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1.2k points · 1 day ago

Now we just need enough of all three to make an American flag

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The blue ones are sour.

Almost like Culver’s cheese curds

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Those taste bland compared to good hand battered tavern curds.

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That's because they are bland compared to good hand battered tavern curds. With the latter you're tasting everything that's been in the frier that day with it. This also applies to older bowling alleys. You know, the ones where you can smell the lane grease before you even walk through the off kilter, metal framed door with a half torn "push" sticker.

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That's oddly specific and eerily accurate. I've heard tell of a place just south of the Mason/Dixon thats never completely changed their oil in decades. Claimed as the basis of their flavor

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Plus she's from a very wealthy family, has hot sisters, and is bi. Which is kinda my thing.

Actually it would really increase the danger element if they sharpened both ends.

She married a guy named "the D Man". Doesn't seem like a tough decision if you're into that sort of thing.

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did you see the before picture?

5.3k points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

In the full video (link here) the rhino charges at the elephant and the elephant responds by hurling the stick over the rhino. The rhino backs away with a respectful nod. It’s pretty intense.

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I knew elephants were often dicks.

Jokes on them, I've already seen better than that with those two.

Ass was flatter then expected,she turn around like she had a bubble butt to unleash

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You wanna get knocked over by quick turning booty, my neighborhood Queens pinball your narrow ass.


That's a sweet shot of her, ... not like sweet, but SWEET!

Ya know she's been darned attractive for a while now and good for her. Anybody know if shes seeing anyone currently?, or know where she lives? {I KID}

915 points · 5 days ago

Cuz the clock hit 5

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It's not goin' no where, pal.

So... even in that period Syria and Lebanon sucked so much Polo decided to just sail around them?

I was feeling a little light headed, ... $250? here's 3, keep it.

3.7k points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

This day shall go down in history as the day it became clear that the US President is a TRAITOR and under the direction of a hostile foreign government. Time will tell whether the orange idiot will become the HERO of the GOP or its worst liability since Nixon.

To be clear, President Trump took sides against the American Federal Govt. in support of Russia. Tomorrow he will be calling it fake news, and tweeting tough talk against Russia, but this day will go down in history.

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Your Jimmies are wildly flailing.

OMG She's Pregers!

And the other dude looks like Jonah Hill

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Dude, that may be Jonah Hill; I hear he's totally tweaked these days.

That's what .22 caliber is for. And loud birds.

So I collect bones (it’s not THAT weird, I swear) and one morning I was enjoying my coffee when I heard through the screen door - THE NOISE - and immediately jump up from a reclining position to storm out into the backyard in my pajama pants. I find a pregnant as fuck squirrel is CHEWING on one of my FUCKING cow skulls. I shriek and her, and takes off, but bold little shit that she is, she turns around a few feet away, slams her paws into the fence, and chitters back at me.

And this is how my morning of cussing out a squirrel and carrying four large pieces of a cow’s skeleton into my garage began.

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You may be the one with issues. Just saying.

I'm guessing you grabbed that bag, stuffed everything in it and carefully walked it to a park trash bin that someone else emptys. Feel better about yourself big man? Your saving the planet!

I mean, one should feel good about themselves if they pick up behind an adult in this circumstance, because they did the right thing. Do you not see an issue with acting like you were raised in a barn, and leaving trash and crap for other people to deal with?

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Ok, This OP took 'maybe' a picture of a littered picnic table and posted it to garner, what sympathy? outrage? respect for her social conscientiousness. Whom sucks more, the folks who left this mess, or the ass trying to call them out for it? Sometimes it's hard to know who to punch in the face.

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