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Congrats on the 5k stranger and 22nd out of 300+ people is something to brag about! Your first of many runs I’m sure :)

Really? I used to spend a few weeks at a time in Richmond/Van and I never saw any.

Even when I accidentally went to East Hastings.

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I was in the core of downtown, not by choice but a friend kindly let us stay at her place for a few days while travelling through. I don’t even know the name of the area but my friend’s condo right near the steam clock if that rings a bell? Early morning and late evening those fat bastards were everywhere

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Gas town which is near the tracks alongside the port where the grain elevators are loaded for shipment. Hence much spilled grain.

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Yup that’s exactly where we were! Right along the tracks a few blocks from the port :)

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Omg Polly’s ear ❤️ Such a great litter, sad to see them all go but I’m sure they’re in fantastic homes! So bitter sweet

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I have the best puppy buyers- they're all keeping in contact with me already and have befriended each other as well!! ♥♥

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You couldn’t have done a better job! Looking forward to watching the 2 keepers grow 😊 be sure to share some photos of the others growing up on Facebook please!!!!

Edmonton too. Today is the first time I've seen a partly blue sky in days.

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Can see clouds, like real clouds. I had to point it out to my friend today lol

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Hey all. I recently posted a picture of Blue, the (currently) 10 week old puppy I adopted. I was told she was a Border Collie and German Shepherd mix thought I've recieved a handful of strong reactions from different individuals who believe she is a German Shepherd and Aussie mix. The breeder said she was a GS/BC (to note they arent a mill or a big business, they breed purebred AKC Border Collies and I guess they have Shepherds), I have no reason to doubt them because there really isn't much to gain with lying since the price for the puppy was low to mid range at most. They also weren't really hyping the breed at all. They showed the parents but I dont have official documentation or anything. I'm getting slightly worried I was tricked, do you think she is a BC by her features?

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Did you meet the parents when you picked up your puppy? Who was the dam and was the mom or dad the merle? Honestly, if you’re purchasing a mixed breed I think you’d have to accept that it’s a mixed breed. Nothing to be angry about as dogs can have multi sired litters meaning there can be 2 or more sires to one litter. So who really knows :) your pup is ridiculously cute though!! Just love your pup and show him off :D

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I saw them! The mother was the German Shepherd, the father (or the one they said was the father) was a merle (white and grey with blue eyes) BC. You're right I'd just be upset if they lied to me haha she is cute and a great pup!

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My apologies, her! I wouldn’t see a reason not to believe them, sounds like the right sire to me. I think the reason people think Aussie is due to a lot of the dogs on IG are GSD x Aussie mix and people don’t know BCs also come in merle lol. You’d be surprised how many people would ask if anything merle is an Aussie mix haha!

Dogs (or cats) riding loose in the car, back or front seat, or in a truck bed. It’s a danger to you, your pet and any passenger in the car or other drivers. If you get rear ended hard enough, your 20lbs dog becomes a ~200lbs projectile worth of fluff. Even slamming on your breaks can be damaging to the pet since they’re not restrained and aren’t anticipating a sudden stop. There’s currently one car safety certified pet harness and being in a crate (plastic ideally if possible) is safest. I cannot help but be worried and concerned for a pets safety, just like kids, they need to be buckled up or in a crate for their designated height. If anyone that has the space to crate a dog but don’t yet and want to start doing it, there’s a really great Facebook group called Dog Sport Vehicle Ideas. There are hundreds of posts in the group with lots of various types of cars, makes and models so you have a chance of possibly finding a good idea there :) Also dogs sticking their heads out the window.. A neighbour’s friend’s poodle lost an eye due to tiny debris damaging it severely.

That lunge at the other dog made me cringe :(

To get Umbreon, walk 10km with it as your buddy then evolve it during the night while still having it as your buddy. If you evolve without the 10km, it's always one of the three from gen1.

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Whaa?! This is so new to me lol! May I ask when this came about? I’m hoping I will get a few more shinies tomorrow now that I know this. Thank you so much for informing me :)

This has always been the rule for Umbreon and Espeon. The name trick only works once per account per eevolution, this has also always been the rule.

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Oh, that is good to know! I don’t often keep up with all the news of PokémonGO but I’m glad I know this now. I was thinking that the names worked at least the first time but alas, learned that there is more to it lol. Thank you stranger!

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A healthy dog in good physical and mental health will eat. If you start to baby them and giving them various options of food, that’s when you end up making matters worse. I know this because my puppy was the exact same ;-) I spoke to my breeder asking for some help because I never once had a picky dog, ever. The advice I was given was to put the food down in a kennel or separated area away from distractions, you give them 10-15mins to eat and if they don’t eat take it away. You can do this 2-3 times a day at your designated meal times for the dog. The dog will eat, just absolutely no treats, no table scraps, absolutely no other food. If you’re in the USA, I suggest Fromm dog food. A lot of good friends use this in the States and comes recommended by many. If you’re in Canada, I highly recommend Acana or Orijen depending how much protein your dog can handle. If you are not bothered by raw food, I would really recommend going with a raw diet. There are 2 big Facebook groups that I would suggest joining so that you can give your dog the best head start in raw. It’s not just feeding a chicken breast or a steak, it’s actually more complex :-) If have any questions about raw or more questions on picky eaters, feel free to PM me! I still occasionally struggle with my girl but she’s been doing loads better when I switched her diet. Good luck!

I’m not sure if my memorable moment counts but I feel it is worth sharing since it’s memorable to me anyway :) Without going into a big detailed story, one of my dogs slipped a head-halti and got hit by a car to chase what I assume was a rabbit. This incredibly kind woman whom I’ve never met and will never see again, followed the direction my dog took off after she got hit (thankfully in a school zone!), took me and all 3 of my dogs to the closest vet, waited with my two other dogs while my one who got hit by a car was getting looked at and spoke with a vet. I never got her name or any other info... I would have loved to have sent her a card or something as a thank you. Dog thankfully survived with nothing seriously broken. She did get braces though! :)

She looks like she’s going to be a lot of fun! Nice sensible thing :) this is something I’d really love to see in a future dog. What’s her pedigree like out of curiosity?

Original Poster3 points · 2 months ago

She’s a daughter of Juan Reyes Spot on and her dam is out of an Irish Imported Knockama Jim.

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Thanks for sharing! I’ve been seeing a lot of Knockma dogs in pedigrees recently, I’m really intrigued.

Just as a heads up, and so you know why you're getting down votes, it's actually terrible for betta fish to be kept in tiny little tanks like they're put in at the store. The smallest acceptable tank size for bettas is 1-gallon (about 4 liters), and even then it's recommended to use at least a 2.5 gallon (9.5 liters) tank.

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This is really good to know. While replying here, I’m seriously considering getting a betta but I really have nowhere to start (aka zero fish knowledge what so ever), could you point me in the direction of a good subreddit to help a newb like me in starting off with purchasing and caring for bettas the right way? I’m always worried I might do something wrong or give it a poor quality of life

One suggestion I would make for keeping a Betta is to go for a 5 gallon (19 liter) to start. It might seem wasteful and counter intuitive but larger tanks are easier to maintain proper chemistry than smaller tanks.

I would go no less than 2.5 gallon (9.5 liter). I tried to keep a 1 gallon tank and it was a pain, requiring daily maintenance.

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Interesting, I would be very hesitant to do 5 gallons as it sounds like a lot, though I’ve never really seen 5 gallons... I’ll be in a pet store tomorrow so I’ll take a gander at some stuff to get an idea :) cheers!!

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Not just socialization with people issues, bite inhibition is more difficult due to not being with their litter mates for that time ☹️

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This one is very true.. Bite inhibition is learned from siblings and mum teaching them that when you bite too hard you get a yelp or mom makes a correction. My Lab has no bite inhibition and I got her at 7 weeks. She had a soft mouth, but playing with her was almost a no-go because she would bite with all her strength. This was 13years ago before I knew despite the breeder being great with things like health testing and DNA at the time.

What area do you live in and country? Maybe myself or someone in here can help guide you to a trainer to work her and get her on stock. If you’re going to do ‘the basics of proper herding’, may as well do the real deal and get some good use out of that instinct :) A good start is a recall, down, stand and stay. Work them anywhere because most dogs when first on sheep will probably forget these commands so getting them nice and solid may help you in the long run!

SUP. Stand up paddle boarding or whatever. I did this over 10 years ago for a while, with my dog at a neighbour’s cottage. It was either use a surf board and a paddle or the rustiest most ancient paddle boats ever lol. I really wish I had a photo of that boat because I have no clue how that thing floated!

A cat named Foo Foo Cuddly Poops (nicknamed Foo). The owner is a friend of my husband’s and it was before I knew or watched Avatar The Last Airbender and I was sooo freaking confused lol. That being said, owner loves it when the vet calls to confirm appointments or to call back on results because they have to mention the whole cat’s name on file 😂

I would shave the lower half that’s causing to itch and leave a 1/2 inch of coat or little less, never shave to the skin unless absolutely needed. I would consider an allergy test for the dog and figure how to manage it. There’s no reason to shave the entire dog though. That double coat is an insulator so it keeps them cool when it’s hot and vice versa in the winter. Also, if the groomer has no idea how to shave the dog, your dog can get serious repercussions by getting sun burnt and possible heat stroke without that coat protecting her.

Widgy and Nitro!!!! ❤️

Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

Ahhhh!! ❤️

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Welcome to Reddit, girl 😉

I forget his and his partner’s names, but they have another cat who’s the opposite of the two seen in the video. They have a video showing all the trouble adorable 3rd cat gets into/causes to explain why he’s not allowed in the other videos. Maybe someone can help me out and link it?

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Jun and Rachel are their names :) The naughty cat you’re referring to is Poki! He’s food obsessed... They have childproof locks on some of their cupboards because of him lol

Edit: this is the video of said kitty, Poki! He’s such a character lol

Love these guys. Wish their friends, TexanInTokyo, still made videos too.

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I really miss their vlogs. Sad but I respect their wishes.

Born and raised in Ontario, Ottawa specifically, and my first language was french, went to french schools (not french immersion) my whole life. Funny enough though, my mom couldn’t speak a word of french but gave my siblings and I all french names, my dad and all his family though were all very french (born and raised etc). Which I think heavily influenced why my first language was french. I only really started to learn english when I was about 11-12 when I met neighbourhood friends who also went to the same elementary school as I did and the rest is pretty much history!

I think they say the right ones come at the wrong times ;-)

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Lol that’s true! I just saw 3 friends on Facebook get puppies when they weren’t quite ready... I may unfortunately fall into that category someday 😂

I've already told my husband... there WILL be a "surprise!" puppy someday. It happens to everyone, that's just the way it is. Lmao!

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

Lol!! I just told mine he can’t be mad if I ever bring home a puppy...

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So exciting! Can’t wait to see all the Kess babies :) Lots and lots of pics please!

Love Aquachigger! His river videos are really fun to wath

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