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Hakanilbas 1 point

Because the discord app is based on thr discord website. Its basically the same, but with an added launcher and some fancier interface. Atom is also webbased, just like VS. Its just easier to write it for web and than convert it into an app

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

That makes sense but then you have to have an instance of a browser running for each application and browsers are very heavy nowadays. Is that not an issue because computers usually have resources to spare these days?

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
TrevorForYou 7 points

Can I just ask why Allison is worth the largest fee ever for a keeper and also why he’s twice as expensive as Courtois?

YouNeverWalkAlone 4 points

Think of it as an investment. Otherwise we will be in waiting line for the next big keeper.

Roma fans have commented in /r/soccer that they find it strange that he is being rated poorly solely on his World Cup performance, kinda similar to how De Gea underperforming doesn't say much about him. I have faith in the transfer committee and Klopp. If we are going all in for him, he must be worth it.

A_SassyOtter 4 points

This has been discussed before but I think we not only need a new keeper but also a new goalkeeper coach, look at Mignolet, Karius and even Bogdan all of them where quite decent in there respective clubs before we bought them and Ward was excellent in the promotion season of Huddersfield and I know I know those are smaller clubs and the expactations and the pressure is a world apart but that means either our scouting is shit and the scouts can't decide whether or not a keeper is good enough or can handle their pressure or its a coaching thing.. I don't really know a lot about Achterberg but I'm pretty fucking sure there are better options out there don't you think?

YouNeverWalkAlone 3 points

I agree with you to some extent. I have hypothesised about this for a while too but we haven't had a well proven keeper to confirm this.

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YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/soccer
NFeKPo 265 points

I don't want Chelsea to ever be good again, but if Wenger did coach them.......I would be rooting for them to win the double. Just for the butt-hurtness of it all.

YouNeverWalkAlone 32 points

If that somehow happens it will be most bizarre event I have seen in my life by a huge margin.

EDIT:grammer is hard

Corporal_Cavernosa 2 points

What if Congress wins the 2019 elections?

YouNeverWalkAlone 2 points

Man I'd love to see it happen just so I can see how my parents react to it. I am fairly disinterested in politics but they believe Modi has been the best thing to happen to India since Lata Mangeshkar. And they also absolutely abhor Rahul Gandhi with every cubic nanometer of their being.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/LiverpoolFC
TonyPulisic 158 points

I'm not sure Gabriel Jesus works well in a back 3

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

Don't know bro he defended very well for Belgium in the last game.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/linux
CruxMostSimple 7 points
  • Exherbo community policy
  • From scratch, developers not afraid of breaking packaging workflow to remove historical cruft that will inevitably come as new better ways to do stuff is found.
  • package separation as seen on Alpine Linux
  • LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL
  • Musl and Glibc supported libcs
  • Cross-compiling as easy as on xbps-src (Void Linux)
  • manpages for documenting the system, packaging workflow, policies, etc and a OpenBSD-style FAQ.
YouNeverWalkAlone 4 points

I am pretty sure you know about it but Void Linux satisfies 3,4,5 and 6 at the very least to my knowledge. It's a nice distro. Been using it for more than a year now and very happy with it.

CruxMostSimple 2 points

I am pretty sure you know about it but Void Linux satisfies 3,4,5 and 6 at the very least to my knowledge.

3 isn't satisfied, Alpine separates -doc packages always, we only separate when the size is big enough

but yeah 4, 5 and 6 are straight available in Void Linux

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

I am genuinely curious. Why separate -doc packages? Is it for having access to documentation when you only want to install a -devel package?

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/linux
YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

I used to use Ubuntu when I got into GNU Linux about 8 years ago and I found Gnome 2 very welcoming in terms of the general level of comfort and its similarity to Windows XP.

I stopped using Linux about when Unity was introduced. Then when I come back Gnome 3 had been released but I never ended up using it.

I am very glad that due to software freedom we can have Cinnamon, MATE, Budgie etc. I don't like the look of Gnome 3 and it looks intimidating.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/soccer
RazvanDH 89 points

Well, with people analysing even his warm-up, it's going to be very difficult to come back.

Imagine the worst mistake you've made in your life and then imagine having people watching your every move waiting for you to fail again.

YNWA Karius. I'm ok with giving him time to redeem himself and show his skills. If he's not good enough, only time will tell, not the armchair supporters.

YouNeverWalkAlone 10 points

As long as he plays for us, I will always have his back. Obviously only me supporting him doesn't mean anything when looking at the big picture but I am sure there are many others like me (and you). Godspeed, Loris.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/soccer
TheWalkin_Dude 77 points

He’s an unbelievable midfielder, I love watching him play

YouNeverWalkAlone 9 points

He is absolutely world class and one of a kind. One of my favourite players of all time.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/Piracy
PlaceboJesus 2 points

I was unimpressed with kobo compared to kindle.

Kindle seems a more mature product software-wise.

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

Do you have to go through any hoops for sideloading ebooks onto Kindle? I haven't been able to find a definitive answer to that. I read that you have to email books to your Amazon account and what not but it always sounded like a load of hooey to me.

I have only used Kindles at kiosks in stores and I really liked its screen. But Kobo made things simpler seeing how I almost never buy books online. That made it an automatic winner for me.

PlaceboJesus 2 points

Not wit the last one I had. I'd just load epubs onto my SD card and it would recognise them fine (as long as they didn't use someone else's DRM).

The newer colour ones are gimped android devices, not so sure about them but would bet they'll work fine.

YouNeverWalkAlone 2 points

Thanks man. I am glad I have that cleared up.

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YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/Piracy
BetaInTheSheets 2 points

I love gog free keys it's how I got into fallout cus they gave away fallout 1 and 2.

no DRM is a good enough reason to buy from them instead of pirating them because that type of service is unmatched compared to other storefronts like uplay

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

gog free keys

How often do they hand them out?

BetaInTheSheets 1 point

not very often like months in between I think, the fallout giveaways were years ago but I know steam and humble bundle also give away free keys from time to time.

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

Sweet. Thanks man.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/Piracy
therourke 5 points

On what platform?

I use an app called 'Voice Audiobook Player' on my android phone. Another good one is 'Listen Audiobook Player'

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

'Voice Audiobook Player' on my android phone

I don't know if we are talking about the same one but Voice is on F-Droid as well. Free and open source and works very well.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/Piracy
LMGDiVa 3 points

What's hilarious is that the biggest reason I was able to "cut the cord" is thanks to piracy.

NetFlix, youtube, CuriosityStream, and yup, piracy.

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point


Thanks for that. Didn't know a service like that existed.

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/linux
Wolfje_ 35 points

The AUR “helpers”. They all fucking suck. They all seem to miss the idea of the aur itself: to simply build stuff that other people have packaged. What’s the point in even using someone else’s package when it’s such a pain in the arse to build?

Every time I try one of these tools I get reminded of developer blindness and it’s an excercise in frustration. If you’re one of those people who built one of these tools, you need a lesson in usability.

YouNeverWalkAlone 6 points

For the short time I used Arch(btw), I used yaourt. I know that it is a rep for not being secure but besides that I never had any problem compiling anything from AUR except for a few cases where the dependencies were broken because of updated packages.

d3andj 1 point

Happy cake day!

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

Thanks bro!

ase1590 3 points


This. /u/YouNeverWalkAlone If you're not on arch, just uncompress the .tar.xz package and pull out the ./doc/arch-wiki/ folder from the archive.

then you can open up pages that you need.

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

Yooo thanks for that. I was trying to make that package work on my distro but python-simplemediawiki was throwing errors left and right. Thanks a lot bro.

AdmiralBacardi 2 points

Just a friendly observation, but, if you don't have an Internet connection much of the time, perhaps it would be of interest to look into a Linux system that's version-based and doesn't require updates very often? That's absolutely not to say anything against Arch, of course, and I'm sure you have excellent reasons for running it. I know that if it were me, I'd want something rock solid that isn't likely to have breakage between updates, something like Debian or Slackware.

YouNeverWalkAlone 2 points

It is not something that happens often admittedly. But I have had nightmares of breaking connman and not knowing how to fix it.

Also I use Void btw.

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YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/linux
YouNeverWalkAlone 38 points

While waiting for other people's answers, you check out this tread that I made some time ago: /r/linux_gaming/comments/6xy4hj/your_favourite_free_games_for_linux/

Someguy9zu8 3 points

I know how that is meant to be used, but that link is horrendous on mobile.

YouNeverWalkAlone 2 points

Sorry man

YouNeverWalkAlone commented on a post in r/Piracy
nicba1010 5 points

Just get remuxes then

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point

I wish I could. Sadly I couldn't find remux torrents on public trackers and I am not a member of any private groups. Remuxes of LotR EE trilogy are the three movies that I want to possess really badly.

YouNeverWalkAlone 142 points

I don't deny that an authentic BluRay is the best quality you will find a movie in. But I wanted to watch LotR: Return of the King recently and my roommate had a BluRay for the extended edition. I was really excited until I put it in my PS4 (laptop doesn't have a BluRay drive) and I was forced to skip five fucking trailers. How fucking shitty is that? Hollywood movies are something I have absolutely no remorse pirating and I don't see it changing anytime soon.

embrace-the-cringe 2 points

This is great, I’d put the final line in a different font colour

YouNeverWalkAlone 1 point
ThatOtherJojo 2 points

Dude, Thank You. Its great. I got a new lock screen if that is ok? :)

YouNeverWalkAlone 3 points

Use it however you want. I am glad you like it. Thank you.

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