have to fight hard for it and it costs a lot of energy, but that is work if you want to get heard and maybe get promoted.

I was chatting with my husband (who also worked at Riot) about how I didn’t like to go to the gym at lunch because I was too lazy to redo my makeup, a random Rioter felt the need to jump into our conversation and inform me that I should give men more credit that they’ll like me even without make-up. Oh right, my coworkers think I wear eyeliner so they think I’m fuckable. Cool. Glad I get to take those thoughts with me to my next meeting.

Now this part is totally wrong. She thinks she needs to wear makeup for a reason. Because you don't see yourself too often when you are working you likely wear it to either look better for everyone around you or to please a certain person (your husband). Now when a person comes and says that you still look fine without makeup this is not an insult or anything but an encouragement to make you feel more ease when going to the gym.

I have tons of problems like this because I am very shy, or better was. I needed such help - not with makeup but I need to wear good cloths as an armor against thoughts I have about thought people could have about me - to get better and became more open and less trapped in my mind about terrible thoughts when I do look good even when I wear normal stuff.

Now did she as for it? No. But did she talk at a public place about it? Yes. Is it impolite to jump in and throw in a comment without asking? Yes. Is it some form of sexism? No.

44 points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

I’m pretty sure Ghostcrawler’s ethnicity and gender was mentioned due to the fact that white males in the United States aren’t subjected to the sexism, discrimination, and other forms of bigotry that people of color/minorities/women face in the work place.

It’s a matter of perspective as well, and because of his position at Riot, in addition to his racial background and gender, he can further gain equality by using his privilege, correctly, in order to lessen/eliminate any form inequality, which he is clearly pushing for.

Edit: to clarify: white males in the workplace face discrimination, sexism, etc., still, but NOT AS MUCH as women and PoC.

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-8 points · 4 days ago

I’m pretty sure Ghostcrawler’s ethnicity and gender was mentioned due to the fact that white males in the United States aren’t subjected to the sexism, discrimination, and other forms of bigotry that people of color/minorities/women face in the work place.

They are likely not subjected to the sexism, discrimination because they are white and male, but they can still be subjected to the sexism, discrimination for other reasons. People always find a reason if they want to, if it is not your body it is your mind.

how about scorch its pretty shit post nerf, and the meta is too fast for gathering storm so there is no good second sorcery rune to take anymore for ad laners.

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1 point · 4 days ago

The meta is not fast. We have an AVG game time in plat of 28.5 minutes, that is a pretty long game time now. We had fast games patches ago.

Competitive the games are also not short by any means.

GS is still strong with such an AVG game time

yea it never hits 30min and when it does its over so pretty useless as it matters most at 3rd mark and after

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1 point · 4 days ago

28.5 minutes on AVG. That means the game time span is around 20-37 minutes most likely with an even distribution to the sides (Gauss). That is in no way short, that is even slightly long.

You get to 3 items + boots on AVG which is a lot.

28.5 minutes AVG doesn't mean it never hits the 30 minutes.

You can see that we have more than 25% of the games between 30-35 minutes, 15% between 35-40 minutes and then ~10% at 40+ minutes.

That makes 50% of the games lasting longer than 30 minutes.

GS is also already strong at 2 marks and nearly ok at 1. Only the first 10 minutes are a problem with it.

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0 points · 5 days ago

I have it on LAS, have you tried restarting the client?

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1 point · 5 days ago

Yep, you need to restart or it won't show up.

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I think the tank meta was hated because Riot made it so tanks far out-scale damage dealers too quickly and made them too strong.

For example, if you're playing a top lane carry and it's a full blown tank meta, what does lane look like? Well, your trades are about 60-40. If you don't secure a VERY large lead early game before 1st or 2nd back, you basically automatically lose. That's what people hate. In tank metas, tanks spending 1k on items is like carries spending 1.5k or 2k. It's just not possible to really keep up with - and it's not fun at ALL when a tank like Poppy or Ornn or whatever builds literally 0 damage and can 1v1 someone with carry items.

I understand the point people make when they talk about base stats scaling... at all, for tanks but I still overall disagree. To me if you build 0 damage, you should do damn near no damage. If you want to do damage and actually 1v1 someone, you should have to build at least some damage. But that's not how the game is. If you play Ornn, Sion, Naut, Maokai, Poppy, etc. in a decent tank meta you can eventually start to 1v1 carries despite possibly building 0 damage. And while you're not going to have sustained damage or some crazy burst, you do still become self-sustainable where you're not only a "tank".

Things like this and a lot more have imo fucked the game strategy wise. I don't really remember any time this year in the meta where front to back teamfighting was even a thing. It's just a "lol someone got caught" simulator - and that's IF both teams make it to 10 minutes even, which damn near never happens.

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But this wasn't the case. Yes, some tanks were OP and needed nerfs, but overall we had tons of bruisers in soloQ that outscales tanks easily. In soloQ we never really had a tank meta and the PR of top lane tanks compared to bruisers was 1/2 so bruisers were not only present but we also had them doing fine some even great (Kled and Darius back then for soloQ).

For competitive it is true that others needed too long to outscale tanks because in competitive the teamplay covers enough problems of tanks and tanks get enhanced by the team similar to ADCs (ADCs just get enhanced even more).

In tank metas, tanks spending 1k on items is like carries spending 1.5k or 2k.

That is true to a certain degree. Tank stats scale a bit faster (1-2 items) against a specific enemy. Why? Because you only need to build Armor + HP or MR + HP. Out of your 3 tank stats you only need 2 against most enemies. But after that they need to invest into the other defensive stat, too, which then throws them behind in the 1v1. Because a tank has to build some stats that are useless against half of the enemies these stats (Armor/MR) have to be a bit more cost efficient on finished items. This makes an early tank item pretty strong.

On the other hand it means they scale worse because they have to split their attention for defensive stats if they want to survive outside of the laning phase.

Now bruisers can actually do the same and get a hextrinker early or tabis if they need armor or MR, but they don't do it. Not because it is bad, but because they have way better options to deal with tanks. One is Ravenous Hydra (for some Titanic if you have shields and self sustain). Due to the manaless wave control + sustain you can just farm again every tank and he won't really kill you in a 1v1 but all he can do is farm and delay your push.

To me if you build 0 damage, you should do damn near no damage.

Tanks do nearly no dmg. They do their base dmg and that one is as high as that of bruisers and other classes. If a tank builds no dmg he does no dmg. No dmg in this case means base dmg without bonus dmg. Yes, some tanks have anti HP dmg sources which do work best against ... tanks and juggernauts and juggernauts do beat tanks normally in the 1v1 due to better base stats, lower mana costs, lower CDs and their kit being made for pure melee combat.

It is a myth that tanks deal a lot of dmg that was never mathematically proven by anyone except using the OP tanks that needed nerfes at that time anyways.

What tanks can do is doing some decent DPS. Why? Because they use the normal base dmg and add a lot of CDR, similar to mages. Now this is a problem that is not made by tanks but by CDR and how it works: CDR scales with CDR, the more CDR you have the more you want it. the CDR system is a problem in the game forever and Riot has never fixed it and when CDR started to become a stat for nearly everyone tanks jumped on the train and it became a bit of a problem. Now they are more balanced around the CDR and some CDR items got adjusted over the time (e.g. IBG and SV) but back then it was a mess and stupid. But the core problem here is still CDR and that stat is not just a problem on tanks but on mages also.

If you play Ornn, Sion, Naut, Maokai, Poppy, etc. in a decent tank meta you can eventually start to 1v1 carries despite possibly building 0 damage.

Here we get into a problem:

  • Ornn does a lot of dmg at very short range. Ornn is also in some ways broken has a bad design I think (too much focus on the W and R not enough on the Q and E). Ornn plays actually like a juggernaut without his R. His R is the only thing that makes him into a tank because it offers reliable engage. But Ornns dmg is not that insane outside of his R actually. His R does insane amounts of dmg if used right (450 + 26% max HP at lvl 16+ + slow + knockup). He is not the classic tank, but a mix of a tank + juggernaut

    • Q: 88-267 + 1.0 bAD at lvl 1-18 (=20-140 + 1.0 tAD). That is a big above average but with a 9-7 sec CD it has a decently long CD and is still a skillshot (can be avoided). The base dmg at lvl 9 if he maxes it first is just 211 which is pretty low for that CD so he never maxes it first
    • W: The problem child: Yes, 80-280 min dmg and 12-16% of the targets current HP. Sounds like a lot? Is a lot. But since the W was made slimmer again it can be dodged and rarely lands all parts. It is like looking at Morgs W dmg and using the full dmg (80-400 min; 120-600 max) to justify a nerf. In his case he will only land the full dmg when an enemy is CCed from an ally or he stands out of position. What does add up is the extra shield here and I think it is misplaced on the W
    • E: 80-260 + 40% bArmor/bMR. Now this one is decently high but not exceptional. The scaling on the other hand is not great.
  • Sion: Yes, he can do great dmg IF he lands the long R charge which he rarely should and the charged Q. But how often does that happen? In the endgame stats Sion is one of of the worst in terms of dmg dealt to champs on every statistics site for a reason. In theory the dmg is high, in a game with a decently competent enemy (on your lvl) it is not. You also have to consider that his W and not maxed E have a decently long CD (11 and 12 sec) leaving him mostly with his Q after the engage and that one can be interrupted and avoided. Do you say Nunu is the best dmg guy in the game because his R has a theoretical super high dmg? No, I don't think so

  • Naut: He has meh dmg actually. His shield and CC is what makes him ok:

    • Q: 80-240 that is ok
    • W: 15-35 per second, OH NO. The shield absorbing around 120 dmg early is decently strong. Once the shield is gone he will have no extra DPS anymore. For the CD it is ok, for the mana costs it is not
    • E: 55-175 dmg on a 5 sec CD for 90 mana? That is not good. The only good part is that it can deal up to 200% dmg, but that only happens if you enemy is bad. Nobody will run into all 3 and your P CC will not be long enough for your to lock him down, move into the perfect distance and land all 3 Es before he is out. Normally it does 100-150% dmg 175-263 at rank 5 which is barely ok for the mana costs of a melee ability.
  • R: 200-450 is ok

  • Maokai: Ah, the basic tank

    • Q: 65-225 which is barely ok for the 5 sec CD
    • W: 50-150 which is laughable. Yes, it has decent CC but the untargetable thing to avoid dmg and CC is the actual good thing. You need to time it right as a good mao for the CC + avoiding as much as possible
    • E: 25-150 + 6-8% max HP (doubled inside a brush but most enemies won't fight that close to a brush with you and to trigger it they need to be pretty close). Good AOE dmg but also has a long cast time, can be avoided (outrun) has a decent CD and mana costs.
    • R: 150-300 is nothing
  • Poppy: Oh hey, I did that one some time ago and compared her to bruisers. Around some dmg in a combat scenario but lets go through the abilities here

    • P: 20-180 extra is decent. Getting the shield is good but can get you into trouble or away from the target you need to stay close to
    • Q: 40-120 + 8% max HP, doubled if the enemy stays in it for 1 second (~0.25 sec cast time so 1.25 sec in total). Now this one is tricky. At lvl 18 it does 280 dmg to a squishy but at lvl 9 it is just ~210 which is barely ok for a dmg ability. Yes, it can deal 420 dmg IF the enemy is CCed from an ally or you stunned him with your E into the wall. So it can happen but is situational and does happen less often than just landing the solo dmg.
    • W: 70-230 situational dmg is laughable
    • E: 60-140, doubled if knocked into a wall. This one is also terrible except the wall hit comes in. Now how often does Poppy knock someone into a wall during the laning phase? 2-3 times? How often do people cast their abilities during that time normally? 10-15 times? So it mostly gets the low dmg part
    • R: 100-200 lol. 200-400 is decent but that one is to knock someone back towards their base, so not really used for the dmg.

I don't know where you see exception dmg there. That all without AD/AP scalings because we don't build dmg items. So lets look at some brusiers:

  • Darius:

    • P: 13-30 over 5 sec per stack, refeshes (if you get 5 stacks onto the enemy they will do like 1 sec 1 stack, 1 sec 2 stacks, 1 sec 3 stacks, 1 sec 4 stacks, 5 sec 5 stacks dmg). Not much but in longer fights it stacks up to a lot
    • Q: 104-369 (lvl 1-18), 1/3rd on the handle. Pretty strong if you can land it, terrible if not. Healing makes it even better with 12-36% missing HP (1-3 targets on the axe).
    • W: 90-238 is ok
    • E: no dmg but 10-30% ArPen. This means ~+3-18% more dmg against a 50-100 Armor target. If you 1v1 someone from 2k HP and 100 Armor (4k effective HP) you would reduce his effective HP down to 3.4k. That is a theoretical max dmg of 600. here.
    • R: 100-300 and +20% per stack. True dmg so even with 100-300 it is nearly ok.

But this comparisons don't get you too far.

In a real fight this looks a bit different but you can do that simulation if you want to. But keep in mind: Most tanks have very situational dmg. There is a reason they are at the bottom in terms of dmg dealt per game.

1 point · 5 days ago

The funny thing:

  • vocal reddit majority in spring split: We want solo carry potential, outplays, influence on our own, get tanks out

  • now: We want strategy back, teamplay with less solo carry potential (yes, if it is more of a strategy game you are less likely to carry solo via outplays and shot calling becomes important and where you are at what time; synergy and communication becomes key). This also means pretty much the tank meta we had/have in competitive because they are less APM, a tick simpler, but are crucial for the competitive strategy meta (they do play a strategy game, you just need to be on a super high lvl).

Either we really have reddit begin split in 2 grps and the spring split grp sleeps these days OR a ton of people actually changed their mind of what they wanted in the spring split OR people on reddit don't know what they want.

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183 points · 6 days ago

Before anyone is concerned about the Trundle change: i looked at it yesterday for some time and this change means that at lv18 his Q deals 14 less dmg. This is without any AD from runes or items or his Q and only with his base AD. With the AD from your first Q you only lose 4 dmg. These numbers are obviously higher the closer your are to lvl 9, for reference at 9 you lose 20 dmg without any AD and 14 with the AD from your Q. This is mainly caused by a higher total AD ratio giving your base dmg back for every lvl you gain.

What this means is that Trundle variants that build AD and are generally against melees like toplane Trundle go at least neutral with this change and just with Ravenous and his Q they are positive by about 10 dmg at lvl9. The lowered duration on the Q buff hurts obviously but it's less impactful in his initial role as a tankcounter and probably won't be felt with a bit of CDR.

Numbers look harsh at first but at most he doesn't lose 40 but only 20 dmg and otherwise the change would just be a straight up buff to every version of Trundle while the goal is probably to bring him closer to the playstyle he had before spring playoffs this year and nerf the tank Trundle that crowds out tanks without hurting splitpush Trundle.

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1 point · 5 days ago

Wasn't it 16 less dmg? He has 119 base AD times 0.2 (tAD scaling buff) = ~24 => 40-24 = 16

With his runes he normally gains ~10 AD (celerity + sorcery) which gets it down to 14 less dmg.

If he gets 70 AD from items he would be even.

the main nerf is at lvl 9 when he does 40 less base dmg and gets only ~17.6 dmg from his base AD. It will be a ~20 dmg nerf with runes (~20.4 less dmg).

That Leona buff is actually insane. Perma W with 40% cdr and the enemy duration proc.

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1 point · 5 days ago

I would have used 14-12 sec and lower the armor she gains by 5 (now even with the MR) but give the Q +0-60 dmg.


  • W: I think a CD buff is fine for it to enhance her later parts of the laning phase and the mid game mostly with a chance for a second W in skirmishes

  • Q: It gets maxed last for a good reason: Same CD at all lvls and only +25 dmg per rank for +5 mana costs. So it is pretty much a worthless skill to max and her one point wonder. More dmg at higher ranks mostly buffs the later mid/late game. Q max will still suck because even with +40 dmg per rank, W and E gain +40 still and get a lower CD and have fixed mana costs.

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Is it intended or a bug ?

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2 points · 5 days ago

Most likely a bug. He will run forward till the snowball hits something but the snowball starts on the other side of the wall so you can run with it a little bit and then he hops forward after it hits, so he jumps towards the snowball a bit which is enough to get through the wall.

3 points · 6 days ago

The duration doesn't matter much because the shield gets destroyed on less than 6 sec normally. the lower shield value is not a problem considering the way lower CD.

The nerf is that the lower CD for a weaker shield won't matter much when the mana costs are still as high early on. Later on you can manage it and it becomes a buff, but in the early game (jungle and lane) your mana will be a larger problem than your enemy.

Overall still a buff mid to late game, but a slight nerf early because of the mana problems (less shield/mana when mana matters so much for him).


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