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YetAnotherShaco commented on a post in r/creepyPMs
SammySoapsuds 27 points

Good lord, eating as a hobby? I'm not the most interesting person on earth, but I think I could at least find a few things I do for fun that aren't necessary for survival.

YetAnotherShaco 17 points

Yee my dude. One out of every three Tinder profiles I see lists "eating" (or more specifically, eating pizza) as a legitimate hobby/interest, coupled with one or two other bland hobbies.

In my entire life, I've met maybe three people who genuinely did not enjoy pizza. Liking pizza is not much of selling point.

G3ck0 4 points

Though then you get people like me, who don’t enjoy eating yet have to eat 3500-4000 calories a day, so eating is a serious part of my day that I always have to think about.

YetAnotherShaco 6 points

Would you list what you need for sustenance on a dating profile though? That sounds like information for later on.

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BitchinItch 1 point

Go go!!

How long do you refeed in between fasts?

YetAnotherShaco 1 point

For the first two fasts, it was a 5 day refeed. I took a month long break and am started this new one.

failligator 2 points

Have you had any other adverse affects such as hair loss? Are you shaving less often (if you shave)?

YetAnotherShaco 2 points

No and no

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TheSingulatarian 5 points

Make investments in yourself to start. In your spare time learn a marketable job skill like plumber or electrician so you can receive a better rate of pay. Once you have some extra income beyond what you need for basic food, clothing, shelter, buy assets like stocks and bonds that pay you for owning them. That is how you will increase your wealth and financial security. Stick with mutual funds from the Vanguard Group like Total Stock Market Index.

YetAnotherShaco 7 points

I'm actually going to a local college soon to learn machining to build and repair firearms. Should be done in about 1.5 years if all goes according to plan.

I'm going to research this whole mutual funds thing. I've heard those words tossed around before but I don't really know what they are.

lateef87 0 points

stop! learn a trade learn plumbing or electrical or pipe fitting some trade.

YetAnotherShaco 1 point

Already said that I'm enrolled in a machining class at my local CC haha

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volt1up 1 point


YetAnotherShaco 1 point

I still have it

volt1up 1 point

Going to bed in ten minutes let me know if we can get this done.

YetAnotherShaco 1 point

Im down, how do you want to do it?

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YetAnotherShaco commented on a post in r/fasting
CharlesDarwin59 11 points

Not sure where you get your info but fasting is one of the most effective ways to lose weight IF you don't undo a 3 day fast by eating 8000 calories in your eat day

YetAnotherShaco -2 points

I'm confused, when did I say that it wasn't effective? In fact, in my last sentence, I literally recommended fasting. Most of the people I talk to who do IF eat at a maintenance level because the weight loss comes from the lack of constant insulin spikes.

YetAnotherShaco -6 points

Afaik, cutting calories to lose weight isn't a good idea, even on IF. I'd just eat at TDEE. People on OMAD generally try to fit their calories in their one meal. If they can't, it just so happens they couldn't eat enough.

IF exists mostly as a way to simplify eating and keep your insulin in check. I imagine the weight loss comes from the fact that your insulin isn't always up, rather than calories consumed up to a point.

If you're looking specifically to lose weight, maybe ADF/OMEOD or extended fasting is the better option.

patch_ofurr 1 point

Here's a great one! "I've got a big black car from Tokyo With gasoline and a fuck off stereo"

If it's the OTHER kind of cruising then Nitzer Ebb or this San Francisco leather scene band...

YetAnotherShaco 2 points

Oooooh now that first song is a hell of a jam!

mndtrp 4 points

Within your suggestions, I like The Retrosic, Amduscia, and Psyborg Corp.

I suppose you should probably check out Icon of Coil, Andy's band before Combichrist.

YetAnotherShaco 1 point

Giving a listen now!

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Sherpanauts 2 points

How long did you fast for?

YetAnotherShaco 2 points

I'm not sure, 33 days total? I took about 3 days off total from fasting.

Sherpanauts 2 points

Ill take it this was a intermittedent fasting? By the way nice work!

YetAnotherShaco 2 points

I guess technically it was 11:1? I only ever ate on my refeed days.


grains_r_us 3 points

Honest question that is going to come out rude: What is the point of fasting if you're going to be gluttonous on your refeed day? I do IF and keto, haven't done a multi day fast yet, but if I ate like you did I would gain weight. Isn't the point of all of this to gain a better relationship with our bodies and what we put in them? It just seems counterproductive to gorge like that.

YetAnotherShaco 8 points

Nah it wasn't rude. I can't unlearn 26 years of garbage habits in 2 months. The fact that I haven't gorged every day like I usually do is enough for me at the moment. Maybe things will change when I hit my goal weight, but as things are, I've seen dramatic weight loss results despite the refeeding issues. All this experience taught me was to not go overboard and slow down the refeeding.

Can't expect me to swap to keto or some other huge lifestyle change on a whim. This is a months long process.

phi1601 24 points

How satisfying was it to take a 10 pound poop? Did the toilet handle it okay?

YetAnotherShaco 22 points

I'm not gonna lie, I flushed like 4 times while pooping. I didn't want to deal with plumbing.

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YetAnotherShaco commented on a post in r/fasting
YetAnotherShaco 1 point

I've tried with my younger brother, but he won't because he just doesn't want to. He's 6'0 300lbs. Its not even a matter of whether or not it'll be hard, he legitimately does not want to lose weight. Fuckin weird, considering my family is made up of health nuts.

YetAnotherShaco commented on a post in r/fasting
YetAnotherShaco 1 point

Coca Cola was something I could drink literally 10 cans of in a day.

After (a very long) extended water fast, I broke my fast with some pizza and coke, and oh my god, I could barely drink more than a few sips. It tastes like pure syrup to me. Other food tasted perfectly normal, if a bit bland.

hushhadewijch 1 point

Oh man, coke was my crack. I decided to have some ginger ale (2/3 regular and 1/3 sugar free) and a small popcorn (child's pack, small amounts). I was afraid to have the coke in case I couldn't resist it. I ended up throwing most of it away. It was so gross.

YetAnotherShaco 1 point

Yeah, was pretty surprising to me. I thought I would fall off the wagon and the complete opposite happened.

YetAnotherShaco commented on a post in r/fasting
YetAnotherShaco 3 points

The only problem I'd see with it is that you'd have to go through those first 3 days of fasting several times over. If you can get past that, I think you will be fine.

grace13995 1 point

If you stay in ketosis you wouldn't have to right?

YetAnotherShaco 1 point

Yeah but I don't know if he is doing Keto.

YetAnotherShaco commented on a post in r/fasting
DeluxeMarbles 2 points

Did you get your gallbladder removed? If so, how is life without it?

pc1245 1 point

Lifes 10X better without it for me. I had so much pain before, had it removed in march 2015. Was back at work 2 weeks later and in the gym again 6 weeks later. Changed my diet though to avoid diarrhea. I eat mostly low fat meals high fibre and sub dairy milk for non-lactose milk or almond milk. You might have a little diarrhea but it is managable and eventually it goes away for most people after 6-12 months.

YetAnotherShaco 1 point

Hasn't gone away for me, but thats because my diet was admittedly, complete shit.

I'll transition to a high fiber diet after boot camp and compare : D

YetAnotherShaco 2 points

I got mine removed. Life is the same, except that I generally have to poop immediately after eating. You start to get REALLY good at knowing where the nearest bathrooms are.

YetAnotherShaco commented on a post in r/fasting
Jdisgreat17 1 point

What's fat adapted?

YetAnotherShaco 2 points

If you haven't been keto before, your muscles have a hard time using fat for energy efficiently (Dr. Fung's research). It apparently takes a couple weeks for your muscles to be like, "Fuck it, we're gonna use fat like crazy". The amount of energy you get is fucking ridiculous. I can work out for a long, long time now.

Edit: Link

Jdisgreat17 1 point

I didn't know that. How do you know if your fat adapted?

YetAnotherShaco 2 points

If your workouts are going fucking great, I'd assume. It sounds like you already are. Its a good feeling.

A lot of people have issues working out and fasting until they're completely fat adapted.

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YetAnotherShaco commented on a post in r/fasting
YetAnotherShaco 3 points

For the first week I noticed that my muscles would get weak and tired from things which usually weren't an issue, like going up a few flights of stairs.

It took me two weeks to get my muscles fat adapted. Absolutely worth it, makes running SO MUCH easier.

Great job on the fast. Its well worth it, until you have to buy a new wardrobe :'V

YetAnotherShaco commented on a post in r/fasting
GottaGoFast96 2 points

Same problem, started at 213, and am down to 191. I feel like i don’t look any different at all, but when i touch my face it feels a little less pudgy, and some of my clothes feel a bit looser. Maybe you might not see the difference but you might be able to feel it i guess. Hopefully we’ll notice it physically after 10 more pounds

YetAnotherShaco 3 points

Dw, it's noticeable to literally everyone else around you. People just don't comment on weight because its rude. My best friend at work took like a month to work up the nerve as to ask how I keep walking in every week looking completely different.

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