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Thanks for the effort. If you need an active mod, I volunteer.

What’s the significance of the potted plant that’s circled in the king K image? Just that it’s “jungle-y?”

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Palm tree. DK has large palms.

Well you hear a lot about people being shown images of the Earth in dire straits, along with messages about how we need to save the planet.

I can't begin to imagine how it works, like how can aliens know our language? Or if it's the implication of the word that gets retranslated in the recievers mind. I heard it might have to do with quantum mechanics.

That's pretty creepy. Reminds me of the Stan Romanek video (he was a fraud though, not saying you are). I do wonder however why aliens would travel light years to Earth just to be peeping toms.

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Why is the good Father flipping the Bird at the aliens? Seems like a good way to get sucked into a saucer.

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Maybe he saw Mars Attacks when the hippie releases a dove into the air (which in a way is also flipping the bird I guess) as a celebration of peace, but it's considered an act of war to the ayys, so they kill everyone.

He thought by doing a rude gesture it would have the opposite effect.

Fonetiskt kanske?

Svart är en så crazy hårfärg

Idioter, köp ett papper, kopiera det 10.000 ggr, vinst!

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Mother of god

Kanske betalar för att få slippa skiten?

They made a movie based on this called Safety Not Guaranteed

I dare you to launch your Mother into space

Phoenix Wright is on the case!

Seriously though, he should at least get an assist trophy.

I was super confused because of the attached image first. I was like... "Nairo? Is that Sakurais nickname or something?"

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Literally, this is the greatest ever actual thing.

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You are the best thing ever. hugs

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I think whenever we compare ranges, we should use the Richter-scale

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Pack it up guys, this guy won the internet, we're done here

Shine on you crazy diamond

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