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I need some tips on what to do. i just cant execute them. Also this is my first fighter game


I am thinking of buying tekken. what does the season pass give and can i unlock the stuff behind it whitout buying it?

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He has bit better stats than i do am i a cheater too?


I play on eu servers i can play daily if needed. I have only 36h in quake but i am quick to learn. I want someone who speaks good english is chill and wants to improve :)

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What's your current elo?

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To the moon and finding paradise

They are more like interactive movies but you might like them

I started gaming around 3-4 years old when my sisters showed me browser games.


So i got everything set up and going good but when i try to install windows 10 it loads the files from usb goes to windows loadscreen and crashes gives errorcode 21a

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I bought my windows with usb and the installation software was not there and my hdd first could not format

Is it your first build? This is usually related to bad hardware configuration somewhere (Power connector not connected somewhere, SATA cable not fully inserted, RAM badly seated, etc). If it's your first build, ask somebody with a little building experience to check everything over.

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I got it figured it was hard drive and windows usb fuckery

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Id want the steam card so i could buy insurgency sandstorm and doom from sale

Wow 4 tabs technology is advancing so fast these days

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Mess with crabbo, get the stabbo

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Mess whit the crab and your genetalia snaped

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Please share this to other subreddits and to friends

If your cpu or gpu heats up too much the computer will shut down usually coused by dust collecting up on your parts

Sounds like you have heating issues in your computer you may want to clean the dust out

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I want my friends to play this

What is this map called your playing on

I have a steam friend who has all lvl 25 with only 60h how?

Insurgency sandstorm

Do you have a button for walking couse for me i cant ads while pressing my walk key.

He just had a better gamingchair

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