1200isplenty lifehacks by RosyAngelina in 1200isplenty

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I made some black bean and avocado brownies a couple years ago and feed them to my boyfriends family without telling them. They ate them all and were surprised when I told them what they were made from.

I have no idea where that recipe is :(

HAL - Non-alcoholic beverages? by stylezLP in Cruise

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Are you sure it doesnt cover water getting off the ship?

We had the signature package and the bottles of water were included. I know that's a different package, but I thought the only difference was alcohol?

don’t like the new drinks? try this by ariesiqn in starbucks

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Just got one this morning. Barista said it was terrible and we tried to make it better. Left out the banana date stuff and added a little hot cocoa.

Its drinkable.

Never mind. I dumped half of it down the drain

Disney Cruise leaving in exactly 1 year. How soon should I be booking my flight? by chubby_cheese in Cruise

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We have a cruise leaving in February. I have a couple of flights that I'm tracking with google flights. Based on where I'm flying and the prices I've seen for those trips, I know about 300/person round trip is about as good as it gets. As soon as I see it get that low, I buy my tickets.

I check google flights daily. I've seen the same tickets jump up to 500 or 600 and down to 300 without too much rhyme or reason.

Is the RC beverage package sale actually a good deal? by Yosemite_Sam5 in Cruise

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This is our first time with RC. We've done 2 cruises with HAL and the first one we broke even with the beverage package (I was sea sick the entire first sea day though) and the second cruise I was proactive about preventing sea sickness and the package was absolutely worth it. The HAL package comes out to 360/person for 7 days so it's cheaper than RC, but the drink cost only covered drinks $9 and less. RC covers $12 and under.

At $49 a day, I'd break even with 2 glasses of wine at dinner, after dinner cappuccino, a blended frozen drink by the pool during the day, and a couple bottles of water. If my numbers are right? I also enjoy a glass of scotch and would probably sip on that during an evening show.

I'll definitely keep an eye out for if the proce drops.

Is the RC beverage package sale actually a good deal? by Yosemite_Sam5 in Cruise

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I'm definitely the weakest link in the cabin. But I also love my wine and after dinner coffee. I love the peace of mind that I can try new wines and if it's horrible, I dont have to feel like I need to drink it or it's money lost. I can just try something else. I also enjoy a glass of scotch, and the SO enjoys rum. It doesn't take much for those costs to add up.

Its absolutely not worth it for everyone though. I appreciate your two cents :)

Is the RC beverage package sale actually a good deal? by Yosemite_Sam5 in Cruise

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Thanks! I didn't expect it to be a steal, just want to get it for as cheap as we can.

Is the RC beverage package sale actually a good deal? by Yosemite_Sam5 in Cruise

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As soon as I go to the website there is a big green banner at the top that says "up to 30% of your cruise favorites" Then when I go into cruise planner and click on beverage package, it shows the BOGO50. In small print it says the price shown reflects 25% off each person.

Is the RC beverage package sale actually a good deal? by Yosemite_Sam5 in Cruise

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Awesome thanks! We are sailing on Harmony of the Seas.

This is our 3rd cruise but first time with RC. The beverage package is definitely worth it for us, between bottles of water, fancy coffee, and mixed drinks. I see a lot of sales on RC website, ya never know what's really a sale.

Thank you :)

Officially not overweight anymore! by helenasue in loseit

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Hey! I started at 170 as well and just crossed into the 149 ideal this past week!


Good luck on the rest of your losing :)

Do you consume artificial sweeteners? by ericauda in 1200isplenty

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No. Artificial sweeteners and even some of the natural sweeteners have an off taste to me, and leave me with a headache and feeling sick.

Every once in awhile I'll try a new item just to see if I can tolerate it, but usually it's not worth the way it makes me feel.

I'm genuinly curious how do you deal with family members that want to eat out buffets, etc? by Diotima245 in 1200isplenty

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Love love love chinese buffets. Luckily the closest one to me is about an hour away. But I just went last week.

I had coffee for breakfast, and then went for a late lunch/early dinner at the buffet. This way I wasnt starving all day, but it was also late enough that I filled up and didn't feel the need to eat another meal.

I typically allow myself one fried meat. I love the fried chicken and peanut butter sauce, so I get that and a couple crab rangoon. Anything else I get cant be deep fried. I can get any veggie or meat that's grilled. I know there is still a ton of butter used, but at least its not breaded. I like the grilled chicken and broccoli or the garlic shrimp. I try to get as much veg too because its covered in the sauce and tastes great, but is lower calorie than the meats. I dont get any rice or noodles, I enjoy them but the other foods are more worth it to me.

When you tell a customer that there’s vanilla syrup in the Carmel Macchiato and they are not having it. by [deleted] in starbucks

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I worked at a local coffee shop for a while and people would always come in trying to order whatever weird drink starbucks made up. We would always do our best with whatever description the customer gave us. When people would order caramel Macchiatos we'd use caramel instead of vanilla because we had no clue.

Everyone that ordered it, loved it.