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HumanofHyrule 8 points

Proper grammar.

Zaptagious 1 point



HumanofHyrule 3 points

What do you think are some of the most groundbreaking technologies that are being kept secret from the public?

... is proper grammar.

Zaptagious 1 point

Right, thanks :P Brain fart + non native english speaker

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FamousJ6 3 points

Keep your OS and your most important programs and games on your SSD. Keep everything else on your regular platter drive. Steam makes it really easy to switch between two drives - you can right click a game, go into its properties, and move it to your SSD when you find yourself playing it a lot. Then move it back to your 2TB when you put the game on the back burner.

Zaptagious 1 point


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The_Fluffy_Walrus 762 points

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Some Swedes eat ketchup on spaghetti and almost rotten fish so maybe they're not streets ahead in everything.

Edit: I almost forgot the banana, chicken, curry, and peanut pizza.

Edit 2: some of you people disgust me

Zaptagious 3 points

Nothing wrong with ketchup and spaghetti, but then I am a Swede so I might be at the wrong end of this.

You should see what we put on our pizzas. French fries, pineapple, banana... Anything goes

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Zaptagious 5 points

Fuck i thought it was all day not just 3 fucking hours, what is this shit.

Denzulus 6 points

Real nice, community """"""""""""day"""""""""""" right? I don't know how long the last one lasted for, but 3 hours is half of half of half a day. I'm not asking for 24 hours here, but 3 hours is just a ridiculously low amount.

Zaptagious 2 points

Yea man, I was gonna head out and capture me some Charmanders only to see there were none around, so I checked out some information and now I'm really bummed out that I missed it. Bully me for not looking it up beforehand I guess but when they explicitly call it Community Day, I expect it to last a day.

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