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_Edison_Was_A_Fake_ commented on a post in u/awkwardtheturtle
awkwardtheturtle 2 points

It truly is.

I just asked a user to draw a picture of Bernie Sanders riding a fire breathing dragon heading towards a horde of mechanized Donald Trumpbots to get unbanned. Should be ready tomorrow. I am quite excited about it.

_Edison_Was_A_Fake_ 2 points

OooooooOooO! You must update us! It sounds incredibly exciting...

also i have a crush on you

awkwardtheturtle 2 points


_Edison_Was_A_Fake_ 2 points


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_Edison_Was_A_Fake_ commented on a post in r/cursedimages
TheDeepPurple 10 points

The lights turned out suddenly, but he could still feel his hands shake. He closed his eyes. The smell was gone, instead there was the sound of grinding metal and the tatter of rain on the hull. Suddenly he felt the car stop. He was in a black field with a large group of men dressed in shades of dark green. There was a helicopter and, three large cannons firing into a mountain covered in the same shades of green and brown which covered their clothes. A tall skinny man stood upon a mound of dirt and told me that I would be running with a group of five people through the jungle. We simply sounded back yes sir and began our trip into the darkness.

_Edison_Was_A_Fake_ 1 point

What is this account?

_Edison_Was_A_Fake_ commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
prxchampion 184 points

My grandpa, who was still around in the 2000’s, during the 2nd world war he was too young to fight so was put to work in London in the dock. He worked at a dock that received food deliveries. He once told me when he was drunk, that he used to steal a few extra crates of fruit and use them as currency for prostitutes. They even nicknamed him “fruity John”. A 15 year old boy, paying for blow jobs with fresh fruit, what an age...

_Edison_Was_A_Fake_ 45 points

Well, that escalated quickly...

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