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_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/politics
golikehellmachine [score hidden]

Pieces like this are mildly interesting, but let's get real; he doesn't care. They don't care. This isn't about some logical, thoughtful, but unpopular policy choice. It never has been.

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]

It some small corner it embarrasses him and if it bothers him even a little it's totally worth it.

_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/politics
FUCK_BALLS_SHIT_ASS [score hidden]

He would skullfuck the entire Republican party, I mean, just really blow their brains out with divine fury

Maybe explode them internally with boiling maggots even

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]

Boy they are going to be really disappointed if they ever do get to meet him.

_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/politics
_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]

U.S. District Judge S. James Otero in Los Angeles said Tuesday the request by Clifford, who goes by the stage name Stormy Daniels, didn’t overcome the seriousness of the criminal investigation into Trump’s longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, who got a 90-day hold placed on the suit after pleading his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

The Cohen investigation is just more important. Her time will come.

_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/politics
theupstatenewyorker [score hidden]

Shocked; I'm shocked by this!

FTA: "Trolls and bots are still active on Twitter trying to deceive us," Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., tweeted Wednesday morning. "They’re even using the current family separation & immigration debate to sow discord among Americans. It is important for social media companies to expose it so everyone knows what is fake."

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]

They are here too.

ElevatorPit [score hidden]

Bite your tongue. Those "heroes" gave the stupid someone to vote against. Trump was the result.

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]


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_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/politics
407145 [score hidden]

Not sure if you are referring to Mexico or not, but Mexico is in North America.

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]

True. I was trying to get them all in, that's my mistake.

TheApatheist [score hidden]

Just the extremely childish threat of spitting in ones food is cringy. How people in this thread try to one up that is even more so.

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]

Ah, well it's something I did when I was a kid. I didn't mean to be cringy. I more wanted to point out being rude to people can have consequences. It does happen though and kitchens can be very immature places. I didn't read the other comments... I don't think I will now.

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_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/politics
-14k- [score hidden]

those pardons had nothing to do with mercy and everything to do with "what will this pardon get me?"

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]

That makes him look weaker than any empathy he might show towards these kids.

-14k- [score hidden]

he clearly has no empathy.

i hate to paraphrase him, but "sad" honestly is the only thing that comes to mind.

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]


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_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/politics
PoliticalPleionosis [score hidden]

Jesus! That is a total asshole bully move.

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]

It was probably like 2 yellow ones too. He's a sadist.

_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/WWII
Codeman5 8 points

I wouldn't normally suggest this but the sheer numbers of people doing it puts you at a disadvantage. Go AFK in infected just to finish it.

_Commandant-Kenny_ 1 point

How do you do that with xbox? How long would 100 matches take?

about_60_Hobos 2 points

Also before you load in, go to your Xbox settings and disable the system turning off automatically after a certain period of inactivity. You can just queue up into infected before going to bed, wake up and it's done (or queue it now and go do something else for a few hours)

_Commandant-Kenny_ 1 point

Cool thanks man.

_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/politics
ninemiletree 98 points

Crank up the temperature Mueller!

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]

For the love of all things I need an f5 fix. God speed Bobby three sticks.

GoGoGummyBears [score hidden]

So is that the name we are keeping then? I've heard a lot of the three sticks meme name variations but this seems like the best most coherent one.

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]

I like the jawline of justice too.

_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/politics
switchedtoday [score hidden]

It wouldn’t be the first time he fixed an obama era problem.

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]


coolguyjames [score hidden]

Trump is doing a great thing here. I sincerely believe and hope he has the refuges safety and well being in mind. Even if he won't allow them to settle in America.

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]

Oooooook, buddy.

_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/politics
SiberianPermaFrost_ 6 points

Are you planning to protest this?

_Commandant-Kenny_ 15 points

Her and I will be out protesting this weekend.

SiberianPermaFrost_ [score hidden]

So happy to hear that. Am doing the same this side of the pond. I think the main protests are happening the weekend of the June 30.

_Commandant-Kenny_ [score hidden]

Yes! We will be doing that too! Thank you for your support.

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_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/politics
B0SS_H0GG 23 points

Fake news?

_Commandant-Kenny_ 12 points

The Democrats again! /s

belarusianboi -26 points

I'll be doing something that's somewhat preemptive and ultimately will be matched by legislation

Well, the courts will strike this executive order down, so...

_Commandant-Kenny_ 10 points


_Commandant-Kenny_ commented on a post in r/politics
AHarshInquisitor 49 points


This is his policy. He doesn't need a bill.

He must be impeached. He is a criminal against humanity and is trying to deflect his policy on congress.

_Commandant-Kenny_ 11 points

I bet he torpedoes this somehow anyway.

AHarshInquisitor 18 points

He doesn't need it. He's projecting his policy onto congress.

He is to blame. He is to fault. He is a criminal against humanity.

Trump could end policy of separating children 'with a phone call,' SC's Graham says

Edit: He already has the authority. This is a political ploy to save his ass, as he is a Criminal against Humanity.

_Commandant-Kenny_ 2 points

I know. This is just buying him more time. It's sick and fucked up. It's lies and false hope. Keep writing, protesting and staying loud.

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