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Maybe don't start off with "nope, 100% wrong". You sound like a jackass.

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-4 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

Maybe don’t start with comments you weren’t around for, especially when you didn’t witness the multiple evolutions of this article.

There are several people above and below who noticed the change. Perhaps more importantly, the original version of the article was truly shocking, perverse, and condemnable.

But again, you weren’t around for that.

I'm not saying you're wrong, you just sound like a pompous ass. And that reply isn't helping your case lol.

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You’re right. I had a few drinks on a Saturday night, and got kind of irritated when it seemed like people were ignoring that whole paragraphs of the article had changed while we were commenting on it.

In the end, it’s not worth getting combative about, and I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. So that’s my bad. Thanks for calling me out — it was deserved.

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I'm not even sure I can come up with "the most egregious" example, since it happens all the time. But for one example, say police stop you on the street because you "fit the description" of a suspect in a knifepoint robbery a few blocks away. The description is something like "18-25yo white male with short brown hair, medium build," which fits any number of people. They ask you if you were near the corner of Such-and-Such street and Whatever Ave, and you say, "Yes, I just walked by there 20 mins ago but I didn't see anything." They search you because you "fit the description" and because of some other bullshit they come up with and they find the little pocketknife you use in your work as an electrician. They can arrest you and use your statement to put you at the scene. Or a lot of people make statement they think present a defense ("She was provoking me and in my face") when it actually doesn't make out the elements of justification.

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That is a great example! Thank you!

I’m in Australia (Miranda doesn’t apply) and while generally evidence will be excluded when there has been improper conduct by the police (i.e. outright misconduct or failure to caution etc) the Courts do have a discretion to admit if the probative value outweighs the prejudice to the defendant. So it’s better if you just don’t make the statement to begin with.

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Interesting. We have a similar rule regarding unfair prejudice, but the admissibility of evidence under our constitution’s 4th Amendment is a separate issue.

Generally speaking, evidence has to be admissible for all other purposes before we even come to the question of unfair prejudice, but judges can (and do) rule on that in a peremptory fashion if it’s brought up in argument ahead of time (e.g., “your honor, even if that were admissible under the 4th Amendment, it would not be admissible under rule 403 due to unfair prejudice that outweighs the probative value of he evidence).

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I haven't read it but I hear the book When Hell Was in Session is really good. It's written by Denton about his time in the POW camp.

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Awesome. Thank you.

I didnt demand anyone do in depth research for me. We can all see what was said lol

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I know you didn’t! Especially not for your own claims

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I think, and obviously this is just my personal opinion, but the fact that you put this much thought into whether you would make a good parent or not is precisely what will make you a good parent (if you so choose).

Generally, people say you’re never ready to be a parent because there literally is no comparison. Oh, you can take care of a dog? Cool. That’s nothing. You can babysit your nephew & niece? Awesome. Still not the same.

Nope. It’s things like your kids coming up to you, hugging you, and then puking right on you. It’s answering questions about things you can’t possibly answer (“Why is her sister sick? When will she get better?) And it’s them making you so mad you’re ready to figuratively throw them through a wall and then realizing that the only reason you’re so mad is because you love them so much and you just know they can do/be better.

Now, I’m not saying the will to be a good parent makes you automatically a good parent. But what I am saying is going into it realistically and realizing that “parent” is a different role than you’ve ever held before. Not all friend, not all disciplinarian, etc. And the realization that you’re going to have days that you look back and think, “today, I wasn’t the best mom (or dad); but tomorrow I’ll be better.”

Putting as much thought into it as you have means you’re likely aware of what this role would ask of you. And that puts you ahead of many others. Obviously, if you don’t want to have kids, don’t think I’m trying to be that person like, “You’ll change your mind.” I’m just saying that being afraid/anxious about how good you’ll be is absolutely a good thing. You’d be crazy NOT to worry about that.

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Thank you for this. I always kind of felt like it would be the opposite. Like thinking I might not make a good parent would be the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy. You’ve changed my mind about that to some extent.

Please keep doing good in the world.

The kids were 2, 4, 7, and 11. Three girls and oldest is a boy. The 7 year old girl would cry that she wished i was her mom. They only called me by my nickname and would cry when I left. It was heart breaking.

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26 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

Having bad parents is a cruel, cruel torture. And quite honestly, not to get too heavy, it's one of the reasons that I don't believe in a benevolent God, or in religion generally. My parents were fantastic, but I've seen plenty of the opposite. And at a certain point, parents can be so damaging to their children that the children have virtually no chance of living a "pious" or even a productive life. It's devastating to look at a 12 year old and think, "wow, you already represent the charred remains of your parents' shortcomings." It just seems to me like there's no way a benevolent God can exist whilst letting such innocence and potential be so carelessly -- and sometimes maliciously -- destroyed.

Witnessing bad parenting is also one of the reasons that I'm considering not having children myself. I'll be the first outta the gates to say it: I'm not sure that I'm fit to be a parent. I absolutely adore my niece and nephew. Like, I have pictures of us around my place, I miss them when my brother takes them to the beach for the week, etc. But in my eyes, bringing another life into this world is the greatest responsibility that one can take on, and there are some days where I feel like I really don't have my own shit together, so the idea of teaching someone else to keep theirs together just seems...arrogant, misguided, and unwise.

I guess what I'm saying is, I don't think people give the prospect of parenting enough thought and respect. There are way too many couples who have children because it's socially expected of them, and because "it's time," physiologically. There are way too many accidental pregnancies resulting in children born to families who do not want them. Everybody says "oh, well, no one's ever truly ready to become a parent." Bullshit. Some people are fit for parenthood and they're ready for it. Their kids usually turn out okay. Some people aren't at all, and their kids are fucked. I just wish some folks could stop acting like our ability to procreate means that it's our duty to do so.

In certain scenarios, you're not creating a life. You're torturing one that didn't need to exist.

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If you bumped into someone getting off the elevator you wouldn’t be an awkward creep about it.

You would say “hey sorry, didn’t mean to bump into you.” Not laugh nervously and generally act like a creeper.

It’s not the bumping that’s a problem, it’s the acting like he has no social skills that’s the problem.

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Actually, no. It's the nature of the physical contact that's a problem. You can be awkward all you want, but the moment your hands are on a coworker's waist as she's bent over, that's when questions arise. Certainly not saying OP did anything untoward, but that's the fact of the matter. No contact? No problem. Be Steve Urkel all you like.

Women experience accidental physical contact in areas that are considered sexual fairly frequently actually. I know because I’m a woman. However if a man accidentally touches me and then acts like an idiot about it like OP did, I’m more likely to think that it may have not been so accidental.

So yes, it is the acting like an idiot part that’s a problem.

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"A" problem is correct. "The" problem, is not. The potentially actionable status of this event is entirely dependent on the contact.

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Comment deleted1 day ago

One of the big, bold bullet points at the very top of the page says the story is covered in a piece written by a group of journalists from the Washington Post.

Try reading before joining the conversation.

71 points · 1 day ago

There have been a few times where I've read a story or headline about trump, but as I was telling friends about it I thought "Actually, this one's a bit over the top, it's probably satire". So we'd look them up and they were all real. :(

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And the scary part is, it's almost like he's figured out how to combat his own transgressions. By labeling everything "fake news," he gets to control the narrative to some extent. He's vilified the press to the point where his supporters actually believe whatever he says, and not just when he's consistent -- they take his latest words at face value even if those words clearly contradict previous statements that he's made. It's fucking incredible. Despite it being so sinister and insidious that it makes my stomach turn, I have to give Trump credit for one thing -- the informational warfare that he's waging is nothing short of genius.

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We should start taking those labels off

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Chris Porter does a hilarious bit about this in his show "Ugly and Angry." I highly recommend the whole thing, though.

this one is also unbelievable especially because the parent is ACTUALLY there.

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(High pitched squeal) SHUT THE FUCK UP!

940 points · 2 days ago

Yea the dude with the hat aint going to work for a whole week after that.

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My man isn’t even gonna sneeze, cough, laugh, or yell — not with those broken ribs.

That's why they are just accidents. And not everyone. Just pick a few to send the message of fear.

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Let me get a screw driver.

You’re done with those training wheels.

The disdain for individual liberties and human rights demonstrated by the Chinese government.

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I’ll agree with that, 100%

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Max: If someone could see the future, and told you that you'd never win a WDC, would you continue racing in F1, and if not, what would you do instead?

Sebastian: Imagine that you're a comedian on stage. What is the first joke that you'd tell us?

Grosjean: You're still here?

Fernando: What is the biggest thing -- whether it's an object, a place, a feeling; whatever -- that you'd give up in exchange for one more championship?

Ericsson: Why'd you do it?

Lewis: You can only wear ONE designer's clothes for the rest of your life. Which do you choose? (Bonus Question: Did you actually pay money for this outfit?

Magnussen: Was Hulkenberg any good at sucking balls?

I really like the questions to Max, Seb and Alonso. nice one

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Thanks. Couldn't resist throwing in a few silly ones on a Friday afternoon.

How much could a banana be? Ten dollars?

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One of my favorite quotes ever.

in previous decades here, the italian contractors who all did this one type of work, would get together and bid rig all the work.

you over get that job...and you? this one...

they would all fake the bid results, but they knew who won each bid via the smoke filled room

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Ahh, I see what you mean now. Makes sense.

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122 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

I didn't even care for the rest of the calendar, Interlagos at the end pleases me. You put the Italian flag at the San Marino GP though :P

edit: I know Imola is in Italy

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You know what pleases me?

The absence of this steaming pile of shit. Anyone remember this? haha

11 points · 3 days ago

Will Hamilton say the Vatican has the best (5 of them) fans?

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"Maybe not the largest crowd, but undoubtedly the most holy spirited."

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What a scandal.

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I know this is one of those useless comments, but I fuckin burst into laughter at your comment. Woke up the dogs and everything.

0 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

Yet you're the one spending their entire days time posting on Reddit. Disengage, fam. Come up for air!

Any reason why you'd post over 200 times in a 24hr period, and claim I'm miserable? Could that be projection talking?

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Ooooof, you really got me there. I’m so depressed owning my own business and getting to do what I want in between issues that require my attention while I’m sitting at the office. Been watching the World Cup games in the background the past few weeks. Magical stuff.

Is that some kind of humble brag? There are boatloads of business owners in the world, you are not unique nor special in that regard. And the entire world is watching world cup soccer, even at work! Who knew that people would stop what they are doing for a quadrennial event!

But let's not distract from the fact that you post hundreds of times per day on a consistent basis, piggybacking top comments everywhere.

Give it a rest.

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Hahaha, you’ve given more thought and analysis to my Reddit posts than I have, and yet you’re STILL dead wrong! The number of comments I’ve posted today barely breaches one third of that, and easily half of those comments were part of the back and forth between you and I.

It’s okay, man, really. It’s okay to just admit that nobody likes you, and that you picked a fight with a stranger on the Internet — a stranger who explicitly agreed with you, no less — for no reason at all. I know that’s gonna be hard for you to accept, because apparently you do that sort of thing every day, and because you pride yourself on being stubborn, but I encourage you to try it just once. It’ll feel good.

For now, I’m gonna go ahead and make you the first person I’ve ever blocked on this website, but please know that I really do wish you the best. You come across as such a petty, angry little curmudgeon, and yet you sound so young. I genuinely hope things turn around for you soon.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention — if you ever need PR advice, feel free to call my office. I’ve been a qualified expert in 14 galaxies for over 82 lifetimes, and I’m the leading authority on how firms should handle their relationships with John Schnatter.

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1 point · 4 days ago

I would sooner wear that than the shorts. I'm not even sure it is that bad.

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I see. Then perhaps I could interest you in one of these.

Let’s be real on the Schumi scale this is a tame outfit

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If we’re gonna get into the Schumi scale, then I’m gonna need some time to prepare.

I mean what the actual fuck was this about?

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2.6k points · 4 days ago

I hope there’s hieroglyphics of people in Egypt surrounding a cave with a boulder in front of it, while a man stands in front of the boulder proclaiming hidden treasures no human could comprehend, the next panel would be him and a group of burly Egyptians moving the boulder only to reveal a cave with a tiny spider in it, and I assume the last panel of the hieroglyph is the man being thrown into the scorpion pit, which is the equivalent of your modern day downvote.

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We should write books together.

Sadly, I did not know that was taking place.

Life is cruel.

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Aww now I feel bad for laughing

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The fact that you feel bad laughing at that is half of the battle. It means you have empathy, and sympathy.

I’m sure if you saw him in person you’d treat him well, and that’s what really matters.

Your wholesome comment made me smile. Thank you, kind human.

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Least anyone can do.

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He probably got on a plane and made everyone vomit from the smell.

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Probably not the worst smelling dude on an Indian flight though.

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1 point · 4 days ago

Well, there have only been 3 people who have died in space so far. They were cosmonauts. The remaining 15 people who have died, died on the way to space or the way back from space.

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That.....doesn't answer my question. You're just telling me that a certain proportion of space travelers have died during certain segments of the journey. I'm asking why certain segments are more dangerous.

2 points · 4 days ago

You have to go really fast to orbit the Earth. In orbit, there is very very little friction/drag from atmosphere, because there is basically no atmosphere up at that height (space station orbits at about 200 miles up). But it takes an incredible amount of energy to overcome gravity and the drag/friction from the atmosphere to get up to orbital velocity. That requires you to ride a rocket on the way up. A rocket is basically a tube built to be as light as possible with a people-can on the front end and a massive ongoing explosion on the ass end. That is dangerous. On the way back, you don't have your rocket anymore, you only have your people-can that was on the front end of the rocket, and it free-falls back through the atmosphere. The forces from re-entry in the atmosphere literally turns the air around your people-can into plasma. You are counting on the people-can that is built to be as light as possible to hold together, and the heat shield to protect the people-can from vaporizing, and the parachute to deploy after the capsule slows to terminal velocity so you don't smack into the ground at 200mph. So that's dangerous. When you are just going around the Earth in orbit on the ISS, you are basically coasting like floating on water. There are only minor attitude adjustments every now and then that uses a different and much safer type of propulsion than the main engines of the rockets that take you up there.

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That all makes sense. Maybe I've just seen Apollo 13 too many times. I feel like the spacecraft are so complex and advanced, and space is such a harsh environment, that the stakes seem really high; it seems like a huge risk just being up there.

That said, I'm certainly not an expert, and I appreciate your informative reply!

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Dirty air? What does that mean?

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So, obviously, an F1 car is designed with aerodynamics in mind. The problem is that the aero package is designed to cut through relatively stable, predictable air. It's basically designed as if that particular car will be the only one on the track.

But of course, during a race, your car isn't the only one on the track. And when the person in front of you cuts through stable/predictable air, their aero package diffuses that air in different directions around different parts of their car. What's left behind is kind of like the wake that a speedboat leaves behind as it cuts through water, except it's a wake of air. Thus, if you're following at a certain distance behind another car, that car slices through the stable/predictable air, but you get hit with their wake. And because the aero package isn't designed to diffuse air that's moving in so many directions, the downforce that it's intended to provide, cannot be generated.

Hope that makes sense even though it's in very broad strokes.

31 points · 5 days ago

I have a friend who I ride with and when we get out of the vehicle she'll turn around, look at her shitty parking job, and say "eehhhh fuck it"

drives me insane

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She is of the worst kind.

hadn't noticed it until you pointed it out and now I'm mildly infuriated

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You're welcome.

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I'd disagree with this. It's not spiraling out of control because they're manipulating specific genes they have a good understanding of.

Biologists all the time study this worm called C Elegans. If I understand this correctly, a common method is to manipulate proteins to produce fluorescence similar to jellyfish and this allows them to basically study gene expression and see the proteins in them they want to see and changes over time.

They're studying the same worm, just with a specific modification that shouldn't change the results of the experiments. For practical purposes it's the same normal worm, just easier to study. Nothing's spiraling out of control. It doesn't make a mutant worm nothing like what it is originally, it's just slightly modified in a very specific way they target. They aren't inadvertently making uncontrollable monsters.

Genetic engineering isn't some random chaotic process. That's closer to selective breeding, where you don't control all the changes that are occurring and you're selecting for your trait as well as other traits inadvertently, ones that you didn't intend for. With genetic engineering I believe they have a very good idea of what's going to happen, much more than you would if you tried to use artificial selection. With artificial selection, the small sample you take out of the large sample are going to have other genetic differences you don't know about and you're selecting for those as well as with what you know you're selecting for.

Selective breeding is pretty much genetic engineering except with rolling dice and it's way more prone to unexpected results.

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I'll disagree with the idea that humanity has all of this under control. Pride always comes before the fall, and I think we're on the verge of several seriously groundbreaking developments that will have implications we can't possibly understand right now.

That being said, you make some very good points, and I'm genuinely interested in reading more about how they're keeping that sort of unintended consequence under control.

Yeah it's one of the worst sentances I've ever typed out.

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Well as long as you know...

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To be honest, you cannot be a fan of Lewis because your post is immature and more importantly reeks of ignorance. "Really speaks about becoming a celebrity at a young age"??? I am sorry DO YOU know him, have you met him, do you hang out with him. You are questioning his personal character from the comfortable distance of a Reddit post!

Here the thing Lewis Hamilton (and the rest of the F1 grid) are athletes not your neighbor, friends or relatives. We really know nothing about them or their character. If you hate a driver just say you hate a driver, but it is hard to say you are a stranger who you think is a undeserving rich brat with a bunch of Yes men for associates. It sounds envious!

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You sound ridiculous. The people criticizing Hamilton aren't all criticizing him because they "hate a driver." Maybe some are, but I'm actually a fan, and I think he's acting like a cunt right now.

Hamilton is one the highest paid, most notable athletes and public figures in the entire world. Part of his job -- whether we like it or not -- is to maintain at least some semblance of awareness, etiquette, and professionalism. That's expected in virtually every single job that exists.

No, people are not criticizing Hamilton because they "hate him"; people are criticizing Lewis because his statements were legitimately worthy of rebuke, especially given his status as a professional athlete, and the quality of the statements themselves. In the racing world, there is no greater sin than intentionally causing a collision. Everyone explodes over Seb hitting Hamilton during a restart at Baku. But now imagine you're being accused of intentionally hitting someone at race pace. That act in their sport represents the ultimate sign of recklessness and lack of fitness for the job.

That's what Lewis accused Ferrari of, and now expects everyone to kiss his ass because he felt like he got spanked.

Nope. Not even as a fan of his, am I buying that bullshit.

"Switches allow you to choose among it turning Caps Lock on and off, typing random characters on the keyboard, and moving the mouse or ALL THREE."

Is there anyone not choosing all three?

I may or may not know from experience that selecting only one will mean it goes undetected for longer.

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I bet that's true, making it all the more sinister.

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