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ZeniChan 6 points

My friend worked the IT Helpdesk at a junior oil company. This was back when oil hit $150 per barrel. At the company Christmas party they brought in a literal bus load of strippers to keep the festive mood bright after giving out bonuses of 6 months salary.

Zorbes 1 point


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Zorbes 1 point

i think there good because i used CCNA 1 and 2 to pass my CCENT plus your getting Knowledge and Labs all in one place

nhaccount 1 point

Did you use any other materials?

Zorbes 1 point

Just youtube and CBT nuggets but netacad was my main source

h3c_you 0 points

It is good to learn to spell and use grammar before going to a job interview. I hope you didn't write your resume like you did your reddit post.

Zorbes 1 point

lol nah

StudentNetSec 5 points

Definitely, but make it fit into the conversation. What I mean by this is just don’t burst out in the middle of everything that you have a lab, make it fit.

Zorbes 3 points

Lol so dont just walk in and say i have lab equipment hire me

Ocsarr 5 points

CCNA R&S v3 came out late 2016 so I think we still have a few years before we see an update. They might update CCNP first? Can't be sure but I wouldn't anticipate a CCNA update in the near future

Edit: v3 came out 3 years after v2 so I guess expect it in 2019 if anything

Zorbes 1 point

Thanks man

wmmhicks 2 points

Netacad instructor here. The instructor should mark students as complete, even if he doesn't,a few weeks after the course's ending date (set by the instructor) it will be marked as "concluded". No more assessments can be completed, but the student gets forever access to the curriculum (he should log in occasionally to keep his password fresh). In the 20-year history of netacad, all >7 million students continue to get free access. Packet tracer is now free to "world plus dog" to anyone who takes the trouble to create an academy account. In spite of the joke that "the only social responsibility of a corporation is to increase the profits" netacad is Cisco's largest CSR program.

Zorbes 1 point

Thanks Professor

Zorbes 1 point

Hey guys just a quick update the seat are up in the nosebleeds like section 425-424 debating on the blue jay or twins

Zorbes 3 points

I was thinking yanks and mets or yanks and red sox

Zorbes 2 points

By the way its a Promo that just started today

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