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Propermike 2 points

Have you downloaded gns3 VM for the version u are running ? If so import it to VMware fusion and start it than go to setting in gns and select ip if needed

Let me know how it goes

Zorbes 1 point

I figured it out thanks btw im having a new problem now with a license for a iroc file lol

CannibalAngel 2 points

My plan is to get the CCNA and get a job in Networking by this August. Then start on the CCNP at the beginning of next year. By the time I am done with the CCNP I will have about a year and a half of real-world expierince, hopefully.

Zorbes 2 points

Im trying to do the same thing

Zorbes 1 point

Cool thanks guys really apreciate the feedback im taking my ccna this june or july and i want to know whats the next best step after you pass it

Propulsions 2 points

Throw the second nighthawk into vanilla AP mode and plug it into one of the available LAN ports on the first nighthawk from a LAN port itself on the second. (not WAN)

Boom done !

But this is the wrong sub. This is the enterprise sub where people talk about stuff like orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing. You want /r/homenetworking


Zorbes 1 point

Thanks man

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