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YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
dj4y_94 27 points

Really don't get the uproar by some over Wilshere not going to the world cup, like he'd be our saviour and provide creativity. Stats aren't everything but he's had a massive 8 goals in 17 assists in 166 premier league games.

A good player on his day but he's still living off that Barca game from when he was 18, he's never kicked on since then.

YouNeverWalkAlone 0 points

What about Jonjo though? You guys think he should have made the squad? I personally have always had a soft spot for him but he has also done well for Newcastle.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
YouNeverWalkAlone 4 points

What goes on in the heads of the players and the coaching staff regarding Salah potentially breaking the PL record for most goals scored in a season?

How badly do they want him to break it? Will they go out of their way to make it happen (in a penalty scenario for example)?

I am really curious about this kinda stuff.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/linux
Doktor_L 35 points

Qutebrowser is the only browser installed on my computer.

The built in ad blocker is decent, it blocks most ads on the sites I visit, although some more 'obscure' ads will still be shown.

For the backend you can choose between QtWebEngine and QtWebKit. The first one is the default and based on chromium, with all the nasty google stuff removed

Overall its resource usage is ok, although playback of videos can be a bit rough. But it is relatively easy to set up a keybind to open videos in a video player like mpv or vlc, which I'd use anyway, since it gives you better playback options. There seems to be an issue which causes un-focussed tabs with moving stuff (GIFs or some video formats) to use lots of resources (even more than if they were focused).

Overall I've noticed it being faster than Firefox (I can't compare it to Chrome since I don't use proprietary software).

YouNeverWalkAlone 8 points

But it is relatively easy to set up a keybind to open videos in a video player like mpv or vlc

How do I set that up?

cyber-clown 69 points

It looks great, but I'm always wondering how safe the smaller browsers are. Does anyone have insights into that? Can I even install the plethora of blockers that I usually need to go out into the internet? Plugins like an adblocker, https-everywhere, umatrix, ...?

YouNeverWalkAlone 7 points

qutebrowser has an adblocker built-in.The last time I checked a plugin architecture was in the works.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/PS4
BasedGodCrim 6 points

Damn so I’m guessing I have to get a Ethernet cable then? It’s the uncharted ps4

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

I live in an apartment complex where there is a lot of interference. If I don't connect to the 5GHz network, there is a fuckton of lag. The router was very far away from the console and using a long ethernet cable would cause a lot of clutter. What I did was:

  • Buy a cheap dual band router from Kijiji (Canadiam Craigslist) for $25.
  • Put it into Bridge Mode and connect it to my 5GHz network.
  • Put it right next to my PS4 and connect it with an Ethernet cable.

I think it is a inexcusable that the network card doesn't support 5GHz band. A goddamn phone that I bought six months before the PS4 came out supported it.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
YouNeverWalkAlone 23 points

I couldn't find a daily discussions thread. Since Stoke are going to the Chapmionship, is Shaqiri going to abandon ship? I don't want him here but he is a curious case for me because he is most high-profile signing made by a bottom half club I can think of.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/photocritique
YouNeverWalkAlone 3 points

Having more scenery will give a better sense of freedom. Right now, the focus is too much on the model.

Also if the model looked at the horizon instead of the ground that would further your idea a bit more.

I wish I had quads like those.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/photocritique
YouNeverWalkAlone 2 points

I think the photo is fantastic.

Two things I can suggest:

  • Crop is too long. Gets too much of the pavement.
  • Crush the blacks a little less.

But both are dependent on personal taste. I think it is a very godd picture regardless. Which part of the world was it taken in?

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/soccer
melihs11 203 points

even as an adopted Victory fan, i was disappointed by that.

VAR has been nothing but a disaster in the A-League this season. And that's putting it mildly

YouNeverWalkAlone 50 points

Is it because of poor execution?

MLPSimta 1 point

Retro games are always going to run.

There are a lot of amazing older NES,SNES,N64,DOS etc etc games that are worthwhile to play.

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

What are some of your favourite such games? Just name them I think I can set up th emulation part.

Hxfhjkl 2 points

"Hollow Knight" if you like getting your ass kicked.

YouNeverWalkAlone 2 points

I actually played some of it on my main system and really liked it. Unfortunately, it did not run too well on my laptop. Great game nontheless.

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YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/Piracy
BarMeister 7 points

Mostly unrelated because I feel the same about Google and others, but I'm seriously wondering if there is a circumstance in which you people would pay for something. Where do you draw a line? Or are you full "free lunch" type of people? No offense or anything, just curious.

YouNeverWalkAlone 2 points

Well personally I don't agree with the what the post says. It is kinda entitled to say that some feature "should be present from the start." But it is to be expected because YouTube has provided a very good video hosting service and a promotion-curation platform for years for "free" where people pay with only information about their personal preferences. Most people don't care about this. The lack of transparency leads people to be unaware of the costs behind running a mammoth service like this. If people knew about that kind of behind the scene stuff, I am sure they would be willing to shell out money. This guy, for example, doesn't know that if he just listens to the audio, he is, to some extent, inhibiting Google from fulfilling their end of the bargain to their advertisers.

The problem I have with YT Red is that they will still collect data on you even after you pay. Google is almost literally everywhere so you still see ads even if they are gone from YouTube for you.

Lord_Descartes 5 points

Just use YouTube on chrome. The music keeps playing there even when you turn off the screen. Personally tested it.

YouNeverWalkAlone 14 points

Literally using Google to rip off Google.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
YouNeverWalkAlone 351 points

Man it's fucking mental that Klopp is literally the best manager we could have ask for following Rodger's departure. And we managed to land him. Also says a lot about the club if he chose us over United.

matthiascrost 227 points

Honestly I think if he did choose us over United it says a lot about Klopp as a person.

YouNeverWalkAlone 159 points

Very true. I just wanted to say fuck United.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/unixporn
Wise_Deer 1 point

Did you try KDE Plasma for mimicking Win10 UI? Plasma consume same memory and CPU resources as XFCE do.

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

Plasma consume same memory and CPU resources as XFCE do.

Are you sure about that? I have read everywhere that Plasma is a resource hog while XFCE is lightweight.

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