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What are your opinions on using an iPad for sheet music?

Have seen a few pianists use an ipad for their music. Does it hold up over sheets or books? Is it easier to change pages?

I don't think we'd ever notice. I never think about hiccups until I get them. It's kind of like how when you get a stuffy nose you miss breathing freely, while you never appreciate breathing freely when you're not sick. I think, rather, we'd forget about them.

Hey just following up- I wanna hear your thoughts. I was also at this show, my 4th time seeing him, and thought that his rock this bitch was one of the best yet. (it's on youtube now for those interested) What'd you think!!?

The third season came out yesterday.

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now all OP was trying to do was be nice....

This one poker bot. Somebody said they’d take my idea and raise it to something else, and somehow, someway, that caused a bot to come out that discussed the rules of poker and told us not to make any “string bets”.

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I take this idea and raise it to 100

I don't see the problem with this one. The drain had to go somewhere

Original Poster4 points · 22 days ago

Look to the right side of the drain. The tiles are out of line

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oh haha wow you're right. good eye

My great grandfather used to buy a pizza for himself but he’d also get 2 sodas so they wouldn’t think he was going to eat the whole thing by himself

pretty sure a robot wouldn't have thrown that comma in there

That is far from the original iPod

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Original Poster6 points · 1 month ago

yeah original is modifying games here.

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