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At the bottom of the tracklist it has a logo for epic but not sony, cactus jack, etc. You would either have all of them on the graphic like a CD or none at all (i.e. promo tracklist).

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Sony is the company that owns Epic records Sony itself is not a label also trav has had all his albums since rodeo distributed solely thorough epic

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My cousin started working at Sony and since Cactus Jack Records is ran/managed by Sony they keep multiple copies of each project by every artist signed to the label. So maybe someone I know snagged a single copy

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cactus jack is a divison of Interscope LMAOO

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Yeah. As a random lem-global, I doubt Warden is even half of as impossible as some of the younger players or an actual pro. Warden hasn't even played professionally in like 3.5 years.

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this is WARDELL not warden,the primary awper for ghost in pro league rofl..

this was already confirmed fake by the news channel lol

this isnt new shits fake and gay

Ft. smoke purp and ft. french montana.

Look, I know we're in hype mode, but Travis would never put such shit features on his album. Fakest shit ever

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no clue if this fufu or not but, i think this could be raid because we know for sure french is on it


Recently ordered still waiting on a few things to get into warehouse before I ship, will update with QC + review when it arrives


5"10 155





Amiri Bandanna Jeans

Fendi Monster Jeans

Gosha Shirt (white & black)

Versace Boxers (blue, red, white)

Yellow OffWhite Belt

Lin's Nike Off White Blazer【h12】p400-blazer-x-o-开拓者联名40-36/?attribute_pa_sex=male&attribute_pa_size%25ef%25bc%2588eu%25ef%25bc%2589=45?attribute_pa_sex=male&attribute_pa_size(eu)=45

Lin's Era 95 FOG Vans

FOG Sweatpants (red)

Cheap Adidas Socks (white & black)

Kanye Wyoming Hoodie Orange

CDG Backpack

Revenge X Storms (Red)



Cheap Rick Owens Shoes

Black Yeezus T

Hidden Adidas Store Jacket (BS4907)


I really want the CDG tees, but when I go to them on superbuy I get a warning that they make take 45 days to get to them. Did you get that warning, and if so did they take any longer than normal?

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

didnt see that no

Are you planning to ship all of this in one package? Because I'm yet to receive my entire haul so I don't really know the weight of it yet. So I don't know what I should do. Maybe RepFam is willing to help me out.

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client side skins?

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for the esea client not in game skins

I'd be more inclined to agree with you if it wasn't for the "Tony Tone" line that trivializes the whole incident.

If a killer's mother said something like that about the murder their son committed, I'd think they were okay with it.

Not to mention Ian Connor still being in his clique despite being a serial rapist.

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didn't it come out that most if not all of the ian connor accusations were lies? lol?

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DYST, 90210, Impossible, SDP

has he dropped any of these types of tracks recently? And no Best Man doesn’t count.

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lose, sweet sweet

He's not wrong. With liquid and c9 already in the major then ghost not able to play with steel its rather weak

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ghost didn't qualify

U have the „Electra iOS Utilities“repo multiple times. Delete the Electra repo

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you can't delete the electra repo

same exact issue over here :/

yep it is then, you need a computer to ssh otherwise cydia wont show

Original Poster1 point · 11 days ago

I’m literally in no access to a computer, guess I’m just fucked lol

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unlucky bro :/


Cydia was working fine until just now and any time I try to install a tweak I get "prepare archives"

target packages configured multiple times

any help?

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sorry if this is stupid, but first time jailbreaker on 0 hours on sleep currently

iPhone X 11.2.6 I've tried downloading tweaks that I already verified should work with this jailbreak but after Cydia says they are installed I don't see them on my dashboard is there something Im doing wrong

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