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This is the movie to watch if you want something Princess Bride-y that isn’t the Princess Bride.

It’s also a great “let’s stay in and watch a movie” if one of the people hasn’t seen it.

Original Poster2 points · 16 hours ago

All of my media is in MP4 format. Will that make a difference?

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Media format does matter, but even prebuilt NASs have enough CPU power to transcode a movie or two.

Depends on the NAS and quality of the movie. My brother in law has a Synology that struggles to transcode a single movie, so he sticks to movie sizes that I wouldn't consider adequate for 720p. Though he hasn't tried using HW transcoding

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That’s a good point. A 480p MP4 may work but not a 1080p MP4

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Which would literally just be 15 million merits

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At least Waluigi could turn it off. Poor guy had to watch.

You’re actually unlucky he’s not in your section because you could absolutely rake in the karma posting about this kid throughout the year. With that said, I cringed so hard reading this that I’m now in the fetal position

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Alternatively, you use him in all of your outline hypos. Then after OP aces 1L his outlines get passed around and Gunner becomes a living “legend” to every year below him.

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

EUREKA! netsh http add iplisten ipaddress= FIXED IT! I'm not sure if there is a cleaner way to go about this, I'd want to be able to change my machine's ip wihtout having to add that ip in command prompt but at least its working!!!

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This, combined with turning off the windows firewall, solved the issue for me as well.

2Ls and 3Ls. Some student associations had outline banks.

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/r/lawschool also has an outline bank.

28 points · 3 days ago

For the older students, I would also preface any response with a reminder about your life experiences, your time working as a paralegal, or your unique perspective "as a mother."

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Not sure why you’re being downvoted, “as a mother” or “as a nurse” has no relevance to Con law.

Why the hell would there be a buffet at an orgy, Frank?

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Would you like an egg in this trying time?

24 points · 3 days ago

Loser gets punched in the face by the winner

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So...self punch?

Pretty sure I called this a month ago. Going to be legendary. Marty vs Marty and the interns.

Moderator of r/Hydrael_Writes, speaking officiallyOriginal PosterScore hidden · 3 days ago · Stickied comment

Fun Alex fact - the location referenced in this story is an actual place in Kirkwood, Missouri where I used to work. The contrast between excited children and the graveyard always struck me as an odd juxtaposition, and this likely will not be the last time I reference it, even if it doesn't come back up in Small Worlds.

I'm really enjoying giving book 4 a slower start, because once things pick up it's going to be a wild ride. Right now we're on the rollercoaster slowly ascending the first hill.

PS - to clear up some confusion from last time, Weird Theology was called Small Worlds for Part 1-48. I then changed to calling it Strange Cosmology for book 2-3, which lead to it being numbered parts 1-107. I'm now back to using the Small Worlds name, and I'm counting all 107 parts of Strange Cosmology, so it's a total of 155 before this.


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So, parts 1-156 are Strange Cosmology (aka books 1 - 3). Correct?

Original Poster2 points · 3 days ago

Not quite - i think I made this needlessly complecated, sorry about that!

Small Worlds Parts 1-48 are Weird Theology (Book1)

Strange Cosmology Parts 1-50 are Strange Cosmology (Book 2), and they're also Small Worlds 49-99

Strange Cosmology Parts 51-105 are the Yet-Unnamed Book 3, and they're also Small worlds 100-154

Book 4 starts with part 155.

Hope that clears it up!

EDIT: I just realized I responded earlier and said that was correct. Please forgive me, I've been averaging 4 hours of sleep a night all week.

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Hat clears it up, thanks!

Specialty law school programs generally aren't that meaningful. Go to the best school you can get into at a reasonable cost and then pursue the field that interests you.

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Only caveat I’d say to this is that regional schools with area-specific programs may help with networking.

5 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

You know what would be even better? HDMI-CEC support on the Xbox One already, so standard remotes can make stuff like this 1000x easier. Turning on the Xbox would then turn on the TV too and also change to the appropriate input, without having to involve a 3rd party hub or universal remote. My AppleTV and PS4 support HDMI-CEC and it's glorious when everything's configured to work properly. I literally didn't upgrade to Xbox One X primarily because it's lacking HDMI-CEC and I wish Microsoft would add it already.

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AppleTV does this and its amazing. Our tv system had 3 different remotes before we got it. AppleTV remote can control everything

3 points · 3 days ago

My IP changed twice in the last few days as charter rolled out the upgrade from 100 to 200. Plenty of issues here requiring modem reboots and calls for techs to come sort out line noise. Seems to finally be stabilized.

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Assign a static internal IP to your server. That’s what I do and I never have an issue when my ISP changes my IP address.

2 points · 3 days ago

Had a local static for years. It was my remote management that was disrupted by this event. I’m now using a ddns service.

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Oh yeah, that’ll do it. I use no-ip for ddns, it’s free and never goes down.

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17 points · 4 days ago

I used Sub-Zero for a long time (and still do) and never had much success. Even after doing scheduled+manual metadata refreshes, I was still missing a lot of subtitles. I always assumed it was due to subscene/etc limiting API hits.

I finally installed Bazarr and it solved all my problems. I still use Sub-Zero, but Bazarr makes it easier to manage/find missing subtitles.

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Oh man. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been wanting to have sub-zero only search for subs on specific shows for ever and have never been able to find a solution for it.

Comment deleted4 days ago

OPs title specifically asks for a guide to setup using Windows.

Excuse me for answering the question and being helpful.

30 points · 4 days ago

Check out Xiaomi aqara devices. They run on zigbee. The hub is about $25 unless you already have a zigbee hub that can work with then. Then you just need the temp/humidity sensors that cost about $10 each.

I get all of my Xiaomi stuff from aliexpress they have motion/lux sensors that respond very very fast for about $10 each and window / door break sensors for about $8 each.

I'm very happy with the way mine work. So maybe check into them.

The other option might be a diy multi sensor like the one made by Ben from "bruh automation" on YouTube.

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Can these be incorporated into HomeKit (officially or via homebridge)? I know Xiaomi was working on it, but I don’t think the sensors are supported yet.

A VPN is just another level of protection. If you download solely from private trackers, you're probably OK. If you want to run a VPN all the time, you can use this script to have it so Plex bypasses the VPN.

So this will stop the plex server being taken off whilst on vpn?

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Yes. The script allows Plex to pas brought the vpn

I presume he’s not going to be close enough to use a revolver! I suppose eventually they’ll become a problem to agriculture here too. Basically no predators and free roam of the countryside. Deer are already a huge problem for the same reasons.

At which point I will break out the .308 and eat chingiale alla cacciatora every single day.

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Depending where in Texas, you can shoot them with a machine gun via helicopter.

Try using [Activate Link] and [Activator] for the same task, it was requested already in the past week try searching the thread for more info

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I previously used Activate Link to accomplish this. Problem is that iOS 11 has new URLschemes and so there’s no direct way to get to the Tweaks section.

Additionally, if you want it to bring up a menu (like in OP) it’ll just create a standard iOS menu. It won’t create a fancy 3D Touch menu.

I’m on 11.1.2 and still using the same old prefs:root=Tweaks. Been working perfectly for me

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Huh. Just tried it and you’re right. That’s weird because I couldn’t get the battery page to work with the prefs urlscheme.

Really love how you did the episode source and tradition. Great job!

A cheapish soundbar or 5.1 does WONDERS for sound quality. I bought a Vizio 36” 5.1 with wireless sub+rear satellites for only $149 at Costco, and it makes the TV speakers sound like I’m at the receiving end of a tin-can telephone.

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Wait, so all the speakers are wireless? Cuz that sounds like a great setup and it’d cost less than the sound bar I bought a few years ago.


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