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Link to my previous post:

She went to church with me and she seemed to like it. We laughed a lot and talked a lot, but... she was EXTREMELY nervous. Like, take all the synonyms for the word "nervous" and mash them all together, and that's how nervous she was. We took a stroll through a bike path for about 30 minutes and I could feel the nervousness oozing out of her every time she talked. When we got to her car, she talked about how she's scared of walking around neighborhoods and practically made a mad-dash to the door to get away as fast as fucking possible. I told her we should do this again some time, she agreed she would visit the church again, and she left. I was awe-struck. It was 1PM in broad daylight in a relatively up-scale part of town; it couldn't be any less creepy unless it was Beverly Hills.

I texted her about an hour after and we joked about her surviving the mean streets of my town. I told her I enjoyed hanging out with her, and then got no response from her.

I plan on texting her in a couple days or so, just so she has time to work through whatever shocked her. If I get no response or a negative, I'll probably just drop it, which is a shame because she was totally my type. She was NOT this nervous when she initially talked to me at work. Anyone have an idea as to what the heck happened?

edit: Should be noted that I don't work at the same place as her anymore.

I don’t want to sound insensitive, first dates are awkward in general, but you went to church for your first date?

Hopefully not that big of a deal to her, but that would completely creep me out if someone from my religion invited me to service for a first date.

Anyway, give it a couple of days before you panic, though.

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Original Poster2 points · 19 days ago

Update: Apparently, she really enjoyed it. She told some colleagues that she was nervous because she was scared of the neighborhood we were in. We have another date planned this Sunday.

The first date in a church thing was something she HEAVILY hinted at, not purely my idea :P


Made a previous post here about someone who flirted with me heavily at work. I asked her out, she said yes, we dated. However, after two dates, I learned from a friend that one of my old coworkers is her boyfriend and they've been together for a year. Word on the street is that she's dating me to have an excuse to break up with him and be with me instead.

I really like this girl, but I also don't want to be "that guy". I know I would feel like absolute shit if it happened to me, but this girl is 100% my type. Do I break it off? Bring it up? Hope she breaks up with him before things get serious? What is my moral obligation?

Note: I don't work with her anymore, I work somewhere else now.

I would simply bring it up. Sure, ideally we would want to end the relationship with someone before pursuing a new relationship but sometimes it's complicated and not easy to end. I never understood this idea of a "cheater." People don't "cheat" just because, but rather because they're not happy in their current relationship.

So the thought process of "they're going to cheat again on me" isn't necessarily true. If you're "the one" and they're happy with you then theoretically they won't. Just tell them that if it does come to that, you would prefer that they end the relationship first before pursuing a new one. And if they do cheat on you, yeah it sucks, but why would you want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you, or isn't happy enough with you? You move on.

Anyways, communication is key. Talk to her about it. Not saying anything will only make it worse.

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Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

Thanks for the advice fam.

Your girlfriend literally has a boyfriend that isn't you, and you are implying there's an issue with me.

Your girlfriend has another boyfriend she didn't tell you about

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Original Poster2 points · 28 days ago

I don't have a girlfriend. I get the feeling you didn't read the post.

Nah I don’t think so, sure you can come up on the cards earlier but she’s still going to swipe left if she doesn’t find you attractive. Just get a good pic and a short creative bio and that should do it

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100% this. Also, don't listen to people who say "just swipe right on everyone bruh". Tinder uses an algorithm that'll mark you for doing that and will match you with others (read: bots) that do the same thing.

1 point · 29 days ago · edited 29 days ago

I have had no problem dating but online dating is generally awful for me.. I'm definitely conventionally unattractive. I have had plenty of success IRL.

Edit: I should mention that I have never asked a girl out, they have always asked me out.

"but would be willing to when they get over it."

Yeah no. Move on.

What? This person asked how I got dates. What are you talking about? All I said was I didn’t comment on my appearance because you assumed I didn’t think I was as attractive as I was. What the hell are you on about?

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Reddit takes the "rules of dating" that seriously I guess. I'm unattractive as hell (fat, slightly below average height, etc.), but I have never asked any of my exes out; I'm the one who always gets asked to go on dates! And they've all been very attractive to boot. My personality lends itself to people relaxing around me.

Hell, I have a friend (who I love and adore) who is ugly as FUCK. However, this man has been with more women in one year than I'll ever see in a lifetime. Personality is a humongous factor, much bigger than your looks imo.

Edit: Spelling

You’re absolutely right! I’m 5’5” and I use a cane because I have a bad back. I am not a ten. And the person I’m talking about is three inches taller than me. Personality is all important.

I’m still not sure what that guy was talking about though. Weird.

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Yeah, its not really rocket science. Just today I had an (online) friend tell me he's gonna work towards getting six pack abs and a new car to impress girls and I had to beat it into his head that looks are not that important. Eventually our convo went like this.

"Well you're probably attractive."

Nope. Sent him a picture of myself from my most recent weight loss to show him I'm not.

"Well you're probably rich"

Definite nope. Was legit homeless when I dated my last girl. And she knew it too.

"Well the girls you dated might not have been as attractive as you think"

Shared a couple photos of me hanging out with said girls. He agreed they were conventionally attractive.

"Well its probably because you're Arab and they find it exotic"

Everyone thinks I'm a Mexican at first and that's hardly exotic in the US. My dates are always surprised to find out I'm Arab, but they learn it later down the line.

But in the end, it was to no avail. He's spending money, time, and effort into what will undoubtedly be a fruitless effort if he doesn't try and socialize more.

Friend set me up on a blind date once. Talked to the girl over the phone to get her address and when I arrived at her house to pick her up her parents informed me she was 12. I was 17 and noped the fuck out of there. Never went on a blind date again after that.

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Ruh roh raggy

The Story of Cabbage Girl, or Why I Gave Up on OKCupid

Prelude : A girl messages me on OK Cupid and invites me out. I check out her profile, and she seems pretty interesting. A nursing student in a top program doing an internship at a respected hospital. Her photos suggested that she likes to travel, and has visited some unique places. Her responses to questions seemed on the conservative side, both socially and politically, but she grew up in Southeast Asia. "Conservative" attitudes in other countries don't map exactly to conservative attitudes in the United States, so I figured I would withhold judgement on that score until I'd met her.

Chapter 1 : Despite attending the same university as me, she wanted to meet up for frozen yogurt 40 minutes away. At 4:30. With rush hour traffic, make that 90 minutes. Just as I creep past the last freeway exit before the causeway, she calls to postpone to 7:30. At a different frozen yogurt place. In a town even further away. I didn't have anything else planned, so I agreed. I slogged my way across the causeway. It was an awkward amount of time to wait, so I went home for about 30 minutes and picked up a book to read. This proved to be a wise decision.

Chapter 2 : After a two hour drive to City 2, a hellishly boring exurban shithole filled with churches and Walmarts built in the same style, I arrive at Frozen Yogurt Place #2. I arrive about ten minutes early, so I grab a seat and dive into my book. Two hours later, I decide to give her a call.

"This is going to sound weird, but I can't seem to get my car out of park," she said.

"Um... OK," I said, wondering why she didn't seem to have any ideas about what to do about the situation. "Are you close enough to walk? It's a nice evening."

"I'm wearing heels," she said. To a froyo place? And, since you're at home, don't you have a change of shoes? I wonder, but didn't say.

"So... do you want me to pick you up?" I ask.

"Uh, I'm not sure... can I trust you?"

"Well," I say, baffled, "I'm not sure how to answer that. I mean, I think I'm trustworthy, but obviously I'm not an unbiased source. If you're not comfortable telling me where you live, I won't be offended. Maybe if we met somewhere near by, and then I won't know where your house is?" She seemed pretty freaked out by this answer, but I wasn't going to just say, Oh yeah, you can totally trust me. That just seemed like creepy thing to say.

Eventually, after a lot of hemming and hawing, she just gives me the address of her apartment complex, and where to find her in the parking lot. I drive to her apartment. Four blocks away.

Chapter 3 : I find her standing next to her car. I park, and walk over to say hello. The conversation goes like this :

Me : "Hi! You must be [can't remember her actual name, she is Cabbage Girl forever]. I'm [my actual name]."

CG : "..." (stares at her phone)

Me : "So... uh... froyo?"

CG : "Can you see what's wrong with it?" (points at the car) At this point, I should note that I am a biologist. What I know about cars stems entirely from an obsession with engines when I was about nine years old. It was the one after dinosaurs but before airplanes and making explosion noises. Nothing whatsoever in my profile suggested that I know fuck-all about cars.

Me : "Er... OK? What should I look at?"

CG : "Just see if you can get it out of park." (hands me the keys)

Me : "OK, I'll give it a try."

I sit down in her car. It is an early 2000's Toyota Avalon. The interior is absolutely filthy. The passenger-side footwell is overflowing with garbage, and everything on the center console is covered with a sticky layer of fuzz. I start the engine, and every warning light on the dash starts going crazy. Eventually it settles down to "check engine." Sure enough, it is stuck in park. But when I try to move the shifter, I hear a wheezing hissing sound and a gentle thwap-clunk-thwap from under the car.

It dawns on me that this sound is very familiar! I once had a roommate whose car did exactly this. There was this stupid hose that tells the transmission that the engine is running, and it fell off. So, I hop out, and ask her to try pushing the shifter while I look under the car. I find the hose. I tell her to stop, and I jam the hose onto a likely-looking tube thing. I ask her to try again. Hooray! The car shifts into neutral, and then drive. It's fixed! I am feeling pretty great about myself.

I try to show her the place where the hose goes in case it falls off again, but...

CG : "OK, let's go." At no point does she say anything that could be construed as, "Thank you." I am sad.

Chapter 4 : We take my car to the froyo place, which is now closed. She then tells me that the only place open after 9:00 is Chili's. So, we go to fucking Chili's, where I eat the only vegetarian thing on the menu -- a burrito made entirely out of salt and grilled vegetable slime. Cabbage Girl orders three meals and picks at them, leaving blobs of sauce and debris all over the table. Doesn't ask for a to-go container. Doesn't bring her wallet, either.

It was one of the most bizarre conversations I've ever had with a human, and my scope of bizarre conversations includes loved ones recovering from a traumatic brain injuries and struggling with dementia. Some gems :

  • Was not interested in pursuing a career in nursing despite accumulating massive debts to do so.
  • Walking me through her day planner of other OK Cupid dates (her target was a minimum of two a day)
  • Her belief that women should not be allowed to work.
  • After telling me about her devotion to Buddhism, I asked what she thought about Thích Nhất Hạnh. "Who?" she asked, baffled.

I choke down my slime-salt burrito and about fifteen glasses of water as quickly as possible. I leave the waitress a hefty tip and write "I AM SO SORRY FOR THE MESS" on the check.

Chapter 5 : On the way to drop her off at home, we pass the biggest grocery store I have ever seen. For the first time since I met her, she suddenly seems excited about something.

CG : "Oh! Can we stop in the store really quick? I have an early exam tomorrow, and I realized I don't have anything to make breakfast."

I decide to indulge a morbid curiosity to find out what she will do. I park, and she hops out. Her wallet is sitting on the passenger seat, so I pick it up and hand it to her. She looks crestfallen. I am sad, but at this point, I am mostly disappointed that she didn't have a weirder motivation.

We then commence the most peculiar shopping expedition I have ever experienced. She gets a cart, and then slowly walks down each of the hundred million aisles in the store. She picks things up, looks at them, and returns them to the shelf. After completing her first pass, the cart is entirely empty. She then begins again. I try engaging her in conversation. What does she like to make for breakfast? On what subject is her exam? She answers by offering random observations about the item she is contemplating not buying. I give up, and just wait for her to finish so we can leave.

Eventually, she makes her selection : a single cabbage. It rolls around in the cart by itself as we complete a third circuit of the store. If it was dadaist performance art, it was absolutely fucking brilliant.

Chapter 6 : I drop her off at her building. By this point, I desperately need to pee, and so I ask if I can use her bathroom before I go home.

CG : "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that."

Me : "Oh, sure! I totally understand. K-BYEEEEEEEEE!!!"

I drive two hours home with a painfully full bladder, alternating between giggling and awestruck silence. She was so terrible it was actually fascinating.

She called back three days later. I declined the call.

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I normally never read long posts, but seeing it divided into chapters just tugged at something primal within me.

10/10 worth reading all the way through.


There's this guy at work, let's call him Kevin. We both work in the kitchen of a certain Christian chicken franchise. I decided to chat him up one day to see what he was about. One of my coworkers previously worked with him at Sonic's and begged me not to talk to him. He seemed like an alright kinda guy at a glance, what's the worst that could happen?

I had made a huge error in judgement. Over the next few months, he would interact with me a lot and tell me some extremely outlandish shit (AKA lies). Here are some examples.

  • Kevin claims that he went to Syria to fight ISIS by joining the Kurds. He came back to the US because he was bored with war.

  • He believes every conspiracy theory. All of them. Lizard people, the Illuminati, ancient aliens, the magic bullet, 9/11 was an inside job, mutherfucking Flat Earth, etc.

  • He believes African Americans to be superior to all other races/ethnicities including, funnily enough, black Africans. All mixed peoples are inferior as well. Kevin is mixed.

  • Kevin can play any instrument. Kevin cannot sufficiently answer any question regarding any particular instrument. When asked how to play the flute, an instrument I know all too well, he held his hands in the same position you would hold a recorder.

  • Kevin has millions of dollars sitting in a bank account that he "can't access", which is the only reason he's working in fast food for the time being.

  • Kevin used to be a drug lord on par with Pablo Escabar, but he got out of the game because it was simply too easy for him.

  • Kevin has sex with a new woman every day. He has never gone a single day without sex ever since he turned 18. All he wants is true love, but all women are thots who just use him for sex.

  • Kevin is a master of Ninjitsu and he would have to kill you if you accidentally witnessed any of his moves.

There are more, but I legitimately felt exhausted listing all this BS off. Each of these lies was accompanied by enough ridiculous detail to make Tom Clancy jealous.


Is there another subreddit/term for these people who just... make stuff up all the time for no reason? It was very common when I was a kid, but I'm sure it's still prevalent with adults.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I don't know, but there should be. There are some real nutcases out there.

I want you to chat Kevin up each day and create a chronicle of his "exploits".

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Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

I have 8 months worth of content under my belt, this is a rather small list. Most of what he has to say is either extremely sexist or extremely racist, rather than anything overtly political or out-of-this-world. AFAIK, his day to day life is actually pretty fucking depressing and boring, so I guess this is just some big ol' escape for him.

I'm sure this will get buried, but it will probably be cathartic to type out:

I have a fatal allergy to all nuts, but growing up, my allergies were all over the place. When I was very young, I'd even react to water if it wasn't distilled. For a long time, I was restricted to plain rice and plain chicken. I saw a lot of doctors and my immune system eventually chilled out, but the memory of having such severe allergies really sticks with you. You never know if something you might touch or eat might kill you, or send you to the hospital.

During high school, I was dating this guy, and a lot of the time when we'd hang out at his place, I'd start to swell up and feel itchy. Allergies are not cool, so although he knew what my allergies were, and we both avoided those foods when we were together, I would try my best not to mention it if I thought I was having a reaction. So if I started to feel like I couldn't swallow or was having trouble breathing, I'd just pop a benadryl and try to carry on the date like normal. If it got really bad, I'd try to drive home so I could at least be around my parents if something bad happened.

Obviously this is idiotic, and more than once I woke up in my car at the side of the road, having pulled over to sleep because I'd taken too much benadryl. The reactions started happening more and more often, and I just couldn't pin-point what I was reacting to. I didn't want to believe that my allergies were so bad that I couldn't even make out with my boyfriend. I figured I was just eating the wrong stuff, but couldn't figure out what the "wrong" thing was either.

I started to experience anxiety when it came to food, and found myself unable to eat outside my parents' house. I lost a lot of weight. I didn't speak to anyone about it because it seemed embarrassing to have something as dumb as allergies affecting my life like this.

When we went off to university, the random reactions stopped. I had a few big reactions due to mix-ups at the cafeteria (which I also kept secret and would just cab home from the hospital), but they never really scared me because I knew what I had eaten (i.e. a peanut butter cookie) and the reaction was immediate and severe, and I knew that I needed an ambulance and an epipen.

Later that year, I broke up with that boyfriend, and during one of our final arguments he revealed that he thought I should be thankful to him for healing my allergies. During high school, he explained, he'd purposefully eat peanut butter before I visited him, so that when we kissed I'd get the "trace amounts" and my body would learn how to "fight" the allergy. It actually took me months to put it together, that this was the reason I'd been having all those reactions the year before, the reason I'd stopped eating, the reason I'd fallen asleep not knowing if I was going to die so many times.

Other instances of his gaslighting came to light throughout the long breakup process, and overall the relationship was abusive and unhealthy and I'm so happy I was able to get away from him. But what he did definitely affected my ability to trust people or have normal relationships for years.

The takeaway here is that unsanctioned medical testing on your significant other without their knowledge or consent is not actually a good way to ingratiate them to you. And also don't keep your allergies secret - if you're having a reaction, let someone know and probably call an ambulance. Allergies aren't embarrassing, they're badass - most people have to climb cliffs or race cars to face death, but allergy people face death every time they eat at a restaurant or take a chance with a "may contain" ingredients label.

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he'd purposefully eat peanut butter before I visited him, so that when we kissed I'd get the "trace amounts"

Jesus fuck. This entire thread is just making me sad.

I kept reading that as "Human Pet Mouse". I must've scanned my eyeballs across it like 50 times. Even when I opened the article, I still kept seeing "mouse".


I announced to a coworker that I put in my 2 week notice because I have some things in my life that require immediate attention. As soon as I told him, I hear a loud "WHAT!?" from across the workplace and the girl (let's call her "N") comes power walking to ask me about it. Now, some context:

-We both work in a restaurant, but I work in the kitchen and she works in the front. I didn't know much about her and she didn't know much about me.

-Me and "N" have spoken to each other for a grand total of maybe half an hour in the eight months I've worked at my job.

-I find "N" very attractive, but I never made it clear in the slightest that I was interested because I have been so busy.

-I actually thought she didn't like me because she generally didn't look my direction at all during work. She would even make sure to avoid my gaze entirely. I actually went out of my way several times to start a conversation (I like to be friendly to everyone!), and would just barely be successful.

Anywho, I rationalized that her concern for my departure was purely out of curiosity. I went about my duties and started my closing shift. As I was taking out the trash, I realized it would be too big for me to personally push it into the elevated dumpster, so I went to get some help. I asked another front-of-house person to help me push it, and "N" immediately jumped out of nowhere and said "I CAN HELP!"

So that was strange.

I rationalize it as her being nice and helpful. After dumping the trash, she begins talking to me and asking me about every single little thing in my life. She was absolutely infatuated with the things I said. Anything I told her about me was apparently ridiculously cool to her. After talking for half an hour, I invited her to church with me on the Sunday after my last day (we're both Christians, though I'm definitely less into it than she is). She accepted and was extremely excited. It was like she was a completely different person, it blew my fuckin' mind. Though now that I think about it, I never asked for her number, which I should probably rectify at some point.

Fast forward to 14 hours later, she still treats me exactly the same as she used to. Zero communication and avoids my eye contact. I'll try to start conversations, like I usually do, but they end up like they always did. It leaves me feeling like I dreamed the entire encounter. Its been nearly two days since our conversation.

I have always been approached by every girl I've ever dated, so that part is not really a new concept to me. Can someone smarter than me fathom a guess as to what's going on? The cold shoulder thing is really weird to me, especially after the great conversation we had. I'm pretty sure she's still interested, even if it sounds like she's not.

Edit: I just realized that my title says "coworker from work". I am silly.

Lolz when I have a crush on someone I sometimes will avoid looking their way / not make an effort to talk to them because 1. I’m insecure and 2. I don’t like it when people know I have a crush on someone so I’ll avoid acting in ways that make it obvious

Idk she’s probably into you but has a similar response to crushes

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Yeah its a bit strange to me. I'm loud, friendly, and direct as heck, yet all the girls I've dated have been the complete opposite.

Although, in better news, I did get her number today. Like in the other replies, she seemed a tiny bit flustered by it, but its probably just my anxiety.

Sorry I missed it.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Its ok bb <3


Hello fellow adults,

I'm going to another country to sell my dad's estate to a buyer. After splitting the earnings between my family members and paying appropriate taxes to the government, I will end up with $60,000 (more like $75,000 but I have some debts to pay off). I was homeless earlier this year due to awful spending habits and managed to work my ass off and get my very own apartment on a modest income of $14/hr.

I don't want to mess this up again. I read the windfall stuff on the sidebar, but it seems to be more concerned with windfalls of over $200k. The windfall I'm getting is not quite as life changing as an amount like that, so I would like to put myself in a position to change my life for the better. So far, I've decided to split my money like this:

$12,000 in an emergency fund (Food, Rent, Utilities, and Entertainment for one year)

$4,500 for a good used vehicle to expand my employment prospects (I currently rely on the bus)

$14,000 for tuition and fees at a local technical college to learn a trade (thinking of either becoming a robotics technician, mechanical engineering technologist, or a manual/CNC machinist)

That leaves me with $29,500 give or take $1,000. I make about $1,500 a month after taxes at my current job. Should I just throw it all into a savings account and sit on it, or is there something more I should do? I'm not confident enough in my ability to invest, nor do I think that amount of money is really worthy of playing the stock market with.

I think my main issue with the entirety of the trades in college is that most of them will start me off at about $15/hr, which doesn't change my current financial prospects all that much. My salary will go up over time, but that could be a while.

tl;dr After getting my inheritance and spending what I need, I'll have $29,500 in totally free money. Wat do. I think what I'm asking is how to start increasing my money modestly.

Have you thought about a scooter? They're under $1k, super low cost to maintain, and you may not even need to buy insurance or if you do it would be very inexpensive compared to a car.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

That's a good idea actually. I'll have to do some snooping, because I'm a relatively large guy at 5'11 230 pounds. Once you get over 250cc's, scooters tend to massively increase in price, so it would make more sense to just get a motorcycle at that price point. Insurance would probably run the same as any other motorcycle when comparing engine size. I'll test ride a 250/300 and see if its got enough power to get me to where I need to go.

You could also consider spending $500 on a good bicycle (for new, you can find them cheaper used if you look). It will cut down on the commute time, you'll still get some exercise in, and it's a relatively easy thing to maintain.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

As long as I can get one of those big bicycle seats for the horizontally challenged :D Those little seats absolutely destroy my butt.

What is with Americans thinking property is worth taking a human life?

Im gonna go with power fantasies.

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It depends. Anecdotally, a guy tried to steal my car at gunpoint and you best believe I got my gun out too. I don't have the savings to get myself another mode of transportation to get me to and from work (there is no bus route), and I would be financially devastated and near-homeless for months in that scenario. I don't have full coverage insurance on my car because that's like $400 a month alone.

If someone is gonna take my property, he's going to put me in financial and emotional jeopardy for months, so I'd rather take my chances and keep my car by any means. I've been homeless once and it was the single most miserable experience of my life; I'd rather die than sleep under an overpass in this cold-ass weather again.

Good lord, eating as a hobby? I'm not the most interesting person on earth, but I think I could at least find a few things I do for fun that aren't necessary for survival.

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Yee my dude. One out of every three Tinder profiles I see lists "eating" (or more specifically, eating pizza) as a legitimate hobby/interest, coupled with one or two other bland hobbies.

In my entire life, I've met maybe three people who genuinely did not enjoy pizza. Liking pizza is not much of selling point.

2 points · 3 months ago

Though then you get people like me, who don’t enjoy eating yet have to eat 3500-4000 calories a day, so eating is a serious part of my day that I always have to think about.

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Would you list what you need for sustenance on a dating profile though? That sounds like information for later on.

596 points · 3 months ago

I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream by Harlan Edison. Seriously creepy psychological horror about an AI torturing the remnants of humanity.

They made a game based off it too and although it's good it is tonally different (not to mention there's a "good ending" that kind of flys in the face of the book). But it's all worth it for that Harlan Edison VO (he did the audio book too, he's great as a crazy AI).

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Came here to say this. I normally can't get engrossed in fiction books, but this one in particular was my jam. Harlan Edison woke up one day and was like, "How can I write the most fucking depressing book on planet Earth?" and then slammed out this masterpiece in (IIRC) one day.

Good shit my dude. Keep it up. I started somewhat where you are (305 lbs).


Done a couple month long fasts already. Dropped from 305-ish pounds to my current weight of 215 lbs. Im hoping to be at 185 lbs by the end of this fast. Wish me luck guys! It has truly been a blessing to have found this subreddit. I couldn't have done this without y'all. For those who don't know my routine, here's what Im currently up to.

Straight water fasting

Exercise consists of walking a total of 2 hours to and from work (3 mph pace)

Work consists of standing/walking for 8 hours or so

Let's do this!

Go go!!

How long do you refeed in between fasts?

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

For the first two fasts, it was a 5 day refeed. I took a month long break and am started this new one.

Have you had any other adverse affects such as hair loss? Are you shaving less often (if you shave)?

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

No and no

Forgotten Weapons. Ian does a great job going super into the history of the weapons not just the design. Great channel if you're into that stuff.

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Awwww yiss.

Basic Firearm Safety

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This. There's like 400 million firearms in the US. Chances are good that a kid might come across one.


I recently became homeless due to several stupid mistakes I've made. I managed to get 30 days of housing at my local homeless shelter and I have a job. I make $1,800 a month after taxes, and have fantastic health and dental insurance that I don't need to pay for (long story).

After paying back a debt I owe to a fantastic friend, I'll have $1,300 saved in the upcoming month. What steps can I take to make sure I never reach this point again? Its been my dream to live a minimum frills life, think living in a van or such. I want the ultimate minimalist lifestyle, but without having to resort to living on the streets like my other homeless compatriots. If anyone out there has ever lived an alternative lifestyle successfully, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I am committed to living a harsh life as long as I can secure a financial safety net.

I have no dependents, debts (aside from my current debt with my friend), and my cost of living has been historically low. I don't want to rent an apartment again and I'm fine with the social repercussions of an alternative living style. I've been blessed with minimal responsibilities and want to make the most of it.

Sorry if I'm not making much sense.

tl;dr I want to live a minimal cost lifestyle on the road while maximizing my savings. I make $1,800 a month after taxes. What are some resources I could look at or things I can do to achieve that?

stop! learn a trade learn plumbing or electrical or pipe fitting some trade.

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Already said that I'm enrolled in a machining class at my local CC haha

Have you looked into getting a room in a house? That’s often way way cheaper than a studio apartment. Of course, you do have to deal with roommates that way.

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I've thought about it, but the reality is I wouldn't be happy if I did that. Sure, I'd be saving money, but I've always been happier living alone. I feel constrained having to live with others. And hey, if van life doesn't work out for me, $700 a month honestly isn't too awful. Many people have made it work with shittier paychecks.

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I still have it

Going to bed in ten minutes let me know if we can get this done.

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Im down, how do you want to do it?

Afaik, cutting calories to lose weight isn't a good idea, even on IF. I'd just eat at TDEE. People on OMAD generally try to fit their calories in their one meal. If they can't, it just so happens they couldn't eat enough.

IF exists mostly as a way to simplify eating and keep your insulin in check. I imagine the weight loss comes from the fact that your insulin isn't always up, rather than calories consumed up to a point.

If you're looking specifically to lose weight, maybe ADF/OMEOD or extended fasting is the better option.

Not sure where you get your info but fasting is one of the most effective ways to lose weight IF you don't undo a 3 day fast by eating 8000 calories in your eat day

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I'm confused, when did I say that it wasn't effective? In fact, in my last sentence, I literally recommended fasting. Most of the people I talk to who do IF eat at a maintenance level because the weight loss comes from the lack of constant insulin spikes.


Blah blah been fasting for a long time now blah blah...

Anyone have those dreams where they eat something and get so shocked that they broke their fast that they wake up immediately? I swear I haven't had a proper night's sleep in a week. Every day I keep having a dream where at some point I eat something and damn near wake up with a heart attack.

Goddamn, I could TASTE the bread. I legitimately thought I broke my fast and felt horrible for a good 10 seconds. Fasting is normally really easy for me, but the constant mood swings from my dreams are making it really hard.

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