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Throw the second nighthawk into vanilla AP mode and plug it into one of the available LAN ports on the first nighthawk from a LAN port itself on the second. (not WAN)

Boom done !

But this is the wrong sub. This is the enterprise sub where people talk about stuff like orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing. You want /r/homenetworking


Zorbes 1 point

Thanks man

VelocityDuck 1 point

If you want to know how to calculate the cost, here are a couple of links.

but this is not something you will have to do for the CCNA exam. Or any exam that I'm aware of.

Zorbes 1 point

Thanks Duck

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Zorbes 1 point

You need a router to do inter vlan routing you have to connect a router to one of the switch and set up sub interfaces for each vlan so they can act as gateways for the vlans to talk to each other

eggcream 1 point

Rite that makes sense, router on a stick type scenario. I don't understand how, even if the vlans are in the same network, there would be any way for hosts in different vlans to talk to each other. Isn't the point of a vlan essentially to limit the broadcast domain? So i'd need default gateways assigned to the hosts to get outside that domain.

Zorbes 1 point

yeah you need a gate way to get to 1 vlan to form another just like a physical Lan talking to another physical lan. remember physically there on the same network but logically they are not the the switch looks and the 2 different vlans like a router would look as to different Lans

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