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A first is a first! Congratulations and welcome to one of the few addictions that doesn't require rehab.

Is there something special going on? I haven't had much chance to play this week.

Andrew Luck. Hard player and competitor and has had really bad luck the past couple seasons.


I just got some new line and it's rubbing pretty on the inside of my reel. I don't want to scrape it up. Any suggestions? The Line was a 100' roll.

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I got it figured out. I appreciate all the help. Apparently this particular reel came with an obnoxious amount of backing so I was able to trim off about 30 yards of it and was good to go.

you play drums or just the symbols lol

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I prefer the cymbals. I got tired of setting up drums just for 45 minutes of playing all the time. Lol

What did you catch him on?

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I was using a Tan lunch money. Trying for bass and a popper wouldn't do shit so I switched after noticing schools of baitfish everywhere. This guy crushed it.

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I was gonna say Kemp as well. He's been a great addition this year.

As an Astros fan, I agree. He shouldn't be there.

Black and Decker

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Nah. That's the name of the documentary showcasing the elevated rate of domestic violence in the African American community.


I'm looking at Airflo and they have temperature guidelines for usage. Are those for water temperature or general air temperature? The reason I'm asking is because the medium is for 40°-89°. The water temp rarely gets above 85-90 here but the heat index goes above 100° by 9AM. Just doing a shit more research than probably necessary, but I don't know much about the science behind lines. I appreciate all advice as always. I'll be bass fishing mostly in local ponds.


Additionally, for bass fishing in local ponds I’d suggest starting with a reasonably priced standard weight forward line and add a 5ft sinking leader if you need depth. If you start with a basic line for that style of fishing and learn to cast well once you up your game to a shooting head line it’ll feel like your casting a rocket with laser precision. No need to spend $90 on a line to fish ponds for bass IMO. Save your money and invest in a line once your fishing gets more technical ie. swinging flies for steelhead, saltwater fishing, etc.

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The technical fishing is already in effect, I guess. Most of my fishing is done in local ponds after work, but on the weekends, I'm in my kayak. I'm still a little green in my general line knowledge. I'm usually fishing 3-5 days a week and sometimes it's more than just burning time at a local pond, including saltwater, which I already have a set up for that. Just needed to know if the medium range temperature (I guess?) would be enough.

Also. I'm off the water by 9am at the latest. I have all the leader stuff figured out for what I'm doing. Just curious about the line itself.

In Ontario, Canada, we find tropical lines to be OK for water temperatures greater than 20C. They start to get a bit coily in cooler temperatures, but still fairly manageable to temps around 16C. But here, water can still get to be around 26C and typical cold water lines become gummy noodles.

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Ya, our waters get 26C by March. Right now the water temps are pushing 30C and more in some spots depending on depth.

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I was going to post something similar last night.

Now I'm a nightstalker with glance. I'm using glance solely for the pvp ornament. but I'm always a nightstalker.

what I hate is The Colony. how come in a mode with supers, nades, etc etc, you use a self finding weapon to get cheap kills? I just don't get it.

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My biggest complaint is the gravitation lance. The elemental explosion should not be enough to kill someone in PVP.


I've been needing to get hot water fly line for a bit now for a 6wt. I'll be fishing bass in local ponds and gullies, but y'all know in our area, the heat index is over 100° by 9 AM, so the bass/warm water lines aren't enough. Been looking at the Rio Summer Redfish and also some Airflo lines. I don't like SA. Wanting to get opinions on Airflo. I want to try something new since I'm new to fly fishing (somewhat) but I don't wanna spend $100 on shit. All opinions are valued (mostly).

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It's what ever feels best for you. I usually try to keep it no shorter than 7', no longer than 9'. I'd also highly recommend learning some leader knots and building your own. Much cheaper and you can easily adjust your leader to fit your target species on the go.


I'm about to upgrade to a 6wt for bass, but in our weather, it's 85° before 8am. So I'm looking to switch over to a warm water fly line. I've always used rio gold or SA MPX because of the name but since my fishing has increased greatly, I'm actually noticing the affects of the warm weather pretty quick. Would anyone happen to have advice on a reliable warm weather fly line? Maybe a hidden gem of a manufacturer that people don't know about? I appreciate any and all advice.


Haven't used this, but every Airflo product I've used has been great.

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They don't have anything smaller than an 8wt. Which is another problem I'm running into.

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My bad. I'll be fishing creeks and retention ponds with water depth maxing out at 8', so I don't need sinking line. Ideally, I'd like a line over weighted a half size or so for heavier flies. I also don't want to pay more than $80 so I won't be too picky. Hope that makes the options a little easier to narrow down. I was looking at the bonefish or redfish lines for Rio because I don'tknow much else, but wanted to see what my options are.

Make sure you use flourocarbon leader and be sure to dunk your flies in the water before throwing them so they don't sit on top of the water after landing. Also give the lure plenty of time to reach your desired depth. A longer leader will help that part in deeper water.

Wooly bugger, deciever, lunch money, poppers until it heats up. (I take the popper off after 7 am here). My biggest go to's are the bugger and a crawfish pattern. I use a 5wt, but if I hang something bigger than 5 or 6lbs, I might be fucked. Haha

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Haha i like wooly bugger too , are you making your own flies?

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No, sir. I don't have time for that. If I'm not working, I'm fishing. It would be an expensive paper weight.

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You totally missed the opportunity to troll us and I can't believe that whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank outside of Rubicon. He's well protected, but with the right team, we can punch through those defenses, take this beast out, and break their grip on Freehold

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Really making me want to go back to D1

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5-7lbs you think?

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Eh... did a spotty "look at the picture and measure my leg" and I came up with 18.5" maybe 4.5lbs at the very most, but still a helluva fight on a 5wt.


So I'm tired of burning the shit out of my fingers stripping in line. Do any of you wear gloves and if so, is there a particular material to look for? Or can I just go buy some batting gloves from Walmart and cut the fingertips off? Or even some band aids or electric tape? (Obviously, I'm a bit of a noob to fly fishing.) Thanks in advance.


The poster of a Republican anti-transgender rally.

You look like the product of a failed Nazi science experiment.

You look like the son of Kevin Bacon and Christopher Titus with severe alcoholic fetal syndrome.

I'd be willing bet your moms have a bottomless prescription of Prozac and Xanex that she often mixes with a couple glasses of wine every night.

You look like the kind of kid that can make a priest go limp.

It isn't outlandish to think you can quickly learn a skill to make at least 20 per hour.

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Depends on what he's willing to do. Less than 2 years to get in to welding. Follow pipelines starting at $30/hr plus per diem. Easily a $60-$75k a year job in a hurry. Also depends on what they mean by quick.

Caught those around Austin

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Ahhh. I haven't seen it much around here except in water where there's a lot of turtles.

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